14 Killer SEO Tips to Improve Page Rank of a Website


14 Killer Tips to Improve Page Rank of a Website

Page rank (SEO) is one of the topmost algorithms. and it is one of the ways to measure the importance of webpages. Here I will explain how to increase Page Rank.

What exactly Page rank means. To solve this problem, Below are the 2 main topics we are going to explain about Page rank and its importance. 

    • How To Calculate PageRank?
    • How To Increase PageRank?

    How to Calculate PageRank?

    Page rank mainly calculated by links. we have different types of links. we can post these links on different social media websites, book directories, and top submission websites and forums. which means our article post link or website link should present on another website with the proper keyword as anchor text. Below are the types of links.

      1. Backlinks
      2. Internal Links
      3. External Links
      4. Inbound Links
      5. Do-Follow Links
      6. No-Follow Links
    Page rank Algorithm analyzes these links and gives a Page rank from 1 to 10. Now we are going to explain the top 15 Best Tips to Improve Page rank(SEO).

    How to Increase Page Rank?

      1. Quality Content
      2. Article Submission
      3. Guest Posting
      4. Commenting in other Top DA Blogs
      5. Keep Updating
      6. Link Exchange
      7. Social Bookmarking
      8. Speed of website
      9. Proper Keywords to get more Visitors
      10. Advertise the website on top DA websites
      11. More Links inside the website
      12. Active in Forums
      13. Use Signature
      14. Be care at the time of Re-Evaluate
      15. Avoid Illegal Tactics 

    Quality Content for better Page Rank

    Always maintain unique content and should not copy others' content. once the content looks clean and unique then users will show interest on share the content. Try to keep a minimum of 1000 words for better ranking the article with proper targetted keywords.

    Article Submission for better Page Rank

    To get a better Page rank then Submission is one of the ways to get. try to submit the link to a quality website to get a good backlink. try to submit in different submission website and article website.
    you can find the list on some top Web & Article Directories.

      • Dmoz
      • Ezine Articles
      • ArticleBase
      • HubPages
      • Github
      • medium
      • Go Article
      • Buzzfeed
      • Storify
      • Buzzle
      • LinkedIn
      • LiveJournal
      • EHow
      • ArticleCube
      • Ghost
      • Isnare
      • Nbcnews
      • SelfGrowth
      • APSense
      • Articlebizz

    Guest Posting for better Page rank

    The common approach to get better rank and good quality backlinks are Guest Posting. you can find the option like Guest Posting in most of the Blogs. For this, you need to mail to respected blog Authors. and get permission for Guest Posting. once you get approval for Guest Posting then create an article for them and give it to them on the respected topic given by them. They will give 1 or 2 backlinks to you. 
    Below are the top Guest Posting Website or blogs list

      1. MarketingProfs
      2. Jeff Bullas
      3. Mashable
      4. Menuism
      5. Lifehacker
      6. Digital Branding Institute
      7. Social Media Examiner
      8. Sitepoint
      9. Mailjet
      10. Business Insider
      11. Social Media Today
      12. Hubspot
      13. Bigger Pockets
      14. TechRepublic
      15. Copyblogger
      16. Moz
      17. Elite Daily
      18. blogging cage
      19. Shout Me Loud
      20. Digital Inspiration
      21. Viral Blog
      22. ReadWrite
      23. All Blogging Tips
      24. Tweak Your Biz
      25. HowStuffWorks
      26. Aha!NOW
      27. SEO-Hacker
      28. MARKINBLOG

    Commenting in a Blog or Website

    This is one more approach to get a backlink but the problem is you won't get with the targetted keyword. you may get with the author's name. but my suggestion is better to go to the same topic blogs or websites then comment.

    Keep Updating the Article for the newest in search engine

    Most of the new bloggers don't take care of updating the article. so this point for them only. please keep updating the article once after submitting the link again to the google console.
     doing this job makes the article as new and update so google things there is a new update in that article then as per Google some factors the new article always in the prior table of Database. so anyone searches the proper keyword which you have used in the article than a high chance to come on the first page of google.

    Link Exchange

    Link exchange also a good technique but old. And try to exchange with good Domain Authority Websites.

    Social Bookmarking for High Search in and Good Page rank

    Social bookmarking is the best way to get good quality backlinks and also your blog gets more traffic from social medial websites. Usually, Social Media sites give free backlinks only. we have a separate Section on Social Media Marketing.SMM is a huge subject.  Below are the most popular Social Media Websites.

      • Facebook
      • Google Plus
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • Stumble Upon
      • Hubpages
      • CSharp corner

    Speed Of Website for First Page of Google

    Yes, it's true which I have mentioned in the title. Speed is always important for Page rank and SiteRank. if your competitor has the same audit as your article then Google also considers the Speed then it shows the result in SERP.

    Proper Keywords to Get More Visitors

    This does not come under Page rank but why I take this here, the reseason is CTR. yes, CTR is very important. if you use proper keyword in sections like Title, Description, Permalink then it will optimize as per google algorithm then it comes to the first page of Google. if it comes the first page of google automatically CTR Increase. Once CTR increase then Page rank will increase.  to get the Best keywords then check the top keyword research tools for  better ranking

    Note: Please don't confuse. everything is interlinked

    Advertise the website on top DA websites

    Yeah, this is also a good technique to get more visitors which means direct visitors from other websites. you can do in different ways like giving advertise at Google, Instagram, or Facebook.
     and the Other way is to create your own banner and give it to other websites who are interested to show the ads on their websites or blog. if you are trying to follow the second method then choose only High DA blogs only.

    More Links inside the website

    I think you got the idea by reading the title. it's very simple to try to keep internal links which related topics. if you use this Internal linking then Page rank will increase automatically.

    in my personal experience Internal Linking the best way to increase the Page rank. 

    Active in Forums And Reach More Visitors for Better Page Rank

    Google always has one eye on forums! Ha Ha Ha Ha HacJust Kidding. Why Forums? the simple answer is it always maintain the new data. I already explain before google loves Updated Data. The updated data or new data always in the First row of the Table in Database.

    So By getting the Backlink from the forums then Page rank will increase automatically.

    Using Signature 

    Try to add an online Signature in emails by giving a blog link and try to give the blog link in every social media profile and also bookmarking websites.

    Note: And don't try to spam

    Be Care at the time of Re-Evaluate

    Yes, you need to be cared for by following the above rules and google top factors. So google evaluate all websites and blogs in their Database. Usually, it happens every 2 or 3 months and a minimum of 4 times per year.
    In this time Google calculates Page rank and gives Numeric Number from 0 to 10.

    Avoid Illegal Tactics 

    Please don't use illegal techniques which means black hat SEO. google easily find you and block your blog or website. if they find out the BlackHat SEO against the Google Policy they block you.
    So Please be careful by using illegal tactics.


    The Final Conclusion is above are the Top Techniques to Improve Page Rank (SEO). I have explained the 15 best approaches to get better Page rank. So Please Follow these Tips and be as unique in Digital Word.

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