Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Insert operation on Spread Sheet using Google Apps script

In this article, i am going to work on insert the data from html to google spread sheet using java script and apps script. apps script is used to manage the G Suite to automate the documentation and etc.

Insert operation on Spread Sheet using Google Apps script

In this project, we can find the 2 main steps. each step has its own coding. step one has the pure Apps Script and the second step has html with java script.

Step 1. Here,  I am going to create apps script for insert operation. Before creating apps script we have to create the spread sheet and take spread sheet id.

          1. Login Gmail account
          2. Go to Google Drive
          3. Create new Spread Sheet and save as "Give any name here"
          4. Click on Tools
          5. Click on Script Editor
Note: At point number 3, Please take the spreadsheet id as shown below image and keep it in note pad for future reference. take the id after back slash as shown below image.

get Google  Spread Sheet id

In spread sheet please give some column names as shown below image

spread sheet google apps script

click on Tools --> go to Script editor and write the required code for insert operation.

  •  e.parameter.action  is used to getting the query
  • SpreadsheetApp.openById(" paste here, your spread sheet id") is used to give spread sheet id which one saved in note pad
  • getSheetByName("sheet name") is used to get the sheet name
  • return the insert_data(e.sheet) is used to return the sheet
apps script doGet code for insert operation

insert_data is the one more function to do the insert operation in spread sheet which are coming from UI. below image has the code on insert operation.

insert operation in google apps script

Till now step one is completed. now we have to complete the step two. in step 2 we can find the html and ajax calls in javascript.

Step 2. create the html and ajax calls in java script.

below images show the html code and java script.

Insert operation on Spread Sheet using Google Apps script  html

Below code shows the Java script Code for HTML.
apps script javascript on insert operation
The Final Out put looks like below image

Request for code from Contact Form

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Monday, May 25, 2020

How to Add Read More button in Blogger

We can add read more button in blogger in 2 types. one is globally and the second one is each blog post.
globally means you have to write the small script in "blog edit"  at "post.body" tag. after you write a piece of code at  "post.body" level then you can find the view like below image with Read More Button with image thumbnail.

How to Add Read More button in Blogger

The features of this read more button in the blogger are pointed below list
          1. Short summary
          2. Thumbnail with image
          3. Read More Link Button
Below are the 5 steps to create a read more view in home page.

Step 1. Go to blogger dashboard -- > Theme --> click at ellipse button as show below image

read more html code for blogger

Step 2. click at edit HTML as shown below image.

Add Read More Buttons

Step 3. <data:post.body/> is the tag inside blogger html. The use of the "post.body" is placing the content at that tag. we can customize that tag in different ways like read more or tiles etc. replace that "post.body" with below code.

<div expr:id='&quot;summary&quot; + data:post.id'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
<span class='continueRead' style='float:right;'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'>Continue Reading &#187;</a>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == quot;static_page&quot;'>

Step 4. After replacing the above code then place the CSS code above just at </head>.below is the CSS code used for style the thumbnail image and summary snippet.


<script type='text/javascript'>

posts_sum_number = 390;

post_sum_t = 300;

img_h = 140;

img_w = 160;


<script type='text/javascript'>



function deleteHtmlTag(str,split){



var s = str.split("<");

for(var i=0;i<s.length;i++){


s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length);



str = s.join("");


split = (split < str.length-1) ? split : str.length-2;

while(str.charAt(split-1)!=' ' && str.indexOf(' ',split)!=-1) split++;

str = str.substring(0,split-1);

return str+'...';


function createSummaryAndImageThumbnail(pageId, pageUrl, pagetitle){

var divTag = document.getElementById(pageId);

var imgtag = "";

var img = divTag.getElementsByTagName("img");

var summ = posts_sum_number;

if(img.length>=1) {

imgtag = '<span class="posts-thumb" style="float:left; margin-right: 10px;"><a href="'+ pageUrl +'" title="'+ pagetitle+'"><img src="'+img[0].src+'" width="'+img_w+'px" height="'+img_h+'px" /></a></span>';

summ = post_sum_t;


var summrysnipper = imgtag + '<div>' + deleteHtmlTag(divTag.innerHTML,summ) + '</div>';

divTag.innerHTML = summrysnipper;




<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;static_page&quot;'>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>

<style type='text/css'>

.post-footer {display: none;}

.post {margin-bottom: 9px; border-bottom: 2px dotted #8c8b8b; padding-bottom: 15px;}

 .continueRead a {text-decoration: none; }




Step 5. finally click save button to save the all the changes in edit html. once save it then check in browser for UI as we as expect is there or not.


Read More button in Blogger has 2 main places to change the code, one is normal html and the second one is java script. if you have knowledge on html and java script is fine to develop your own blogger template. if you have knowledge on java script and html then you can develop your own read more button in blogger.


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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Latest SEO trends in 2020 for quick ranking with Tips and Tricks

Top SEO Trends
Top SEO Trends

In This article, you will find The Top 10 Latest SEO Trends with Tips, which will make your article in first page of google. Below are the latest SEO tips and tricks. 

Over the past 1 year alone, I have found several changes in Google search result. I will take a look at the  latest SEO Trends and Techniques in 2020 and How these factors will change the life in SEO throughout the next year.
Below are the top SEO Trends in 2020 which are observed last one year.
        1. Featured Snippets And Earn More Traffic
        2. SSL Certificate
        3. BERT for Search
        4. AI in SEO
        5. Structured Data
        6. Link Building
        7. Mobile UX  
        8. Video as a Reference and Voice Search
        9. High Quality and Length
        10. Local SEO

Trend 1. Featured Snippets

A Featured Snippet shows up as Block, Table or List that contains the exact result to your query. you can find the first row of result which is why it is also called as "Position o" in technical terminology. This one introduced in 2014  to provide the great search result in google at first row which means in position 0.

                "Tricks to get Featured Snippets in google at Position 0"

      • While writing the article please be care with Bullets, Tables, Paragraphs.
      • Try to write the content in good format.
      • Try to use H1, H2, H3 tags for headings.

For example: If i do google search "top 10 programming  2020" then we get the result as shown below screenshot. and you can find the image also at right side. Below are the type of Featured Snippets. with example image.
            1. Paragraph Snippet
            2. List Snippet
            3. Table Snippet
SEO Trend - Featured Snippets
Featured Snippet List

Trend 2. SSL Certificate 

SSL Certificate stands for Secure Socket Layer. It has become an essential part of the overall SEO strategy. we have lots of website in the internet world but we don't know which one is secure. The reason behind that google consider the SSL certificate. which makes your websites or blog to become more secure,higher rank and visible in SERP.

For example: Two websites  are written the article on the same topic. one website has SSL certificate and the other one don't has the SSL Certificate. Which one will come first page of google. Which ever has the SSL Certificate that one only come in first page.

Why the SSL Certificate?

This make sure that the information goes through your PC to the website is encrypted. Hacker can't stole the Data while transferring the content of website or blog. And you can find lots of advantages by installing the SSL Certificate to your Blog or Website. Below are the some Top advantages mentioned as a list
            1. Data Privacy
            2. Good Organic Data
            3. Boost in Search Engine Rankings
            4. Enhanced Privacy and Security
SSL Certificate shows as a Lock symbol which means your Domain installed with https as shown in below image.

Latest SEO Trends SSL Certificate

Trend 3. BERT for Search

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. 

This is one of the great algorithm. Google improved its algorithm by open source neural network based technique for better understand natural language processing. BERT is most likely to affect the Long Tail keywords searches in google. And try to  understanding the exact meaning of a sentence by looking at the sentence after and before it in the long tail Keywords.

Before BERT algorithm google can't understand the exact meaning of the Long Tail Key words. But now this algorithm filled out by introducing the BERT algorithm to help the search engine to understand the long tail keywords.

The main focus of this BERT algorithm is to understand the searcher's intent based on their search query in google.

For Example :When you search for “what is it like to be an ias officer”, you’ll see a list of results that look something like this:
Latest SEO Trends BERT for Search
BERT result

you can find the first result with the title "What does it feel like to be an IAS officer? - Quora". but your search query is different than the first result. Here BERT comes into picture and figure out even title.

Trend 4. The Impact of AI on SEO

The AI is also a crucial component to impact on SEO in how search Engines rank the pages. Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP),Understanding (NLU) and Generating (NLG) these all components come under AI. 

AI used to get the more valuable content and gets the detailed analysis on the content of blog or website. which is used at search query for the users to provide exact match in first row of search engine. The ultimate goal of AI is to get the user intent and gives the expected result to them.

AI is uses in different ways for many purposes like as show below list.
        1. Collect the Data for different purposes like add campaign 
        2. Ad Targeting
        3. Identify the relevancy of content
        4. Voice Based Search
        5. Problem solving
        6. Visual Search
        7. It helps marketers to achieve better and quicker performance
        8. Determine the customer segment

Trend 5. Structured Data / Schema Markup

Structure data is the type of  html/java script code, also called as schema markup and needs to add this piece of code in your html page. This code makes the easier to search engine to read the main data from content in your web page. 

Its basically helpful for crawl, displaying the content and organize. The structure data directly communicates to search engines what your data exact meaning

The ultimate goal is, to reduce burden on search engine to read the content in web page by using schema markup. if you don't use schema markup in your website or blog then the search engine will have to work on your submitted data or content what the exact meaning it. And, can only gives what your data says to end user without meaningful manner.

You can find the the Schema mark in 4 ways. most recommended way is JSON-LD as shown below image.

Structure data schema markup in seo

Note: It is not a direct ranking factors but it is the best recommended SEO practice to get the web page on top of SERP.

Trend 6. Link Building

In SEO factors, link building plays a great role to higher the web site rank better and better with high quality links. And it is come under off page SEO.

The meaning of Link Building is, your site link appear in other website with text or image that is  called back link. when they click on link text or image then the page redirects to your website.

when you are going to build the back links in other websites. please try to take care on relevant web pages and websites. 

For Example: If your blog has Tech related stuff then try to build links in Tech related websites only.

How to get back links?

There are different ways to get the back links. below are some ways to get the back links.
      1. Submit site Local and Global directories
      2. Social media engagement 
      3. Free article submission
      4. Document, Video and Image sharing websites.
      5. High PR bookmarking websites
      6. Write reviews for other websites
      7. Guest Blogging
      8. Commenting 
      9. Forum posting

Trend 7. Mobile UX

UX in SEO is the foremost important  factor for any website. you have to build the website for all devices like Mobile,Tablets and Desktops with a great UX. This will create a good organic and regular visitors.

And the boom is increasing at portable devices since 2018. 

 If you observe the Google analytics stats of any web site then you can find the 10% mobile visitors, 2% Tablets views and more than 85% desktop views. day by day mobile visitors are growing.

Coming to technical side, mobile websites crawled by Google-bot-mobile. finally i can say we have to talk more on technical side when comes to mobile UX. before building Mobile UX make sure that should be light weight with great UX. Speed of website, site structure and design.

The UX should be fit for mobile device, we should not use horizontal scroll bar. 

Trend 8. Video as a Reference And Voice Search

Videos: For every article placing the video as reference at end of the article or first of the article is good technique. It gives more genuine to users and helps to return the user again and again. And, now a days most of the users prefer the videos than articles. So you have to be care with videos while creating. after creating the video upload into YouTube and try to optimize the video also with a proper keywords and description. 

Voice search: This is one more and great way to get visitors. our website must optimize to Voice search SEO. What is voice search? its nothing but "instead of typing, we are going to speak then the google recognize the words and gives the appropriate result in google page". 

Some real time examples are Alexa and Siri. And you can find from google also with mic option like "OK Google".

Is it mandatory to optimize the Voice search to website?

Yes, it mandatory, because of the voice search is going to take over the text search in coming future. 

Trend 9. Local SEO

Local SEO is the practice to promote the business,service or product on limited range of geographic. which means you are promoting in certain areas, cities, states or countries whereas in Global SEO you are targeting the whole world. the main focus of Local SEO is to get the specific traffic to your website.

The targeting keywords that you select for Local SEO [Cities,States or Countries] behaves differently than Global SEO. and you can achieve results in less time. 

Local SEO Techniques
Local SEO

Google my business is the best application and considered as the best Local SEO. while creating the profile in Google my business make sure to verify the business as soon as possible. and also you need to provide the Mobile number, email id and address.

Without google my business also you can do Local SEO with your application but you have to be good on On Page SEO.

Coming to technical stuff. please mansion the area name in meta tag which will increases the CTR. also add the location of business.

Finally, you should focus on different On Page SEO as shown below list when you do Local SEO for particular Cities, States or any particular area.
          1. Title
          2. Permalink
          3. Alt Tag
          4. Meta Description
          5. Page Content

Trend 10. High Quality and Length

The most and recommended technique is high quality with more word count. there is high chance to rank the web page in google if the word count is more than competitor. 

Writing high quality article is very important and before writing the article you should focus on the paragraphs, titles, bullets and points. finally you have to show the content with clear understanding way.

if the the article has more content length then high chance to rank in first page. based on SerpIQ survey you can find the top 10 result search results in search queries by content length.

The SEO Benefits of Long Form Content
SerpIQ servery top 10 Content Length Result


The top 10 above techniques are very useful for who are practicing in  Global SEO or Local SEO. based on client requirement you have to follow the techniques. AI is the one of the great future SEO. please focus on AI SEO. if you like this "10 Latest SEO Trends in 2020" with tips article please share and join our newsletter.

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Friday, May 8, 2020

How to Write a Good Blogger Meta Description in 2020

Writing the meta description in blogger is very easy because of the blogger only allow to write the 150 characters by default and it is short description of the web page or blog post. this is the important area to implement the the good SEO.there are two main steps are there to write the meta description. below are the main steps to write the meta description in the blog. the main advantage, when we share the blog post and pages on social media then we can find the small description of the blog post or page under title. we can called as snippet on social media. if you write a good description there is high rate to click your blog post or page.
            1. Enabling Meta description
            2. Meta Description for individual blog post or pages

                           "how to write meta description in blogger"

1. Enabling Meta Description

    Step 1: Login in to Blogspot
    Step 2: Go To Blog Settings
    Step 3: Go to Search Preference
    Step 4: Go to Meta Tags
    Step 5: Click on edit Description.
adding a meta description to blogger

2. Meta Description for individual blog post or pages

   After completing the first step then to go to individual blog post. below are the steps to create the meta description.
   Step 1: click on new post 
   Step 2: go got right side  and check for Search description.
   Step 3: click on it and write the meta description up 150 characters.
   Step 4: The meta tag looks like this: <meta name=”description” content=”This is a meta description of a post or page”>
how to add meta description in blogger


Before writing the description please research on Long Tail Key words that helps to get index easily in google. Writing description is easy as i said. but placing the right keywords are very important. Please try to focus on the less competition with high search keywords and the key words should be in title and description are very important. if you write proper title and description in blog then the web page gets on first page of google. once it is in first page of google then your winner on SEO.

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

How to get on First Page of Google without paying

how to get on first page of google without paying

Getting the web page in first page of google without paying is very easy concept by following the below techniques. Why we need to go for this tips. Because of spending more money on Facebook ads, google ads. And more expensive and business may hurt your entire revenue. Have you ever think?  Why your competitor always in first page of google. Then you are in right place to crack your target. 

While writing the article, you have to focus on many areas like "Key word density", Page Title, Description, Total Words. The reason behind focusing on "On Page SEO" is to get more visitors on your web page without back links.

Back Links are important or not?

Getting back link is time based and you need to invest more time on back links to get on first page of google. The advantage of back link is to get good google rank. back link is other factor to get rank and more visitors. but in this article only focus on On Page SEO. 

On Page SEO is enough to get more Visitors?

On Page SEO is one of the factor to get more visitors. On Page SEO is like nerves of article. so every concept has it own way.  

                         "10 Tips to Get Your Website to the Top of Google without Paying"

Below are the top most important things going to explain step by step.

1. Optimize Your Page Title Tags

      •  Title tag specifies the Page title of web page or simply one row of SERP [Search Engine Result Page]. Title tag is very important to enter into the blog. just invest more time on Page title tag and create a SEO friendly Page title tag to get first page of google. basically it is a page information to the world. Make sure Page title tag should be small because the search engine will cut off the title with ellipsis like [...]. 

title tags seo

      •   Basically the Page title tag looks like below image when you inspect in the browser. It has the [<title>Page title tag of blog or web page</title>] Page title tag. and we can place our custom Page title in that place.be care on length with 50 - 60 characters only. and try to focus for Page title tags that are around 52 characters only. if you wish to include your brand name in every Page title tag then put it at the end. like above image. include the main keywords in the Page title tag.

how to write seo title

2. Write The Good Meta Description

      • Meta Description is a snippet and not play a great role but it will helps to CTR [Click-through rate. so CTR might indirectly improve your rankings in SERP. Unfortunately, we don't know, what google displays in the result at meta description area. some times it take the copy of your article. some other times it takes your meta description. but better to maintain the short and sweet description. as of my personal experience and lot of research. i have found that maintain the 120 -149 characters length in meta description. place your right key in the description.make sure it should match with content of article. don't duplicate the meta description.

how to write meta description

3. Keep Eye on Permalink

      • Permalink is very important area for both visitors and search engine to get first page of google without paying. you can find the different structures of permalinks as shown below links.My favorite permalink structure is Category. you can change category structure in Wordpress or any costume website build on java or asp.net. while creating permalink please avoid the stop words(what, this that, is was, where). just keep your targeted keywords in the link. it should be readable for visitors easily. try to use 3 - 4 targeted words in the link. always use lower case letters. don't use underlines. try to avoid numbers in link.

4. Target The Long Tail Key Words

      • Long Tail key words are the best way to easy ranking the website on first page of google. it is the phrase consisting the 3 or more words in the sentence. one of the the better way to connect the targeted audience is LTK. while searching the long tail keywords be care with less competition high search in keyword planner. and there lot of ways to find the long tail keywords. google keyword planner is one of the best way to find the LTK. Why you need to choose long tail keywords? below is  the graph how the competition looks like.
      • The graph shows the high conversion rate. so the advantage of using the long tail keywords is high conversion rate and easy ranking the article and and single phrase keywords.

Target The Long Tail Key Words

5. Maintain 2500 Words in the articles

      • Try to maintain the more than 2000 words in a article then there is a high chances to get index easily and more visible to the serp

6. Avoid Stop Words

      • Try to avoid the stop words like what, this that, where,why, so , then, but,whom, with, would etc.

7. Good Keyword Density

      • Keyword density is one more factor in SEO. maintain the keyword density 1.5 - 2.3 percentage of article. 

8. Placing the Key Words

      • Placing keywords also very important. but writing the article in natural way is recommended. if want to wish to place the keywords in right place then fine and go through on that. try to keep targeted keywords in first line of first paragraph.

9. Compress Images with Alt tags

      • Image is very important to a article to understand the article in easy manner. without image if you create the article then its very difficult to index, and bounce time also reduce. always be care with image in article. with image article is like without makeup. but the problem is image size make more load time. load time is very important factor in SEO. so the image always in less size.
      • And optimize the image title and alt tag. image title and alt tags are very important for search engines.

10. Maintain the good web site Speed 

      • Speed is another SEO factor. try to avoid less speed and page load time. page load time is very important factor in SEO. so please use good server with high RAM size. and try to use less image size.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Google Apps Script Web App Example using Spread Sheet

Web App Google Apps Script

Google apps script
is a flexible JavaScript based language. it is a scripting language for google products like Doc, Sheets and Slides.and you can create add-on on top of any google products. you can create web apps, iframes and integrate in any applications.and you can use the spread sheet as Database to store the data.

The target of this articles is to create the best Web App with google apps script. this application has the horizontal menus. and log in log out
below are the horizontal menu list
          1.  Home
          2. Add Records
          3. Delete Records
          4. Update Records
          5. All Records
          6. Reports
          7. Others
          8. Contact
Home has the list of records. Add Record is used to add new records. Delete Records are used to delete the records and update Records are used to update the records.

Below are the technologies used for the "Google Apps Script Web App".
  •   User interface : Materialized CSS, HTML, Javascript and google script
  •   Back end : Spread Sheet

The final Project like a web app. we can create a iframe and integrate any where. after completing this web app. i will concentrate on the Google Data Studio for the reporting the data. the main purpose of reporting is to know the what happening in the data. at the end of this course ,you can learn the building new tools without any programming languages like Java, Python, C# and etc.

Why google Apps script?

  • It is a cloud based scripting language.
  • It is use to extending the new functionalities of google products.
  • Develop the new functionality in web browser and executed on google servers.
  • Triggers :- you can create any triggers and run automatically any methods.

About this Application

This application teaches, how to do crud operations with script. how to insert the records using googles script, how to delete the records, how to update the records and list out the all the records.
And you can learn the reporting tool GDS [google data studio].

Creating the with below steps

                 Step 1. Insert operation using apps script

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Friday, May 1, 2020

Google Apps Script Time Based Trigger Date and Time

Google Apps Script Time Based Trigger Date and Time

Google Apps Script provides the two types of triggers based on requirement.
  1.    Simple Trigger
  2.    Installable Triggers
Simple Trigger are used 6 reserved functions, when a user opens the spread sheet,forms, slides and docs, then we can use any one of thes
e reserved function to trigger the any thing. Actually we can manage the triggers in Programmatically and Manually

The 6 Reserved Triggers functions are

          1. onOpen(e) 
          2. onEdit(e) 
          3. onSelectionChange(e)
          4. onInstall(e)
          5. doGet(e) 
          6. doPost(e) 
Below is the simple triggers syntax

function onInstall(e) {
function onOpen(e) {
function onEdit(e) {
function onOpen(e) {

below is the simple source code for simple triggers without reserved functions.

 * Trigger in Hours.
function createHoursBasedAndDayBased() 
    // Trigger every 12 hours.

  // Trigger every THURSDAY at 12:00.

This is other function------------------------------------------------------->
 * Sends emails with initialized values.
function sendEmailsBasedOnTriggers() 
    var emailAddress = "alltechgeekz@gmil.com"; // First column
    var message ="This is Trigger messged testing alltech geeks"]; // Second column
    var subject = 'Google Apps Script Time Based Trigger Date and Time';
    MailApp.sendEmail(emailAddress, subject, message);            

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sending Automated Emails using Google Apps Script

Sending Automated Emails using Google Apps Script is easy. we have a good MailApp class that is used to send any mail in any way. it has 5 methods as per google documentation. the Five methods based on what parameter we are passing in methods. below are the methods.

  1. sendEmail(message)  --> [it is void type]
  2. getRemainingDailyQuota() -->   [it is integer type,we can return integer]
  3. sendEmail(recipient, subject, body, options) --> [it is void type]
  4. sendEmail(to, replyTo, subject, body) -->    [it is void type]
  5. sendEmail(recipient, subject, body)     ---> [it is void type]

1. First Create a Sheet list like below image

creates the spreadsheet with 3 columns as shown below image.
and declare the values in the spreadsheet to send the mail. and column one is the First Name, Column Two is Email and Column Three is Mail Subject.

Sending Automated Emails using Google Apps Script

2. Go To Script Editor and write the code

  1. you need to open the Script Editor:  SpreadSheet --> Tools --> Script Editor and write the Google App Script as shown below image.  The SpreadSheet has 3 columns.
        • Column One =row[0]
        • Column Two =row[1]
        • Column Three =row[2]
  2.  Reach row we have declared with different names as shown below and iterate each email and send the email to the recipient. in Spreadsheet has 3 emails.
      • row[0] =firstname
      • row[1]=emailId
      • row[2]=subject 
      • getActiveSheet(): it is used to get the content of the current active spreadsheet
      • getDataRange(): This method used to get the range of corresponding to the dimension in which data is present

Sending Automated Emails using Google Apps Script

3. Below is the Google Apps Script Source Code

function sendAutomatedEmails()
        var sSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
        var rangeValue = sSheet.getDataRange();
        var data = rangeValue.getValues();
        for (var i = 1; i < data.length; i++)
            (function(val) {
                var row = data[i];
                var firstname = row[0];
                var emailId = row[1];
                var subject = row[2];
                var message = "Dear" + firstname + "\n\n" + subject;
                MailApp.sendEmail(emailId, subject, message);

4. The Final Result of Automated Email Using Google App Script

The FinalOut looks like the below image. we get the email to respected email which we have declared in the spreadsheet

Sending Automated Emails using Google Apps Script

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Asp.Net Core Web API Best Tutorial For Beginners

Asp.Net Core Web API Tutorial For Beginners

Asp.Net Core Web API Tutorials will help to the understanding of Web API. Why Microsoft released the new framework like .Net core. what are the advantages of this framework? everything you can learn from these tutorials.

Some Basic Understanding of Asp.net Core web API.

Asp.net Core is a free, open-source and cross-platform framework. the main target of this framework to target the Cloud. Designed to run on the Cloud as well as On-premises.

 Why we need to go for asp.net core web API?

  1. Supports Multiple Platforms: it supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.
  2. IoC Container:
  3. Hosting: we can host our asp.net core app on different servers like IIS, Apache, etc.
  4. Fast: the application speed is more than asp.net.
  5. Integration with Modern UI Frameworks: we can develop UI applications in React JS, Angular, Vuejs, etc. 

Why .Net Core?

.NET Core
  • It is cross-platform and runs on multiple OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Developed from scratch from Microsoft Team.
  • .NET core is lightweight, Fast, modular, and cross-platform.
  • Flexible deployment.
  • Supports Multi-language like C#, F#

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QR Code Generator in Asp.net C# using ZXing.Net Library

c# qr code reader

Generating the bar code is very easy, we have so many libraries are there. out of that, I am going to choose zxing QR, this assembly is very good for generating the QR code and reading the QR code. by using asp.net, we can generate and read the QR Code is very easy in c#.

Create asp.net web application then add zxing QR library to our application. The below image shows how to install the Zxing.net package.
click on
             Tools --> Nugut Package manager
                       --> manage NuGet packages for solutions
                       --> go to browse search for Zxing.net.
                       --> install it.
And check by clicking References, we can find the zing assembly. once it is available then start our sample project

zxing qr code generator c#

for understanding purposes, I just created the one Text Box and one button.
Text Box is used for input values
The button is used for generated QR Code as shown below image.

zxing qr code generator asp.net

Now we need to write the code "zxing QR code generator c#"

 using System;
using ZXing;
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Drawing.Imaging;

namespace BarCode
    public partial class alltechgeeksBARCODE : System.Web.UI.Page
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


        protected void btnGetBarCode_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string name = txtToGenerateCode.Text;
            var writer = new BarcodeWriter();
            writer.Format = BarcodeFormat.QR_CODE;
            var result = writer.Write(name);
            string path = Server.MapPath("~/Barcodeimages/QRImage.jpg");
            var barcodeBitmap = new Bitmap(result);
            using (MemoryStream memory = new MemoryStream())
                using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Create, FileAccess.ReadWrite))
                    barcodeBitmap.Save(memory, ImageFormat.Jpeg);
                    byte[] bytes = memory.ToArray();
                    fs.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length);
            imgQROrBarCode.Visible = true;
            imgQROrBarCode.ImageUrl = "~/Barcodeimages/QRImage.jpg";

The output shows as below image

zxing qr code generator in c sharp

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