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7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020


best keyword research tool

Hi Everyone welcome to All Tech Geeks, today I'm gonna list out the top 7 best keywords research tools for SEO to get the first page on google. Below are the topmost keyword research tools for digital marketing or SEO.
          1. Google Keyword planner
          2. SEMRush
          3. Ahrefs Key Explorer 
          4. Moz Keyword Explorer
          5. Keywords Anywhere
          7. LongTailPro

Google Keyword Planner for Digital Marketing

Google keyword planner is the free and best tool for keyword research. in my point of view,  as a beginner please go for these tools to learn very well after this you can go for other tools. when you go to the main page for research keywords there you can find mainly 2 types.

  1.     Ad group ideas
  2.     Keyword ideas

Mainly for creating the content or to get organic traffic then we can go for keyword research  dashboard below are the images to find the less competition and high search volume

  • Go to the Home page click on Tools and Setting as shown below images
  • click keyword planner

google keyword planner

  • Type keyword like digital marketing as I typed in a text box like the below image

google keyword planner get result

  • Select or click on Discover keywords

Discover keywords google keyword planner

  • By default, it searches the keyword ideas as shown below images

SEMRush for Digital Marketing

SEMRush is the top premium tool for research the best keywords. we need to login and do research on the required keywords. below are the steps to do research the keywords

  1. Login into SEMRush
  2. Go to the left pane
  3. Click on Keyword analytics
  4. Click on keyword magic tool

SEMRush for keyword research Digital Marketing

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Another top keyword research tool is Ahrefs. this tool is widely used in top digital marketing agencies to do more business with client products or bloggers. if you want easy to rank in google. you need to find the right keywords. my personal suggestion is using this tool for product marketing is good.

  1. Login into Ahrefs
  2. At top click Keyword Explorer and it opens a new window
  3. Type the required keyword and in the google tab or your required search engine tab you can find google, yahoo, amazon, bing youtube, etc.
  4.  Once you find then it opens the Keyword Ideas page 
Keyword Explore page
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

                                                              Keyword Ideas tool
Ahrefs Keyword ideas for Digital Marketing

Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Moz is another top tool for all digital solutions like Semrush and Ahrefs. you can directly login and search like the below image.

                                   Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing

This is actually a Chrome extension. you need to install this extension in chrome. by default when you search in google you can find the keyword volume and competition at the right side of the google page.

you can get it in 2 versions one is free and paid.

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing for  Digital Marketing

This tool recently going popular. you can search keywords for google, youtube, bing, Amazon, Bing, eBay, play store, Instagram, and Twitter. the home page itself we can directly search the keyword like the below image and you can give the region or country.

Type required keyword in Textbox for  Digital Marketing

                                       Check Volume of the digital marketing keyword report report page for  Digital Marketing

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing

Recently Longtailpro also growing well, this tool same as Semrush and Moz. once you login to Longtail pro then you can find the keyword research tab at the left pane. as well you can find the SERP analytics, link tracker, and Backlink Analysis.

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing


Thanks for reading this article if you like this content please do share the "7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020". and the bonus is Google Trends. if your website content at NEWS related, my personal suggestion is please do follow the Google Trends.

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Convert Instagram followers to YouTube subscribers

Convert Instagram followers to YouTube subscribers

 Hi everyone welcomes to All Tech Geeks  I'm gonna show you how to convert all your Instagram followers to your YouTube channel subscribers.

In most cases if you go to anyone's Instagram profile and you see there's a website link if you click it what it does, it actually opens up a page inside the Instagram app so what it does. it simply loading the youtube inside the Instagram not properly routing the Instagram to the youtube app. And a result you may lose that follower as a subscriber.

Because in most cases people don't keep their login information on a webpage and don't show interest in login again to just hit the subscribe button. most peoples like to simply hit the subscribe button. if they already have the YouTube ever they're already logged in so they can simply click on the subscribe.

      "And you're good to go how do we do that simply in two steps"

The first step is to open the YouTube app

  • Go to your youtube profile basically channel 
  • And then select share and click on the Copy link option 
  • let's go and open up a web page in Chrome so I'm just gonna type in URL genius 
  • the first result that comes in most cases is gonna be the website so open that URL lin
  • when you open this page you will see a bunch of icons for all the social media including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Amazon, and  you doesn't have to worry about that just simply paste the link that you copied into the box
  • once you paste then you will automatically give you an option to compose
  • when you click the compose option you will see that it's gonna ask you to sign up you don't have to worry about anything because this is a free service so I highly recommend you sign up 
  • and it not only that but it also gives you a lot more options once you go to the dashboard you may have to repeat the same step but once you see the compose option click that and that's gonna generate a new link 
  • now you can simply take this link and paste it in your Instagram profile but in my case, I prefer to see the analytics of how this particular link is performing so forth I'm gonna go to bitly paste the link that we copied 
  • and that will help me create a smaller URL which I will take it and paste it on Instagram and now let's see what happens when you click that bitly link it's not gonna open the page inside the Instagram but it will open the YouTube app 
  • and that's how we will be able to convert our followers into subscribers remember most of the people they do not like to login just to click the subscribe button and if they are already logged in they would prefer to just simply hit that subscribe button so that's all for today 
URL genius - alltechgeeks

Conclusion :

Guys, I hope this simple trick helps you gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel if you like this article please share and it may help your friends

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Top Instagram tips and tricks to get more followers

Instagram tips for beginners

Hello, Guys Welcome to All Tech Geeks, in this article, I am going to tell you how to grow Instagram followers tips and tricks to grow more Instagram followers.

                                    So Let's get started... 

Instagram tip 1: Stop Ghost or Bot Followers

In This Instagram tip, I will teach you how to double your Instagram following in 2020 and how to get the organic followers and most of the YouTubers suggest you use like for like or follow for follow tricks but I don't suggest you that trick Because for a time it will help you to grow your followers but you will not get any post engagement, likes comments So these followers will be ghost followers these followers will be like bot followers and you will not get any engagement and you will not get any profit also So, let's move on to my actual tips to grow Instagram followers organically.

Instagram tip 2: Choose Best Hashtag

In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Hashtag Secretes. your post on Instagram performs betters with hashtags. you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post and I suggest you use up to 30 hashtags on each of your Instagram posts and this will help your Instagram post to get popular in more probability. and the hashtags you use should have less than 1 lakh or less post count because less post count hashtags will grow and the advantages of using less competition hashtags are that your post will grow more and your post may appear in search So try to use 30 hashtags.

Instagram tip 3: Use Focalmark App

Focalmark for instagram hashtag tips for beginners

In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Focalmark And you can use hashtags from google or you can search for hashtags apps on google play store And the app I use for hashtags is focal mark From Focalmark you can create hashtags according to your category and location and then you can easily copy and paste hashtags And you must remember that whenever you post hashtags you must post your hashtags should not be in the description

 So first post your photo or video and then in comment paste your hashtags and from this, your post will be organized and your post will grow more as compared to other post and you will get more likes, comments, followers '

Instagram tip 4: Try to Get More Comments

In This Instagram tip, I will teach about comments. My next tip is active and engaging on your profile So for this, you have to reply to your friends comment on there profile And reply to the comments you have received And from this whenever you do such things then the user always visit your profile and if the user likes your content he or she will like your post and will also follow you also And your engagement will also increase and you will get more comments on your post and keep replying to your comments and try to question more because this will get you more comments and for example, if you get 100 comments then after replying to those 100 comments your comments will increase to 200 comments and it will grow your post more.

Instagram tip 4: Cross-promotion

In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Crose promotion So my next tip is cross-promotion So basically, cross-promotion is if you have more likes on Facebook then ask your Facebook user to follow you on Instagram and if you have more followers on Instagram then ask them to like you on Facebook also and from this, your audience will grow and this will help you is cross-promotion and you will get more engagement and will grow your followers fast.

Instagram tip 5: Well Organized Profile

My next tip is to feed Aesthetics So basically feed aesthetic is that your profile should look attractive, your profile should be well organized it should be theme based for example if your page is of tech so you should post tech content only and if your page is of food then you must post-food content only and this will make you profile look more attractive and from this, you will get more likes and followers on your Instagram profile.

Instagram tip 6: Maintain your Category

 In This Instagram tip, I will teach about Category. And stick to a category So always maintain your category as I told you to post only category wise like tech then only tech and this will help you to grow followers fast on Instagram.

Instagram tip 7: interacts with Followers

In This Instagram tip, I will teach about interacts with followers Always interact with your followers Ask questions from your followers in the comments section or post stories by asking your followers like Q&A and this will grow your profile fast and you will get followers for free and if this trick works for you then like this video and share it and if you use this tricks you will get featured on the Instagram search panel and you will get 10k followers in a month.

Instagram tip 8: Best time and the timing factor

So my final  and the most important Instagram tip is insights Understanding your profile insights are most important So make sure that you post you content at the best time and the timing factor is most important on Instagram for engagement  and likes and if you post at the perfect time on Instagram you will get more likes and for this, your profile should be business profile and if your profile is not business profile then you can use apps for insights and my favorite app is Prime And the advantage of this app is that it tells you the perfect time and date to post your Instagram photo/video and from that, you will get more Instagram followers and likes 


So guys that for it, for now, I hope you like the article on Instagram tip for beginners and if you liked this article then please share this article and if you want more this type of article then please subscribe to my blog And don't forget to share this article So guys thanks for reading this article.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Best SEO Friendly Website Design Tips

seo friendly website design tips

No matter how pretty your website looks, if it doesn’t convert your visitors into valuable paying customers, your design may not be achieving the business goals you aspire. The best way to do this is to ensure that your website is designed for SEO from the get-go.

    Here! I am going to explain about 5 Ways you can Design your website for SEO.

1. Mobile-First Approach

  •  Let’s start with a Mobile First approach Google has been very upfront in regards to a Mobile-First approach and most recently in their June 2019 Core Update. With nearly 60% of users browsing on mobile devices, make sure that your site is responsive and is designed for Mobiles First! With that number only going to get higher and higher, if your site doesn’t successfully represent your business on every device, your SEO campaign will have very little chance of success.
  • Show off your products and services and let your business shine through a mobile-first design! Know Your Users Not all users are tech-savvy. You want to make sure that your online presence is tailored to your target audience! In order to achieve this, ensure that your website is designed for their level of computer literacy. This determines the ‘complexity’ of the design.
  • Do you want to display all the menu items at once, or place them within collapsable menus? How quickly do they need to access certain items and functions? Make sure that your visitor’s user experience is as smooth and easy as possible! Additionally, know how your customers are contacting you. Are they calling you, sending emails or filling out Contact Forms within your site? Knowing this, you can tailor your design and ensure that your site is converting as many potential customers as possible.

2. SEO Friendly Headings H1 Tag

  • Effective Headings This is an aspect that many overlook in Design, but Headings are the best way for you to make sure that your users can easily see and understand the flow of content on your website! You want to create a journey throughout the page to engage and connect with your audience and headings are fundamental to this experience. Many users aren’t going to read all your content, so Headings allow them to gather a quick understanding of what you are trying to communicate! So make sure that you design with these basic rules for heading styles in mind: H1's are always you’re most important phrase, and contains the keywords you are targeting for your page. It is fundamental that there is only a single H1 on any given page and should always be placed at the top of your pages.

3. SEO Friendly Headings H2, H3, and H4 Tag

  • H2's are used to indicate your breaks in sections and can appear multiple times on a page. Make sure that all your headings follow a hierarchy. While there should be only a single H1, there should be more H2s than H3s, more H3s than H4s, and so on and so forth. To best optimize your site for SEO, make sure that you place your keywords carefully through your headings and your content. 

4. Quality over Quantity

  • On that note, let’s talk more about Content Cramming pages with paragraphs and paragraphs of spammy content that are going to overwhelm your potential customers, and therefore highly affect the user experience of your website. It may additionally get your site flagged by Google, which can be detrimental for your business. Quality over Quantity is key! You want to make sure that your pages are easy to read and filled with quality content that keeps your users engaged. This entices them to purchase your products and services. Because the ultimate goal of any site is to convert your visitors into long term, paying customers.

5. Call to Action - CTA

  • And finally, CTAs Call to Action buttons or CTA’s are fundamental in conversion! You want to make sure that you have appropriately placed CTAs across your website and your content. Remember, a smooth customer journey and user experience through every page of your site is fundamental! If you are a tradie, you want to make sure that your potential clients can call you from anywhere within the site so put a ‘CallUs Now’ button fixed in the top right of your design! Display your unique value proposition throughout your site to entice users to buy your products and services.


Above are the best ways, you can Design your website for SEO and we have many more tips on On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO. if you concentrate on on-page SEO then you need to concentrate more and more on SEO friendly article and well-optimized website.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Why GraphQL is Better Than Rest & Its advantages over rest

Why GraphQl is Better Than Rest

GraphQL is the new standard for API and developed by Facebook as open-sourced. GrapgQL provides a more flexible, efficient, and more powerful API. it reduces network requests for that we need it in a single query. if we want in a single query then GraphQL is the better than REST.

For every client-server request then we need REST because each endpoint in a REST API has a fixed data structure. for example, if we request the employee name then we need to request the employee name by providing id of the employee but the return value is the entire row of the employee. here we are not getting the exact value of employee name. So the main problem in the above scenario is getting unnecessary data along with necessary data.

                              "Why GraphQl is Better Than Rest "

Uses of GraphQL:

  1. Architecture is client-driven not at server-driven like REST.
  2. performs the Operations at GraphQL as Querry mutation subscription.
  3. performs the Operations at REST as Create, Read, Update, and delete.
  4. The development speed is high and fast loading on the webpage.
  5. Only the required data will be present on the web.
  6. Less number of network requests.
  7. Very good for microservices and complex systems
  8. GraphQl has its own type system, these type system used to define the schema of as api

Uses of REST API:

  1. It is a stateless server and structured access to a resource.
  2. REST is the strict specification.
  3. REST has no its own type system like GraphQL.

How Data flow at GraphQL and Rest API

Rest API Request Flow:

Below is the image for REST API Data flow from the client to the server and vice versa. here we have 3 endpoints to gather the data from the server

Below is the JSON script seems like the as above image

  "emp": {

  "empPosts": {
      "post-title":"GraphQL From Beginners to Experience Step by Step Tutorial",
       "Description":"Graph QL is the alternate to rest api"

  "emp": {
       "description":" tutorials"

GraphQL Request Flow:

Here 3 endpoints at a time we are sending and we get as per request-response.

Below is the JSON script seems like the as above image

  emp(id"1981098): {
      empPosts(last10): {


Wha is Schema Definition Language (SDL)?

GraphQL has its own type system, these type systems used to define the schema of an API. so we can call the writing the syntax for any type as Schema Definition Language (SDL).

Simple SDL Syntax for employee

type Employee {
      name: String!
       deptid: Int!

This type has 2 fields, they’re called name and deptid and are respectively of type String and Int. The "!"  following the type means that this field is required.

So far we have seen request queries. Before going to Learn the in-depth concept of GraphQL, you should know the below 3 main concepts.

      1. type Query {..} syntax
      2. type Mutation{..} syntax
      3. type Subscription{..} syntax
1.0 type Query syntax

type Employee {

1.1 type Query syntax with Arguments

type Employee (last: 2) {

2. type Subscription syntax

newEmployee {

3. type Mutation syntax

 Mutations create and modify objects. it is used to create, delete and update the data and similar to put, post, and delete the request in REST. Mutation query always start with mutation keyword

createEmployee (name: "Murali", age: "27") {

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Learn Angular Services From Beginning to End Step By Step Tutorials

Learn Angular Services From Beginning to End Step By Step Tutorials

Angular has lots of features among them, Angular services are the one. it is an open-source and good framework to develop the Single Page Application.

Here, I am going to point out the top 10 important things in Angular Services. it is a stateless object & helps to splits the application into different logical units. for example, creating the number of Components in the project for the same data (example Employee table data) makes confusion. So instead of creating a number of Components, we can create one service globally and we can re-use where ever we want. So it reduces code.

        1. How to destroy a service instance in angular
        2. Angular service vs Component 
        3. What are the providers in angular
        4. Register the service with our module
        5. Angular service oninit
        6. Some Common Mistakes
        7. Angular service without injectable
        8. Angular service constructor not called
        9. Angular service example & Conclusion
        10. Angular service constructor parameters

 So let's get started about "Learn Angular Services From Beginning to End Step By Step Tutorials".

1. How to destroy a service instance in angular

First, we want to know the usage of the Service. Angular service is the singleton object, which means it gets instantiated only once of an application. the main purpose of the service is to share and organize the Models, Business logic, any Data, and Functions with different components of an Angular Project. 

come to the main point on how to destroy the service. it depends on where you provide the service. we can provide the service mainly at the NgModule level and Component level. if you provide at the Module level then it creates once and never re-initialized after that.

If you provide at Component level then the service shares the data at the lifetime of the component which means creates and destroys at the same time as same as the component

2. Angular services vs Component 

 Component:  it is simply a class file where you are writing the logical piece of code in the dot ts file for the Angular app. it contains the following template and used to render the view for the application. and we can import and export the external files, CSS files, etc where ever the selector tag is located.

Angular services: it is used to the common method for common functions across the different application components. they also simple classes with functions and other members. the main purpose is to reduce the code and re-use the code.  the main purpose of the Angular services is to share and organize the Models, Business logic, any Data, and Functions with different components of an Angular Project. 

Example on Authentication Service:

import { ComponentOnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { AuthService } from '../_services/auth.service';
import { tokenKey } from '@angular/core/src/view';

  selector: 'app-nav',
  templateUrl: './nav.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./nav.component.css']
export class NavComponent implements OnInit {

  modelany = {};
  constructor(private authServicesAuthService) { }

  ngOnInit() {
  login() {
      next => {
      console.log('loged succefully');
    error => {
     console.log('Failed to Login');

3. What are the providers in angular services and types

The providers are usually singleton objects (one instance) per injector. Each provider provides a single instance of an injectable., that other objects have access to through dependency injection (DI).

Types of Providers

    1. Type Provider
    2. Class Provider
    3. UseValue Provider
    4. UseFactory Provider
    5. UseExisting Provider

4. Register the Angular services with our module.

           we can register the service at different levels. before consuming the service has to be registered either Module level or Component level. not only these ways we can find in many ways. below are some ways to register the Angular services.

  1. Component Level
  2. AppModule Level
  3.  Self-registering a service   
  4. single instance of a service by registering in a module 

  Component Level Example:

import { ComponentOnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { TestService } from './test.service';

  selector: 'app-root',
  templateUrl: './app.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./app.component.css'],
export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
  title = 'services-test';

  constructor(private testService:TestService)


    this.testProperty = this.testService.someaProperty;


   AppModule Level Example :

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';
import { TestService } from './test.service';

  declarations: [
  imports: [
  providers: [TestService],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }

5. Angular services oninit

  • NgOnInit works with Directives and Components
  • A lifecycle hook that is called after Angular has initialized all data-bound properties of the directive. and ngOnInit() method to handle any additional initialization tasks.
  • NgOnInit function is one of the great Angular component’s life-cycle methods. Life cycle methods (or we can say as hooks) in Angular components allow us to run the required piece of code at different stages of the life of an Angular component.
  • Unlike the constructor method, the ngOnInit method comes from an Angular interface (OnInit) that the Angular component needs to implement in order to use this method. The ngOnInit method is called shortly after the Angular component is created.

  • example syntax

interface OnInit {
   ngOnInit(): void

Conclusion :

I have explained only Learn Angular Services From Beginning to End Step By Step Tutorials . but we can find the in starting of the article as 10 things. due to some reasons, I didn't update the remaining main things. I planned to update you soon.

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Friday, August 28, 2020

What is the difference between and core?


What is the difference between and core?

In this article, I am going to discuss Core and and differences between them. what is the major difference we can find and uses? from 2010 so many new technologies came out and become very popular in the market and they got a good market share.  some top technologies are PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Node JS. among them Nodejs rapidly increased the market share.

the reason behind that

  1. Node Js is open source
  2. High performance (on that time core entered into the market)
  3. A single thread with high scalable
  4. etc
in this article, we are going to discuss only the difference between and core, not Node js. the incoming article, you can get the difference between core and node js

          So let's Get Started about What is the difference between and core?!                   


Main Features of Core                            

  • core is open-source and cross-platform.
  • core is using the dot net core framework and entity framework.
  • and it is a runtime application like
  • you can build the web, windows, IoT and cloud applications.
  • full support of the Nuget Package manager in core.
  • Targets the multiple OS Operating Systems.
  • We can say it easily, core completely redesigned version for development from Microsoft.
  • The good news is build-in support for DI (Dependency Injection).
  • you can host in any server like IIS, Apache, etc
  • you can host in any OS like Linux, Windows, etc
  • Note 1: if you choose the .net core then you need to host only in IIS server so iis server support only Windows
  • Note 2: if you choose .net core framework + core then you can host in any server and any OS's
  • Compare Node JS with core the core is more powerfully and High performance.
  • .net core allows build in that allows us to run in any OS (Operating System)
  • does not support the webforms
  • good container support like a docker container

Main Features of

  • support only .net framework and .net framework implemented for windows only.
  • It's not cross-platform.
  • framework is not open source
  • We can host only in IIS server.
  • We can use only the Windows Operating System.
  • it needs a proper environment to work in.
  • performance is less than core
  •  it supports the webforms    
  • Contained support is not much better tha core     .

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

10 Blogging Tips for Beginners That Will Make Your Blog Successful

10 Blogging Tips for Beginners That Will Make Your Blog Successful

Here, I am going to write about the most useful blogging tips for beginners. writing your first blog post can be challenging you, and that’s why you need to read this entire article.  In this article, you’ll learn how to write your first blog post on your own style. I’ll be sharing my 10 Blogging tips to help you write your first blog post. 

      So you want to write your first blog post? But don’t know how to start the First blog Post?

                                             So let’s get started top blogging tips! 

                   If you are passionate about something then below are the top 10 Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips #1: Decide Some Area of Interest

  • Decide what to write If you have never written a blog post earlier, the first challenge is to decide what you’ll write about. 
  • Pick something you are passionate about and already love reading, talking, or listening about.
  •  If you are passionate about something, you'll love writing about that as well.

Blogging Tips #2: Get Good Subject or Knowledge About the topic

    • Have Subjective Knowledge Before you start writing about any particular topic, you need to have prior subjective knowledge about that topic.
    • If you already know about that topic, that’s perfect, if not, go and read other blogs, magazine articles, books, anything you can get information from.
    • Do your research and once you have collected the information, start writing.

    Blogging Tips #3: HeadLine or Tile of Article

    • Write Headline First 7 out of 20 people will read the headline and only 13 out of them will read the content. 
    • So always start with a catchy headline that attracts the reader's attention. If your headline is not attractive, no one will read your article. 
    • Also, writing the headline of your blog post first makes sure you don’t go away from the topic. 

    Blogging Tips #4: Be Simple before Writing the Article

    • Start Writing Most people spend hours, days, or even weeks to write their first article, why? It’s because writing for the first time can be fearful and lots of negative thoughts come to the mind. But you don’t need to overthink, simply get yourself out of any fear and start writing.

    Blogging Tips #5: Write Perfect Article and Find Readers Pulse

    • Make Article Skimmable Proceed with proper content that readers will love. A good piece of content is between 670 words to 1470words, anything less than 670 words is bad for SEO perspective and more than 1500 words is annoying to readers. So break them in small paragraphs and make the article skimmable so that readers don’t find it boring. 

    Blogging Tips #6:Writing Article-style

    •  Be Yourself When you are starting to write your first blog post, it’s easy to get attracted to other successful writers and copy their writing style. But don’t try to copy anyone’s own style. Write in your own style, be yourself because your writing style is your brand. 

    Blogging Tips #7: If a reader in place of you

    • You and I Rule While writing contents, always think as if you are talking directly to the reader and the reader is sitting before you. This makes your article interactive and you'll be talking directly to your reader. Use (You and I) throughout your article.

    Blogging Tips #8: Attractive Images

    • Use Attractive Images Use images in your blog posts because “Images do the talking” and sometimes they do the explanations in a much better way than what your thousands of words can’t do. So use images in your blog post to make it more beautiful and professional as well. 

    Blogging Tips #9: Don’t be one of those writers

    • Formatting Tips If you ever visited those boring websites from the 90s era, you must have noticed how tough it is to read those articles as the writer didn’t format the articles for better readability. 
    • Don’t be one of those writers. 
    • Use proper writing formats and consider: using bullet points to make it simple and catchy, bold letters to emphasize, headlines categories such as h1, h2, h3 etc.
    • whenever required Proper formatting is crucial as it makes a good impression and provides a better reading experience. 

    Blogging Tips #10: What a reader should do after reading your blog post?

    • End with Call to Action What a reader should do after reading your blog post? Don’t keep them hanging in the middle, let them know what to do next.
    • Always end up with a call to action. 
    • A call to action can be anything depending upon your preferences but not more than one. 
    • End up your blog post motivating your readers to do something like asking their views about the topic, asking a question, or simply a request to share your blog post. 

    Conclusion :

    So these were the top 10 Blogging tips to write your first blog post for Beginners. Hope you’ll learn from these tips and will be able to write your first blog post. If you enjoyed reading this article. please share with someone who you think might get benefited from this Article. 

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    Wednesday, August 26, 2020

    21 Computer Tricks and Secrets

    computer tricks and secrets

    Top 21 Combinations of keyword secrets in your PC? Only 25 years ago, the most advanced computers had a hard drive capacity of 320 Megabytes, and it was considered as a great

    breakthrough in personal computers’ technology at that time. Since then a lot of things have changed. But a keyboard is the only thing that seems to be unchanged. Here’s a list of all the hotkey combinations that will certainly come in handy. No matter Windows or OS X user you're. Let’s start with the Window keyboard and its’ 21 secret combinations.

    First, find the Windows key. Usually, it's located on the lower row of the keyboard. To the left of the space bar. do you found it? Great Job. This button will be involved in all the following combinations. So, just keep your finger on it.

                                          Ok, let’s Start...

    • If you only press Win key, it'll open the beginning Menu. In Windows 8.1 it'll open the previous window.

    • If you press Win key followed by A. In Windows 10 it'll open the Action Centre. The Action Centre gives you quick access to your computer settings.

    • If you press the combination of Win key and B key selects the primary icon within the Notification Area. You can then switch between the icons using the arrow keys.

    • If you press the Win key plus Ctrl key followed by C. This combination switches to a program indicating a replacement message within the Notification Area.

    • Press the Win key and C keys. It will show the Charm Bar, in The Windows 8 & 8.1 versions. In Windows 10 it opens Cortana but only if you’re using a supported language. For English, it should work just fine.

    • This one is beneficial to you if you want to minimize all the opened windows immediately. Just press the Win key followed by the D key, and you'll see your desktop during a split of a second.

    • It provides quick access to Windows Explorer. Just press the Win key and E keys together. Easy as that. In Windows 10 it also opens the Quick Launch by default.

    • The win key and F key pressed together opens ’Find files and folders.' In Windows 10 it opens the Feedback hub.

    • Press the following keys Win key +  Ctrl + F open ’Find computers good? Ok.

    • Win key plus G key It works differently in several Windows versions. In Window 7 and Vista it brings all the gadgets to the foreground that are in process at the moment. In Windows 10 it opens the Game bar.

    • Press the Win and K keys. It will open a new Start menu — Connectionsin Windows 8 and 8.1 If you want to change the user or lock the workstation quickly, then use

    • Just press the Win key followed by L (Love) and it will do it for you. Don’t you love it? Another hotkey combination that you are going to use every day for sure.

    • Just Press Keys Win and M minimize all windows

    • Will help to restore the last minimized window. Just press these 3 keys: Win, Shift, and M– and here you're.

    • Press the following keys Win + O pressed together will lock your device orientation and will disable the gyroscope function on tablets.

    • Do you use any external monitor or projector? Then press the Win key followed by the P key, and it will switch operating modes. It works only for Windows 7 and newer. What’s next? Are you searching for something inside of your computers? Then use

    • Press the following keys Win + Q. It will open Search charm for all installed apps in Windows 8 and newer.

    • will open the ’Run dialog’ box for you. Just press the Win key and R key and then choose a program or application you want to run.

    • Press the following keys  Win +T will switch focus to the Taskbar. It works only in Windows 7 and newer. U stands for utility.

    • Press the following keys  Win + U will open the Utility Manager for you. Do you need to work with the notes or screenshots? Press the Win key and W, and it will open WindowsInk Workspace. Very handy!

    • Win key followed by X will open the Windows Mobile Application Centre. This works only for mobile computers in WindowsVista and 7. And the last combination for Windows.

    Conclusion :

    above are the top computer tricks used for you. if you have any other computer tricks please comment and subscribe to my website

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    Tuesday, August 25, 2020

    Redmi Note 9 Pro Specifications and Price in India

    Redmi Note 9 Pro Specifications


    Redmi Note 9 Pro going to launch at 12:00 noon on 25-August-2020. the sales started at and

    The main specifications of  Redmi Note 9 Pro listed out below. the Redmi Note 9 Pro available only on flash sales.

    Pricing :

    Pricing Depend on Storage and Ram. they bring out in 2 variants 

      1.  64 GB 4 GB RAM      --> Price 13999  at Amazon
      2. 124 GB 6 GB RAM      --> Price 16999  at Amazon

    Available At :


    Main Specifications :

      • Display                : 6.67 inc (1080 X 2400)
      • Rear Camera       : 48MP +8MP + 5MP +2MP
      • Selfie Camera     : 16MP 
      • Battery                : 5020mAh
      • Storage                : 64 GB/124 GB and micro SDXC
      • RAM                   : 4GB/ 6GB
      • OS                       : Android 10
      • Processor            :Qualcomn Snapdragon 720G
      • Network              :  LTE /GSM / HSPA
      • Colors                 : Interstellar Black,Aurora Blue, Glacier White
      • Sensors               : Compass, gyro, proximity, fingerprint (side-mounted), accelerometer
      • Skin                    : MIUI 11
      • Weight                : 209 grams
      • Sim                     : Dual sim (Nano and dual stand by)
      • Bluetooth            : 5.0, A2DP , LE

                                Rear Camera  Redmi Note 9 Pro

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    Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Insert operation on Spread Sheet using Google Apps script

    In this article, i am going to work on insert the data from html to google spread sheet using java script and apps script. apps script is used to manage the G Suite to automate the documentation and etc.

    Insert operation on Spread Sheet using Google Apps script

    In this project, we can find the 2 main steps. each step has its own coding. step one has the pure Apps Script and the second step has html with java script.

    Step 1. Here,  I am going to create apps script for insert operation. Before creating apps script we have to create the spread sheet and take spread sheet id.

            1. Login Gmail account
            2. Go to Google Drive
            3. Create new Spread Sheet and save as "Give any name here"
            4. Click on Tools
            5. Click on Script Editor
    Note: At point number 3, Please take the spreadsheet id as shown below image and keep it in note pad for future reference. take the id after back slash as shown below image.

    get Google  Spread Sheet id

    In spread sheet please give some column names as shown below image

    spread sheet google apps script

    click on Tools --> go to Script editor and write the required code for insert operation.

    •  e.parameter.action  is used to getting the query
    • SpreadsheetApp.openById(" paste here, your spread sheet id") is used to give spread sheet id which one saved in note pad
    • getSheetByName("sheet name") is used to get the sheet name
    • return the insert_data(e.sheet) is used to return the sheet
    apps script doGet code for insert operation

    insert_data is the one more function to do the insert operation in spread sheet which are coming from UI. below image has the code on insert operation.

    insert operation in google apps script

    Till now step one is completed. now we have to complete the step two. in step 2 we can find the html and ajax calls in javascript.

    Step 2. create the html and ajax calls in java script.

    below images show the html code and java script.

    Insert operation on Spread Sheet using Google Apps script  html

    Below code shows the Java script Code for HTML.
    apps script javascript on insert operation
    The Final Out put looks like below image

    Request for code from Contact Form

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