7 Killer and Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Planning

effective digital marketing strategies

In this article, we are going to discuss how to prepare a digital marketing plan or strategy. The planning cycle in Digital Marketing should be short. Plans have to be more like a guideline. You must have a plan and you should be willing to adjust to the plan based on feedback from the entire market. Below are the plan and strategy life cycle list.

            1. Objectives
            2. Buyer Personas
            3. Content
            4. Ways to Publish
            5. Set Time to complete the target
            6. fix the total Budget
            7. Measurements

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

Below is the images shows to create a Digital marketing strategy and planning.

                   7 Steps To A Powerful Digital marketing Strategy

How to Identify The objectives for Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing objectives

                 There are mainly 2 types of objectives, branding, and performance

  • The objective of branding campaigns is to increase awareness amongst a huge percentage of the target population's respected areas.
  • The objective of performance campaigns is to drive conversions and provide an ROI investment. While you're determining objectives you can simultaneously identify the good metrics that will be relevant to your objectives. 
  • Metrics for branding campaigns will be frequency, Impressions, reach,  you can also hire a research person to measure the top of mind recall or conduct attitude studies. 
  • Metrics for performance campaigns would be (CTR)click-through rate, number of conversions, conversion rate, cost per lead, cost per conversion

Identifying the Buyer persona for a digital marketing planning

So Many companies will be targeting different sets of consumers who can be categorized into multiple personas. It's rare for the company to have only a minimum number of the buyer persona. Hence, make at least 4-5 buyer personas. 

In every Persona, Please mind trying to answer the '3W's. The 3W is why, who, and what? Below are the top 'W3' Questions before Planning the Digital marketing strategy and planning.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the location of the target audience?
  • What are the goals of your target audience?
  • What is the target audience's gender?
  • What is the Audience age? 
  • What is the educational background?
  • What is the job title of the target audience? 
  • What is the responsibility of the target audience?
  • What is the target audience seniority?
  • Which companies do they work for?
  •  Why will the target audience buy our product?


Now you may wonder what is the source of this data? 

We have different sources available in the market below that are the top sources 

Google Analytics SEMSush and Moz. (Top Keyword Research tools are used to identify the targetted audience. It has audience reports which give demographics, data about location, device, the operating system, gender, etc. 

My favorite source is Linkedin's demographic tags for the job portal. Another important source of audience information can be Data Management Platforms. These are Data Management Platforms that are used to identify the audience pulse in one step by showing in graphs like we can check total visitors to the article from which country, how much time they stayed in that article etc.

Identifying the Content Strategy for Preparing the Plan

You must analyze the content strategy by using the below List.
      • What work done in the past?
      • What type of content presented to the target audience?
      • Do they prefer any easy informative content like videos or infographics, or images? 
      • Do they like games, ebooks or, or educational or case studies content.
 You must analyze which area has done well in the past and find the nature of their content.

Channel Strategy for Digital marketing planning

What will be the relative importance of paid media, owned media, and earned media in Digital Marketing?  

In Paid Media 

  • This Channel you need to invest money for ads. you can run the ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and google.

In Owned Media 

  •  In Owned Media means we will focus on Blogs, Websites, and Youtube channels, etc. I mean, Will it be a website or your blog or microsite. which social media handles and pages will you get traffic from? Which forums, blogs, question-answer sites will you do online PR on?

Identifying  The Timelines For a Digital Marketing Planning

Why Timelines?

  • Because To execute the plan in the proper. the plan should not depend on the mood of the team who are working in the team of members.

  • Activities are important to execute the plan so you must prepare a calendar to indicates the activities. prepare a timeline to execute the content in the channels.

Fix the Budget for For a Digital Marketing Planning

In this plan, you should fix the budget for different areas. So, how much budget will you allocate to paid media channels, and how much to own media(earned media) like a blog and website? 

  • Paid media requires more budget nowadays paid as most channels need to be paid ads to amplify reach. You should use the paid media when the objectives are Customer Acquisition. Paid media is good for creating awareness. Paid media is a good Short Term Strategy when you want immediate results.

  • Earned media is for businesses that already have a huge number of customers. Hence, their objective is to retain them and build emotional loyalty towards the brand. Hence earned media is more of a customer retention strategy. The quality of the traffic that you get from owned media is much higher. They typically have a higher ticket size, they will order frequently and they will spend more time on the site


If you launch a product then paid media is good to create Buzz, to create awareness, so paid media is good for companies in the introduction stage of the life cycle

after analyzing all this paid media budget and own media budget then we can identify the total budget for Digital Marketing. (maximum paid media means to display the ads on Facebook, Instagram, and youtube).

Preparing the Measurement for Digital Marketing Planning

  • which we have already discussed at the beginning of the first point that it has to be aligned with the objectives. Now, this approach of a digital marketing plan is top-down, it's more strategic, more holistic, and integrative. 


The above 7  Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Planning are important in the digital marketing life cycle. if you like this article please share and give me the ideas in digital marketing to publish the content. 

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14 Killer SEO Tips to Improve Page Rank of a Website


14 Killer Tips to Improve Page Rank of a Website

Page rank (SEO) is one of the topmost algorithms. and it is one of the ways to measure the importance of webpages. Here I will explain how to increase Page Rank.

What exactly Page rank means. To solve this problem, Below are the 2 main topics we are going to explain about Page rank and its importance. 

    • How To Calculate PageRank?
    • How To Increase PageRank?

    How to Calculate PageRank?

    Page rank mainly calculated by links. we have different types of links. we can post these links on different social media websites, book directories, and top submission websites and forums. which means our article post link or website link should present on another website with the proper keyword as anchor text. Below are the types of links.

      1. Backlinks
      2. Internal Links
      3. External Links
      4. Inbound Links
      5. Do-Follow Links
      6. No-Follow Links
    Page rank Algorithm analyzes these links and gives a Page rank from 1 to 10. Now we are going to explain the top 15 Best Tips to Improve Page rank(SEO).

    How to Increase Page Rank?

      1. Quality Content
      2. Article Submission
      3. Guest Posting
      4. Commenting in other Top DA Blogs
      5. Keep Updating
      6. Link Exchange
      7. Social Bookmarking
      8. Speed of website
      9. Proper Keywords to get more Visitors
      10. Advertise the website on top DA websites
      11. More Links inside the website
      12. Active in Forums
      13. Use Signature
      14. Be care at the time of Re-Evaluate
      15. Avoid Illegal Tactics 

    Quality Content for better Page Rank

    Always maintain unique content and should not copy others' content. once the content looks clean and unique then users will show interest on share the content. Try to keep a minimum of 1000 words for better ranking the article with proper targetted keywords.

    Article Submission for better Page Rank

    To get a better Page rank then Submission is one of the ways to get. try to submit the link to a quality website to get a good backlink. try to submit in different submission website and article website.
    you can find the list on some top Web & Article Directories.

      • Dmoz
      • Ezine Articles
      • ArticleBase
      • HubPages
      • Github
      • medium
      • Go Article
      • Buzzfeed
      • Storify
      • Buzzle
      • LinkedIn
      • LiveJournal
      • EHow
      • ArticleCube
      • Ghost
      • Isnare
      • Nbcnews
      • SelfGrowth
      • APSense
      • Articlebizz

    Guest Posting for better Page rank

    The common approach to get better rank and good quality backlinks are Guest Posting. you can find the option like Guest Posting in most of the Blogs. For this, you need to mail to respected blog Authors. and get permission for Guest Posting. once you get approval for Guest Posting then create an article for them and give it to them on the respected topic given by them. They will give 1 or 2 backlinks to you. 
    Below are the top Guest Posting Website or blogs list

      1. MarketingProfs
      2. Jeff Bullas
      3. Mashable
      4. Menuism
      5. Lifehacker
      6. Digital Branding Institute
      7. Social Media Examiner
      8. Sitepoint
      9. Mailjet
      10. Business Insider
      11. Social Media Today
      12. Hubspot
      13. Bigger Pockets
      14. TechRepublic
      15. Copyblogger
      16. Moz
      17. Elite Daily
      18. blogging cage
      19. Shout Me Loud
      20. Digital Inspiration
      21. Viral Blog
      22. ReadWrite
      23. All Blogging Tips
      24. Tweak Your Biz
      25. HowStuffWorks
      26. Aha!NOW
      27. SEO-Hacker
      28. MARKINBLOG

    Commenting in a Blog or Website

    This is one more approach to get a backlink but the problem is you won't get with the targetted keyword. you may get with the author's name. but my suggestion is better to go to the same topic blogs or websites then comment.

    Keep Updating the Article for the newest in search engine

    Most of the new bloggers don't take care of updating the article. so this point for them only. please keep updating the article once after submitting the link again to the google console.
     doing this job makes the article as new and update so google things there is a new update in that article then as per Google some factors the new article always in the prior table of Database. so anyone searches the proper keyword which you have used in the article than a high chance to come on the first page of google.

    Link Exchange

    Link exchange also a good technique but old. And try to exchange with good Domain Authority Websites.

    Social Bookmarking for High Search in and Good Page rank

    Social bookmarking is the best way to get good quality backlinks and also your blog gets more traffic from social medial websites. Usually, Social Media sites give free backlinks only. we have a separate Section on Social Media Marketing.SMM is a huge subject.  Below are the most popular Social Media Websites.

      • Facebook
      • Google Plus
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • Stumble Upon
      • Hubpages
      • CSharp corner

    Speed Of Website for First Page of Google

    Yes, it's true which I have mentioned in the title. Speed is always important for Page rank and SiteRank. if your competitor has the same audit as your article then Google also considers the Speed then it shows the result in SERP.

    Proper Keywords to Get More Visitors

    This does not come under Page rank but why I take this here, the reseason is CTR. yes, CTR is very important. if you use proper keyword in sections like Title, Description, Permalink then it will optimize as per google algorithm then it comes to the first page of Google. if it comes the first page of google automatically CTR Increase. Once CTR increase then Page rank will increase.  to get the Best keywords then check the top keyword research tools for  better ranking

    Note: Please don't confuse. everything is interlinked

    Advertise the website on top DA websites

    Yeah, this is also a good technique to get more visitors which means direct visitors from other websites. you can do in different ways like giving advertise at Google, Instagram, or Facebook.
     and the Other way is to create your own banner and give it to other websites who are interested to show the ads on their websites or blog. if you are trying to follow the second method then choose only High DA blogs only.

    More Links inside the website

    I think you got the idea by reading the title. it's very simple to try to keep internal links which related topics. if you use this Internal linking then Page rank will increase automatically.

    in my personal experience Internal Linking the best way to increase the Page rank. 

    Active in Forums And Reach More Visitors for Better Page Rank

    Google always has one eye on forums! Ha Ha Ha Ha HacJust Kidding. Why Forums? the simple answer is it always maintain the new data. I already explain before google loves Updated Data. The updated data or new data always in the First row of the Table in Database.

    So By getting the Backlink from the forums then Page rank will increase automatically.

    Using Signature 

    Try to add an online Signature in emails by giving a blog link and try to give the blog link in every social media profile and also bookmarking websites.

    Note: And don't try to spam

    Be Care at the time of Re-Evaluate

    Yes, you need to be cared for by following the above rules and google top factors. So google evaluate all websites and blogs in their Database. Usually, it happens every 2 or 3 months and a minimum of 4 times per year.
    In this time Google calculates Page rank and gives Numeric Number from 0 to 10.

    Avoid Illegal Tactics 

    Please don't use illegal techniques which means black hat SEO. google easily find you and block your blog or website. if they find out the BlackHat SEO against the Google Policy they block you.
    So Please be careful by using illegal tactics.


    The Final Conclusion is above are the Top Techniques to Improve Page Rank (SEO). I have explained the 15 best approaches to get better Page rank. So Please Follow these Tips and be as unique in Digital Word.

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    Micromax 'IN' 1A smartphone details and specifications


    micromax in 1a full specification

    Micromax has announced its new series name "IN". And runs on Android OS 10. coming to the screen. the screen size is 6.1 inches coming with IPS LCD with a resolution of 720X1520 pixels and a Capacitive touch screen.

    Micromax 'IN' 1A - Processor 

    MediaTek Helio P35 with 4GB RAM and microSD card slot.

    Micromax 'IN' 1A - Camera

    The primary Camera has 13Mega Pixels and a 2MP camera with an LED flash.

    The battery in- Micromax 'IN' 1A

    Lithium-Ion 4000 mAh battery, it's a really nice feature.

    Network Support - Micromax 'IN' 1A

    it has 3 main Network support as regular mobile phones.

        • 2G (GSM 850/900/1900/1900Mhz/)
        • 3G (HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100)
        • 4G (dual VoLTE)

    'IN' 1A Device Type

    it is a mobile phone but the size is near to the tablet. and dual sim

    'IN' 1A Battery

    Lithium-Ion 4000 mAh battery, it's a really nice feature.

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    Apple reveals the $99 HomePod Mini


    Apple the $99 HomePod Mini

    Today, At the Apple hardware event. Announced publicly about 99$ Apple HomePod Mini. 

    The HomePod Mini is clearly a reach for a broader swath of new users. The original HomePod managed to impress audiophiles but its high price served as a high barrier of entry to new users looking for a new smart speaker. Complicating that “smart speaker” designation is the fact that Siri was and is several years behind the intelligence of both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, leaving the speaker as a more compromised choice for users who might have been hoping to embrace the full smart home ecosystem.

    The new device starts shipping the week of November 16. The device comes in white and space grey colors.

    The HomePod Mini ditches the trashcan Mac Pro design of its bigger relative and is much more spherical in shape, still covered in a mesh fabric. It boasts the same onboard screen that allows users to summon Siri and adjust volume while giving the device a more interesting visual look than smart devices from other companies. Also differentiating the device is Apple’s S5 chip which the company says helps the HomePod Mini bring users its “computational audio.”

    Like with the original HomePod, users can arrange a stereo pair of two of the HomePod Minis and will also be able to utilize multiple HomePod devices in a home to operate a new “Intercom” experience.

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    Snapchat among first to leverage iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR Scanner for AR


    Snapchat among first to leverage iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR Scanner for AR

    On Tuesday, Apple announced the latest Apple product and launched the iPhone models. Coming to our exciting features are, we can find the new technology on iPhone. that is Lidat Scanner for AR. it designed to allow more immersive argument reality AR-Experience.


    Today, Snapchat confirms, it will be among the first and top exciting to put the new to utilize the new technology in its IOS App for Lidar Power Lense.

    What is Lidar?

    Lidar helps to understand the iPhones around you. Now iPhone adapted to this new technology for its iPhone Pro Models.

    Where Lidar Helps?

    Lidar Helping to improve Low Light photography. Now the iPhone able to see the depth map of room.

    Can the Developer use this Technology?

    Yes, this Lidar technology used by App developers to build a better depth map of the scene with high-speed AR while initial opening new app experiences that use AR. 

    What Snapchat Announced on iPhone Pro 12

    Snapchat company says it will soon launch the Lidar powered lens for the iPhone 12 Pro models

    Get More Information from Techcrunch

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    Apple Introduces The IPhone 12


    Apple’s Company big event today announced the HomePod Mini, but the real focus was on the Apple iPhone, specifically, the iPhone-12.

    The Main Feature is 5G and the price around 799$. and also the other main features are Corning Glass Display and Magnetic Adapter.

    They Released 4 models. below is the list
        1. iPhone 12 (799$)
        2. iPhone 12 Mini (699$)
        3. iPhone 2 Pro (999$)
        4. iPhone 12 Pro Max (1099$)
    and there is a common Connection for all models is 5G, LTE.

    iPhone Weight:

    • 5.78 ounces, 4.76 ounces, 6.66 ounces,   8.03 ounces

    iPhone Lidar:

    • No, No, Yes, Yes

    iPhone Chip

    •  A14 Bionic, A14 Bionic, A14 Bionic, A14 Bionic

    For More Details Visit TechCrunch


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    What is on-page SEO, Benefits and Tools


    What is on-page SEO, Benefits and Tools

    On-page SEO defines Search engine optimization at the page level below is the article about keyword research tools, benefits, and techniques with examples.
    Simply we can say as optimize the article that means optimizing the website or blog post at the page level to get on the first page of Google and easy ranking as per search engine algorithms based on searched keywords.

    Today I am going to give brief information about on-page SEO. SEO defines Search engine optimization. which means, we need to optimize our HTML page as per google algorithms or on-page SEO factors.

              1. On-page SEO benefits
              2. On-page SEO tools
              3. On-page SEO step
              4. On-page SEO examples
              5. On-page SEO techniques

    On-page SEO benefits

    On-page SEO benefits

    Why we need the On-page SEO? the simple answer is to get organic traffic. if you don't follow the on-page SEO then you need to work hard on off-page SEO to get traffic to your website or blog articles. if you follow these on-page SEO techniques then there is a high chance to get more organic traffic as well page rank on google. 

    Another important thing is Rank. if you want a good rank then you need to follow or concentrate on on-page SEO. which comes from direct Search engines like google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    The main benefits are organic traffic, page rank increases, CTR (Clickthrough rate), Website Rank, no need to invest money in advertising.

    On-page SEO tools

    On-page SEO tools

    There are lots of tools available to get the best keywords for better ranking the keywords. every tool has its own features. below are the industry-leading tools for best keyword research tools. for example.

    If you targeting anyone specific keyword then you need to follow proper Keyword Density for the particular article or blog post.

    The recommended keyword density is 1.5% to 2%. if you want to maintain keyword density then you need to target the keyword. So the best option follows the keyword research tools to get the best keywords that will optimize in google. below are the top industry-leading keyword research tools.

        1. SEO Crawler
        2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
        3. Copyscape
        4. Moz OnPage Grader
        5. SEMRush
        6. Keyword Anywhere
        7. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
        8. Rank Math
        9. SERPsim
        10. LongTail Pro
        11. Google Keyword Planner
        12. Google Trends
        13. Keyworddit
        14. AlsoAsked.com
        15. Keyword Surfer
        16. Google rich results Test

    On-page SEO steps

    On-page SEO steps

    Below are the steps for On-page SEO for better ranking the article or blog post on Google. below are the steps for On-page SEO.

        1. Title
        2. Meta Description
        3. Article Heading H1 tags
        4. Headings H2 tags
        5. Sub Headings H3
        6. Minor Heading H4
        7. Try to create Small Paragraphs
        8. Initial 150 characters small Description. it should be the same as the Meta Description.
        9. Try to maintain the H2 tag as an anchor tag.
        10. Start the first small paragraph after bullets or points wise
        11. Finally Conclusion

    On-page SEO examples Factor

    Here, I am going to give a sample example with a keyword called "Kalamkari Sarees".  The keyword needs to place in different areas as shown below example. we already discussed the previous step. In different steps. need to follow the keyword called "Kalamkari Sarees"

                                                                     Let's get started!!!

        1. Target keyword: "Kalamkari Sarees"
        2. Title: Should give the target keyword "Kalamkari Sarees".
        3. Meta Description: Should give the target keyword "Kalamkari Sarees".
        4. H1 tag: Should give the target keyword "Kalamkari Sarees".
        5. H2 tag: Should give the target keyword "Kalamkari Sarees".
        6. Image alt tag: Should give the target keyword "Kalamkari Sarees".
        7. Keyword density: should be between 1.5% to 2%.
        8. Conclusion:  give a conclusion with one link (the same article link is recommended).
        9. Others: Bullets, H2 tag with the anchor tag, small paragraphs, bold and italic.

    On-page SEO techniques

    On-page SEO techniques

    To better ranking the website then you need to follow the on-page SEO techniques. below is the list of techniques for better On-Page SEO.

        1. Internal linking to stay the user in the same blog or website for a long time
        2. Permalinks, title tags, and meta tags for easy optimize the article.
        3. Brainstorming Keywords 
        4. Tools For Keyword Research to get better easy ranking keywords
        5. Latent semantic indexing keywords to be used in titles
        6. Plagiarism Checking for Unique content in the blog post
        7. Post regularly for better ranking in google with more content.
        8. Mobile-Friendly Design


    Finally, you got one idea on "What is on-page SEO, Benefits, and Tools". if you like this article please share this article. it may help your friend or colleague. please follow All tech Geeks on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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    On-Page SEO Techniques For Better Ranking in Google


    on page seo techniques

    On-Page SEO is the most important to get good organic traffic in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu. if you are good at this area then you saved a lot of money.

                                                So let's Get Started ...

    This article about on-Page SEO, I am going to tell you some secrets about driving more traffic to the website or blog. Gaining visibility on the web is not easy these days, but I will help you to promote your website, Blog, or business quickly, easily, and without spending money. 

    You may already know that in terms of on-page SEO. it's really important to optimize your website content to get more organic traffic. 

    On-Page SEO Internal linking


                                 Is it Really matter, Yeah, it matters a lot? 

    internal linking on-page seo structure

    But it's not the only precaution you should take. Make sure you take enough care of the internal links on your website. If your pages are accessible from the main page and lead to other ones, even your visitors will be more likely to stay longer and explore what your site has to offer them.

     On-Page SEO title tag, meta tags, and permalinks

    On-Page SEO title URL Meta description

    Take care of what the user sees before visiting your site on Google. They may see the Title, Meta Description, and Clean URL.So it will help users to understand that your site or blog post is what they need.

    The URL is nothing but the permalink must be readable and relevant without stop words and meaningless characters. Use only target Keywords to get good keywords then you need to use the Best keyword Research tools.

    Brainstorming Keywords for Better On-Page SEO

        Brainstorming Keywords for On-Page SEO

    For proper keywords, write a list of keywords on "how a person thinks before searching on Google". insert that keyword, it might help to get on the first page of Google when a person searching for the information or service that your website offers. 

     Brainstorming keywords example for your product or service.

     if you are a dentist from Delhi. Your list might include
            • dentist 
            • family dentist 
            • veneers
            • clove dental
            • dental clinic in Delhi

    Tools For Keyword Research for On-Page SEO

    The tools you will need to Research for keywords are Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Ahrefs, SEMRush, MOZ, and so many tools available in the market. recently Ubersuggest is my favorite keyword research tool. 

    Google Keyword planner for On-Page SEOGoogle trends Keyword for On-Page SEO

    Latent semantic indexing keywords for On-Page SEO

    Use more latent semantic indexing keywords. Simply put, they are just the keywords that are related to yours. Use the Google search engine, Google Keyword planner, or LSI Keywords Generator to find them. 

    Latent semantic indexing keywords for On-Page SEO

    On-Page SEO Plagiarism Checking

    Check whether the content on your website is original, enticing, readable, scannable, written in a conversational tone, grammatically correct. keep the content without duplicate in other websites after you post. check whether the post is unique or not. try to keep a minimum of 85 % uniqueness.

     Remove old and duplicate content so the information on your blog post is relevant and up-to-date.

    Post regularly for better ranking for Better On-Page SEO

    Create a content plan, post consistently, and regularly. Experiment with blog posts,long-form and short-form articles, visual galleries and photos, informational lists, interactive tools, comprehensive category lenders, multi-pages guides, and videos. You can also repurpose and reuse your most popular content.

    Post regularly for better ranking for Better On-Page SEO

    Mobile-Friendly for On-Page SEO

    The website should be mobile friendly and fast. if users can not access your blog with their mobile devices, you're gonna lose a huge portion of potential visitors. Go mobile, and people will stay on your blog longer and definitely get back to you.

    Mobile-Friendly for On-Page SEO


    Thanks for checking this article out! If you like it, don't forget to share it. you can get good articles in the coming days on On-Page SEO Techniques. On-Page SEO is the collection of google factors. Title, Meta Description, Permalink is the most important factors. and placing the keywords are the other most important for On-Page SEO. 

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    What is C-DAC

    What is C-DAC

    C-DAC is the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing in India and operating under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

    It is an Indian autonomous scientific society.

                                        C-DAC established in 1988

                            Address of C-DAC is Pune, Maharastra, India.

    They are researching below the list of Field.

          1.  Education
          2. Professional Electronics
          3. Software Technologies
          4. High-Performance Computing
          5. Multi-lingual Computing and Heritage Computing
          6. Health Informatics


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    7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020


    best keyword research tool

    Hi Everyone welcome to All Tech Geeks, today I'm gonna list out the top 7 best keywords research tools for SEO to get the first page on google. Below is the topmost research tool for digital marketing or SEO.
            1. Google Keywords planner
            2. SEMRush
            3. Ahrefs Key Explorer 
            4. Moz Keywords Explorer
            5. Keywords Anywhere
            6. keywordstool.io
            7. LongTailPro

    Google Keywords Planner for Digital Marketing

    Google's keyword planner is free and the best tool. in my point of view,  as a beginner please go for these tools to learn very well after this you can go for other tools. when you go to the main page for research keywords there you can find mainly 2 types.

    1.     Ad group ideas
    2.     Keyword ideas

    Mainly for creating the content or to get organic traffic then we can go for keyword research  dashboard below are the images to find the less competition and high search volume

    • Go to the Home page click on Tools and Setting as shown below images
    • click keyword planner

    google keyword planner

    • Type keyword like digital marketing as I typed in a text box like the below image

    google keyword planner get result

    • Select or click on Discover keywords

    Discover keywords google keyword planner

    • By default, it searches the keyword ideas as shown below images

    SEMRush for Digital Marketing

    SEMRush is the top premium tool for research the best keywords. we need to login and do research on the required keywords. below are the steps to do research the keywords

    1. Login into SEMRush
    2. Go to the left pane
    3. Click on Keyword analytics
    4. Click on keyword magic tool

    SEMRush for keyword research Digital Marketing

    Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

    Another top keyword research tool is Ahrefs. this tool is widely used in top digital marketing agencies to do more business with client products or bloggers. if you want easy to rank in google. you need to find the right keywords. my personal suggestion is using this tool for product marketing is good.

    1. Login into Ahrefs.
    2. At top click Keyword Explorer and it opens a new window
    3. Type the required keyword and in the google tab or your required search engine tab you can find google, yahoo, amazon, bing youtube, etc.
    4.  Once you find then it opens the Keyword Ideas page 
    Keyword Explore page
    Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

                                                                  Keyword Ideas tool
    Ahrefs Keyword ideas for Digital Marketing

    Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

    Moz is another top research tool for all digital solutions like Semrush and Ahrefs. you can directly login and search like the below image.

                                       Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

    Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing

    This is actually a Chrome extension. you need to install this extension in chrome. by default when you search in google you can find the keyword volume and competition at the right side of the google page.

    you can get it in 2 versions one is free and paid.

    Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing

    Keywordtool.io for  Digital Marketing

    This tool recently going popular. by using this research tool you can search keywords for google, youtube, bing, Amazon, Bing, eBay, play store, Instagram, and Twitter. the home page itself we can directly search any word like the below image and you can give the region or country.

    Type required keyword in Textbox
    Keywordtool.io for  Digital Marketing

                                           Check Volume of the digital marketing keyword report

    Keywordtool.io report page for  Digital Marketing

    LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing

    And one more best keyword research tool is LongTailPro. Recently Longtailpro also growing well, this tool same as Semrush and Moz. once you login to Longtail pro then you can find the keyword research tab at the left pane. as well you can find the SERP analytics, link tracker, and Backlink Analysis.

    LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing


    Thanks for reading this article if you like this content please do share the "7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020". and the bonus is Google Trends. if your website content at NEWS related, my personal suggestion is please do follow the Google Trends.

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    Convert Instagram followers to YouTube subscribers

    Convert Instagram followers to YouTube subscribers

     Hi everyone welcomes to All Tech Geeks  I'm gonna show you how to convert all your Instagram followers to your YouTube channel subscribers.

    In most cases if you go to anyone's Instagram profile and you see there's a website link if you click it what it does, it actually opens up a page inside the Instagram app so what it does. it simply loading the youtube inside the Instagram app.it not properly routing the Instagram to the youtube app. And a result you may lose that follower as a subscriber.

    Because in most cases people don't keep their login information on a webpage and don't show interest in login again to just hit the subscribe button. most peoples like to simply hit the subscribe button. if they already have the YouTube ever they're already logged in so they can simply click on the subscribe.

          "And you're good to go how do we do that simply in two steps"

    The first step is to open the YouTube app

    • Go to your youtube profile basically channel 
    • And then select share and click on the Copy link option 
    • let's go and open up a web page in Chrome so I'm just gonna type in URL genius 
    • the first result that comes in most cases is gonna be the website so open that URL lin
    • when you open this page you will see a bunch of icons for all the social media including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Amazon, and  you doesn't have to worry about that just simply paste the link that you copied into the box
    • once you paste then you will automatically give you an option to compose
    • when you click the compose option you will see that it's gonna ask you to sign up you don't have to worry about anything because this is a free service so I highly recommend you sign up 
    • and it not only that but it also gives you a lot more options once you go to the dashboard you may have to repeat the same step but once you see the compose option click that and that's gonna generate a new link 
    • now you can simply take this link and paste it in your Instagram profile but in my case, I prefer to see the analytics of how this particular link is performing so forth I'm gonna go to bitly paste the link that we copied 
    • and that will help me create a smaller URL which I will take it and paste it on Instagram and now let's see what happens when you click that bitly link it's not gonna open the page inside the Instagram but it will open the YouTube app 
    • and that's how we will be able to convert our followers into subscribers remember most of the people they do not like to login just to click the subscribe button and if they are already logged in they would prefer to just simply hit that subscribe button so that's all for today 
    URL genius - alltechgeeks

    Conclusion :

    Guys, I hope this simple trick helps you gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel if you like this article please share and it may help your friends

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    Top Instagram tips and tricks to get more followers

    Instagram tips for beginners

    Hello, Guys Welcome to All Tech Geeks, in this article, I am going to tell you how to grow Instagram followers tips and tricks to grow more Instagram followers.

                                        So Let's get started... 

    Instagram tip 1: Stop Ghost or Bot Followers

    In This Instagram tip, I will teach you how to double your Instagram following in 2020 and how to get the organic followers and most of the YouTubers suggest you use like for like or follow for follow tricks but I don't suggest you that trick Because for a time it will help you to grow your followers but you will not get any post engagement, likes comments So these followers will be ghost followers these followers will be like bot followers and you will not get any engagement and you will not get any profit also So, let's move on to my actual tips to grow Instagram followers organically.

    Instagram tip 2: Choose Best Hashtag

    In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Hashtag Secretes. your post on Instagram performs betters with hashtags. you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post and I suggest you use up to 30 hashtags on each of your Instagram posts and this will help your Instagram post to get popular in more probability. and the hashtags you use should have less than 1 lakh or less post count because less post count hashtags will grow and the advantages of using less competition hashtags are that your post will grow more and your post may appear in search So try to use 30 hashtags.

    Instagram tip 3: Use Focalmark App

    Focalmark for instagram hashtag tips for beginners

    In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Focalmark And you can use hashtags from google or you can search for hashtags apps on google play store And the app I use for hashtags is focal mark From Focalmark you can create hashtags according to your category and location and then you can easily copy and paste hashtags And you must remember that whenever you post hashtags you must post your hashtags should not be in the description

     So first post your photo or video and then in comment paste your hashtags and from this, your post will be organized and your post will grow more as compared to other post and you will get more likes, comments, followers '

    Instagram tip 4: Try to Get More Comments

    In This Instagram tip, I will teach about comments. My next tip is active and engaging on your profile So for this, you have to reply to your friends comment on there profile And reply to the comments you have received And from this whenever you do such things then the user always visit your profile and if the user likes your content he or she will like your post and will also follow you also And your engagement will also increase and you will get more comments on your post and keep replying to your comments and try to question more because this will get you more comments and for example, if you get 100 comments then after replying to those 100 comments your comments will increase to 200 comments and it will grow your post more.

    Instagram tip 4: Cross-promotion

    In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Crose promotion So my next tip is cross-promotion So basically, cross-promotion is if you have more likes on Facebook then ask your Facebook user to follow you on Instagram and if you have more followers on Instagram then ask them to like you on Facebook also and from this, your audience will grow and this will help you is cross-promotion and you will get more engagement and will grow your followers fast.

    Instagram tip 5: Well Organized Profile

    My next tip is to feed Aesthetics So basically feed aesthetic is that your profile should look attractive, your profile should be well organized it should be theme based for example if your page is of tech so you should post tech content only and if your page is of food then you must post-food content only and this will make you profile look more attractive and from this, you will get more likes and followers on your Instagram profile.

    Instagram tip 6: Maintain your Category

     In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Category. And stick to a category So always maintain your category as I told you to post only category wise like tech then only tech and this will help you to grow followers fast on Instagram.

    Instagram tip 7: interacts with Followers

    In This Instagram tip, I will teach about interacts with followers Always interact with your followers Ask questions from your followers in the comments section or post stories by asking your followers like Q&A and this will grow your profile fast and you will get followers for free and if this trick works for you then like this video and share it and if you use this tricks you will get featured on the Instagram search panel and you will get 10k followers in a month.

    Instagram tip 8: Best time and the timing factor

    So my final  and the most important Instagram tip is insights Understanding your profile insights are most important So make sure that you post you content at the best time and the timing factor is most important on Instagram for engagement  and likes and if you post at the perfect time on Instagram you will get more likes and for this, your profile should be business profile and if your profile is not business profile then you can use apps for insights and my favorite app is Prime And the advantage of this app is that it tells you the perfect time and date to post your Instagram photo/video and from that, you will get more Instagram followers and likes 


    So guys that for it, for now, I hope you like the article on Instagram tip for beginners and if you liked this article then please share this article and if you want more this type of article then please subscribe to my blog And don't forget to share this article So guys thanks for reading this article.

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