Best SEO Tips for Your Blog or Websites

Thanks for checking out, our Best SEO tips. This list is designed to be a useful checklist of the most important SEO-related strategies you can use to achieve strong search engine rankings for your website. We will regularly update this page with fresh links to individual blog posts which will discuss each tip in greater detail too.

Best SEO Tips for Your Blog or Websites

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          • Tips To Create  SEO Friendly  URL Structure
          • On-Page SEO Tips for Better Organic Traffic
          • Tips To SERP Result
          • SEO Tips for Tacking Your Progress
          • SEO Tips For A Greatest Share of Voice In Google
          • OnGoing SEO Tips

SEO Basic Right Before You Start

  1. Plan your site architecture before you publish your website/blog.
  2. Invest sufficient time into effective keyword research for every page on your site. This is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign.
  3. Use Google Insights for Search to identify seasonal (and new industry) keyword opportunities.
  4. Use Google predictive search results for new keyword ideas.
  5. Analyze keyword competitiveness in order to plan which keywords to prioritize at the start of an SEO campaign.
  6. Use the external AdWords keyword tool to identify keyword opportunities based on your website's content/relevance.
  7. Choose whether you intend to optimize the www. or non-www. the version of your website and stick with it.
  8. Create and verify Google webmaster tools account as it’s a vital SEO tool.
  9. Use the geotargeting feature within Google webmaster tools to focus on your geographical target market.
  10. Install Google Analytics to allow you to make better-informed SEO decisions.
  11. Annotate your activities within your Analytics account to help you know what has previously worked for future campaigns/strategies.

SEO Friendly Domain And Web Hosting Tips

  1. Choose a domain name with your targeted keywords within it if you feel it is applicable to your brand strategy.
  2. Choose a country-specific domain extension if your target market isn’t global.
  3. Choose a web host with reliable uptime stats and a reputable IP range.
  4. Host your website in the same country as your core target market.
  5. Register your domain name for the maximum time period.
  6. Choose a dedicated IP address for your domain to help avoid questionable behavior of your hosting “neighbors”.
  7. Do not hide your whois registration details.
  8. Never let your domain drop – the age of your domain is a positive factor in search engine ranking.

Best SEO Design Tips

  1. Improve the page load time on your site for both user experience and SEO benefits.
  2. Use clean code (W3C) for indexing and page speed load time benefits.
  3. Use targeted keywords in the URLs you choose for your web pages (e.g.

Best SEO Accessibility Tips

  1. Create an XML sitemap and upload it to Google webmaster tools.
  2. Create a static sitemap page for visitors and search engine bots.
  3. Use the NODIR / Yahoo Dir meta tag to avoid Google displaying this within the search results by default.
  4. Upload a robots.txt file to tell search engines what they can and can’t index.
  5. Always set up 301 redirects for renamed or deleted pages. – Never, ever, delete a 301 redirect.
  6. Don’t use Frames as it makes it difficult to properly index your site.
  7. Create a unique, usable, and potentially linkbait-worthy 404 (error) page.
  8. Use a breadcrumb navigation structure on your site if applicable.
  9. Don’t rely solely on Flash and try to offer HTML alternatives where you can.
  10. Check and fix broken links regularly to allow your site to be indexed effectively.
  11. Don’t offer a greater presence/prominence for adverts over content, as this can be seen as a reflection of poor content.

Social Medis Marketing SEO Tips

  1. Integrate “Share this” functionality on your site to help increase viral traffic and increase social ranking indicators.
  2. Use blog commenting to get links. However, don’t comment just for the link. Contribute value to blog posts.
  3. Create a Twitter profile to share content and develop your online network.
  4. Create a Facebook presence to develop brand advocates.
  5. Optimize your Google Plus account for self-branding and link-building benefits within the search engines.
  6. Set up a Linkedin Group/Page to find people of similar interest to your business or website.
  7. Use Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, and Delicious to help your site reach a larger audience through social marketing at no cost.
  8. Add the Google +1 button to your web pages to help improve search engine rankings and click-through rates.
  9. Create a Youtube channel to develop a video marketing strategy.
  10. Use Yahoo Answers and Quora to gain reputation and inbound links.
  11. Guest Post on other related websites in your niche to develop your reputation and gain inbound links.

Best SEO Link Building Tips

  1. Ask your clients and suppliers to add your site to theirs as a freeway of generating inbound links.
  2. Submit your website to relevant free directories.
  3. Conduct article marketing to develop inbound links from article directory websites.
  4. Submit your website to the DMOZ.
  5. Submit your websites’ RSS feed to free RSS aggregators to gain inbound links and help new pages become indexed within the search results very quickly.
  6. Submit to paid directories such as Yahoo Dir and if you have a substantial SEO budget. 
  7. Use press releases to generate buzz and gather inbound links for trusted editorial sources.
  8. Effectively use signature links within the forums in which you participate in.
  9. Use targeted anchor text which contains the keywords you are attempting to rank for within inbound links.
  10. Understand what page rank is and why you should not obsess with this number.
  11. Link to quality sites from your own web pages wherever you feel is appropriate and offers your visitors value.
  12. Source links from .edu and .gov domains. They are usually a trusted source but not just because of the extension.
  13. Find “page not found” errors in webmaster tools and redirect inbound links which are going to 404 error pages.
  14. Focus on developing links from pages with content related to the terms you are optimizing.
  15. Develop link bait campaigns and strategies which can drive a lot of inbound links to your website.
  16. Analyze competitor inbound links to identify inbound link opportunities which you can source.

Tips To Create  SEO Friendly  URL Structure

  1. Use non-malformed URLs to avoid indexing issues and increase CTRs by displaying “clean” URLs within search results.
  2. Use canonical URL tags to avoid duplicate content within the search engines.
  3. 6Use dashes instead of underscores within your URLs for SEO benefit.

On-Page SEO Tips for Better Organic Traffic

  1. Create unique title tags to target the keywords you are attempting to rank each page of your site for.
  2. Optimize your meta description tags to make them as persuasive as possible to encourage higher CTRs.
  3. Use your H tags to provide a consistent hierarchical design and SEO structure on your web pages.
  4. Add your targeted keywords as ALT Tags on images where appropriate.
  5. Use targeted keywords in your image names where appropriate.
  6. Create a balanced targeted keyword density on your pages.
  7. Use anchor text which contains targeted keywords when interlinking pages within your website.
  8. Write content for your visitors not for search engine algorithms. Avoid overusing keywords and ensure your copywriting remains professional.
  9. Use nofollow tags on your own site links where applicable.
  10. Add a bold effect on keywords you wish to rank but don’t go overboard on this.
  11. Use your company address within the footer of your web pages for Local SEO benefits.
  12. Publish unique content only on your website to avoid “Google Panda” penalties.
  13. Reduce web page bounce rates. Bounce rates will be (if they aren’t already) a factor within search engine ranking.
  14. Create unique pages for keyword groups you are optimizing for. Don’t try to optimize one page for too many terms.
  15. Optimize the first 50 keywords of each page with your targeted keyword phrases.
  16. Encourage user-generated content to be added to your pages (comments for blogs and reviews for products/services).
  17. Remove low-value internal links from your best-ranked pages.
  18. Use your website’s design to take advantage of Google Instant Preview.
  19. Use both on-page and off-page SEO campaigns to target semantically related terms to your core keyword groups.
  20. Include terms and conditions & privacy information on your site whenever applicable.

Tips To SERP Result

  1. Do not use blackhat techniques such as hidden text, doorway pages, and keyword stuffing.
  2. Optimize your site and other pages for the purpose of reputation management within search engine results.
  3. Get spammy sites removed from the search results by informing Google.
  4. If you ever get banned from the search index – fix the issues and submit a reconsideration request with Google.

SEO Tips for Tacking Your Progress

  1. Track your keyword positions within the search engines to allow you to strategize your SEO efforts effectively.
  2. Track your own inbound links to provide you with visualization of link-building campaign success.
  3. Use the “search queries” report within Google webmaster tools to help optimize for higher click-through rates within the organic search results.

SEO Tips For A Greatest Share of Voice In Google

  1. Optimize your products for Google shopping results if applicable.
  2. Create and optimize a local business listing within Google places if applicable.
  3. Optimize your site for the Google News results if applicable.
  4. Develop and optimize localized/language variations of your website if applicable.

OnGoing SEO Tips

  1. Take control of what site links are displayed within the search results for your pages with Google webmaster tools.
  2. Set up Google alerts for your own and competitors’ brands for reputation management and link sourcing purposes.
  3. Make sure your PPC activities to feed directly into your SEO strategy.
  4. Don’t ignore Bing when you are optimizing your website – its market share is growing!
  5. Revisit pages you have already optimized to find new opportunities.
  6. Follow industry experts to keep in touch with how SEO is evolving.
  7. (ish). Please comment below to add SEO tip “101”


Thanks for following these top best SEO tips to grow your blog. 

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6 Best PPC Tips That Can Help Your SEO

 Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best methods of gaining instant traffic to your website. However, PPC mediums such as Google AdWords can be expensive and a lot of money can be wasted if you don’t effectively optimize your AdWords campaigns. There are a lot of fantastic free resources to help marketers use PPC effectively (e.g. AdWords Help Centre, PPC Hero, and PPC Mom).

A correctly optimized PPC campaign can be a fantastic promotional and sales generative tool in its own right, but this is not the limit of its value. When online marketers don’t use their PPC data to assist them with their SEO campaigns, they are effectively missing a lot of additional valuable opportunities which are right in front of them.

The following six tips will help online marketers make more of their SEO efforts by applying what they learn from their PPC campaigns.

  1.  PPC Adverts can Help You Choose Effective Meta Descriptions
  2. PPC Keyword Impressions can  Help Present Accurate Traffic Volumes
  3. Broad Match Terms Can Help You Understand How Google Identifies Synonyms
  4. The External Keyword Tool Can Give You  An Insight As To How Google See Your Site
  5. PPC Displays Partner Sites Can Be Worth More Than Just A Conversation
  6. PPC Traffic Can Help You Design The Perfect Page Before You Receive Organic Traffic

6 Best PPC Tips That Can Help Your SEO

PPC Adverts can Help You Choose Effective Meta Descriptions

Google AdWords (and most other PPC mediums) allow advertisers to split test multiple ad variations to see which performs better. Several ads can be tested alongside each other and specific details such as the highest click-through rates (CTRs) and the best converting ads can be identified.

By testing multiple call-to-action phrases within your PPC ads (i.e. “buy”, “purchase”, etc.) and specific unique selling points (“cheapest”, “trusted”, “reliable”, etc.) you can identify the ad text combination which offers the best CTRs/conversion rates. This information can be extremely valuable when used to create persuasive meta descriptions for your webpages (commonly used by search engines on search result pages to display preview snippets for a given page) as it is likely to improve your click-through rate on natural search listings too.

PPC Keyword Impressions can  Help Present Accurate Traffic Volumes

The AdWords External Keyword Tool gives you useful estimations of the search engine traffic for keywords that you wish to target for both PPC and SEO purposes. Unfortunately, the data it supplies are just estimations, and discrepancies between the actual search volumes and the estimations it offers are regularly evident.

PPC can be used to accurately identify the ‘actual’ traffic volumes for a specific search term you simply need to ensure that your ad is displayed on the first page of Google. Whenever a user performs a search on Google for the specific keyword that triggers your advert an impressive statistic is logged within your AdWords dashboard. Assuming your AdWords budget and keyword bid are high enough to ensure your ad is always displayed on the first page for this search term then you will receive accurate data on the actual number of times a specific keyword is searched for. The longer your ad is displayed on the first page the easier it is for you to get average search volumes across multiple days/weeks.

There are a couple of points relevant to this approach that are worth noting:

  • If your ad appears on the second page of the search results then you will have skewed information as the impression share of searches that display your ad won’t be representative due to a lower number of people navigating past the first page of results.
  • If you want to know what the search volume is for specific keywords you will need to use exact match keyword data (i.e. ensuring the search engine only displays your ad when the exact keyword you are bidding on is typed into the search box). When you are using exact match keywords you eliminate the possibility of Google displaying your ad for search terms related to the keyword you are bidding on. More information is available on AdWords match types.

Broad Match Terms Can Help You Understand How Google Identifies Synonyms

Although exact match keyword data is very useful to help identify actual traffic volumes, broad match keyword targeting provides a lot of actionable data which can be applied to your SEO campaigns also. Broad match keyword targeting allows your ad to show on similar phrases and relevant variations. The search query report within the AdWords user interface allows you to identify all of the related keyword terms for which your ad appeared for.

 This information can be very useful to identify new keyword opportunities which you might not be targeting within your SEO campaigns. You can also use this information to gauge what Google thinks is relevant to your targeted keyword and optimize your web pages to include these terms. This will assist your SEO efforts by sculpting your web pages to include related terms and synonyms. This process is better known as optimization for Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

The External Keyword Tool Can Give You  An Insight As To How Google See Your Site

As already discussed, the External Keyword Tool is a useful tool when you are analyzing the approximate keyword search volume for specific terms. However, you can also use this tool to get keyword ideas related to a particular webpage ( or all keywords related to a particular domain ( by analyzing web pages rather than keywords within the tools search options.

This is an effective way of seeing what terms Google feels are relevant to your site (you can search using your competitor's web pages too). By analyzing this information you can identify whether there are discrepancies between keywords that you are optimizing for and those to which Google sees your pages are relevant. This information can be used to help you focus your optimization efforts to improve the on-page SEO relevancy of specific terms you are targeting.

PPC Displays Partner Sites Can Be Worth More Than Just A Conversation

Google AdWords offers you the option of displaying your ads on its display network. My site is an example of a display network partner as I serve Google Adsense ads on it. You can select specific websites in the Google Display Network where you’d like your ads to appear, or you can select a set of keywords related to the product or service you wish to advertise. Google will serve your advertisements on sites which it feels are a good match to the keyword groups you have chosen.

The Display Network offers advertisers a great method of exposing their brand to a large volume of potential visitors. Google AdWords reports allow you to find out which Display Network sites your visitors come from and whether or not they performed an action (e.g. purchase, download, signup, etc.) which you deemed to be a conversion.

By analyzing this data you can identify the best websites on the Display Network which send targeted traffic to your website. With this information to hand you are in a position to contact the owners of these sites and look for mutually beneficial opportunities. If the referring site is a forum or blog then you can contribute to it (through ethical forum posting or blog commenting) in order to develop inbound links for SEO benefits and potentially send more visitors to your site.

PPC Traffic Can Help You Design The Perfect Page Before You Receive Organic Traffic

Split testing your landing pages is a vital aspect of any successful PPC campaign. You can bring targeted visitors to your website by split testing your advertisement messages to identify the best CTRs; however, to get the best return on investment (ROI) you need to do all you can to encourage visitors to perform the action you want them to when they are on your site.

In some situations, you might not have a strong enough organic search position to bring enough traffic to your site for a particular keyword to allow you to run a quantitative landing page experiment.  However, with PPC you can quickly bring very high visitor numbers to multiple landing pages to identify which one (page) brings the best conversion rates.

By using a ‘multivariate testing’ tool such as the (free) Google Website Optimizer you can split test multiple landing pages and identify which variation offers the best conversion rates. By applying what you learn from your PPC-specific landing pages to those pages on your site in which you are focusing your SEO efforts, you can be confident that when your keyword positions improve, the increased traffic will result in the best possible ROI.

PPC Can Do More Than Just Help SEO

The six tips listed above can help you make your advertising dollar stretch further and provide you with long-term SEO gains from what can be relatively short-term PPC campaigns. However, what you learn in PPC should be applied to more than just your SEO campaigns. PPC strategies allow you to test multiple messages and quantifiably measure which calls-to-action and unique selling points work best. The most effective messages should be applied, tested, and tailored within all of your online (and offline) marketing communications to offer you the best ROI across the board.

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Why Bloggers Quit Blogging ?

Why Bloggers Quit Blogging ?


Nowadays blogging has become a passion for new All. Everyone has started a free blog from Blogspot which provided by Google and they have started blogging.  Many people leave blogging due to some reason, they shut down their blog in 3-4 months.

          • Why Do They QUIT BLOGGING?
          • They think about money only
          • They think about money only
          • Lack of Interest
          • Comparison with Other Bloggers
          • No Visitors in the Site
          • No monthly goals
          • Set 6-month target
          • Not Able To Face Failures
          • Concentrating on More Things


They want to make their blog the best, beautiful, appealing in no time and they want huge traffic should come to their blog within 3 or 4 days. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

I have come up with the best reasons why Bloggers quit:

They think about money only

Many new bloggers have come into blogging. They think that blogging is an easy task and makes money easily. But they don’t realize that it is only through hard work and consistent efforts.

The whole world is running behind money. The best way to make money is to write a Paid guest post for the other sites, you will get a good amount of money.

“The only method to not consider cash is to own a good deal of it.”

Lack of Interest

People don’t take interest in blogging they only want to earn money that’s why they do blogging. They don’t know about any topics related to blogging. Some bloggers just copy and paste content from other sites and paste it.

If I have to relate this point with an example of a small child. As the mood of the small child changes according to different situations similarly, the blogger’s mood also changes very frequently.

Comparison with Other Bloggers

If you are comparing your site with other sites don’t do that. Everyone is born with some quality and everyone has some unique skills.

I know it's difficult, not to compare with other bloggers. Don’t think that they have got more comments, more traffic, better pictures, awesome look than your site.  If you have negative thinking then you will not grow.

                       “BE CREATIVE AND MAKE YOUR BLOG UNIQUE”

No Visitors in the Site

If you are not getting comments and traffic then don’t be upset. I know it's disheartening. You don’t get an appreciation for your work.

Everyone needs encouragement to work better than before.

When bloggers are not encouraged by others, then they feel pressure. And due to this they quit blogging.

Must Read: How Your Blog Can Be Benefited By Your Old Posts

No monthly goals

If you are a blogger then you should set up monthly goals for your blog. It will be easy for you to grow your blog. Concentrate on one topic for a week and write the entire thing about the topic. Go deep into the topic write everything that you know or you have read over the internet. This will help you to grow your site.

Set 6-month target

It is related to the above point only. In this people make mistake, they don’t set-up six-month goal for their Blog. Think and then decide where you are standing and where you want to go. Set your target, Build Strategy. 

If your blog is old analyze your blog's past history and works according to it only. If these think you keep in your find your blog will never fail and you will never quit Blogging.

Not Able To Face Failures

In every blogger's life, there are ups and downs. You can’t expect success every time.

I am giving my example only, I am blogging for the last 2 years. When I started blogging I thought it will be easy for me to blog. But as time passed I got frustrated, and I deleted the site. After few months, again I started a new site with a new spirit.

You can’t achieve anything easily you have to do hard work. Be positive and don’t lose your heart. If you are not getting many comments, traffic then doesn’t be upset. Work Hard To Get Success.

Concentrating on More Things

Many bloggers start their career by writing articles, but as time passes they get engaged with other things also, Like Web designing,  Paid Job and Other activities.

They start with multitasking jobs in daily life, this may the cause for the failure of their blog. To overcome this problem make a schedule for blogging.

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Write SEO Friendly Article For Improve Your Writing Skill

Now a day’s it’s all about presentation. The better you present your WordPress website or blog more you will get the audience and traffic to your blog/WordPress website. The basic need for a successful blog is its quality. The articles your write should be of high quality. The more quality your article will have the more your readers will be happy with you.

Write SEO Friendly Article For Better Reach

Blogger Should Know

First of all, for any blogger, it’s very important that she/he should know how to write in 3-4 languages like Tamil, Telugu, or English, and their local language.

A blogger should have full command of the grammar of every language he/she knows. The stronger your grammar will be the more sensible the article you will be able to write.

How to Improve Your Grammatical Mistakes

For improving your spelling & grammatical mistake first of all you have to start reading Novels, newspapers, magazines, etc. This will surely improve your writing skills and your blog article quality.

Furthermore to improve your writing skills for becoming a professional writer you can always go to the library to refer to good books which can help you get more new and interesting words, which can be used in your articles. Most US people love to explore new words every day so, if your blog got a bunch of new words in every article you will get a whole lot of traffic from the US side.

These are some ways to improve your mistakes you may do in your article writing.

Now I will tell you what are the side effects of having poor writing skills.

Some of the side effects of Bad writing skills are:-

  • Poor presentation of your blog in front of more than 1 million audiences who may read or see your more often.
  • Poor Rank in Google Search, this is because Google needs new and proper information that you can share with a whole lot of new people. Google Always index new and authentic things. 
  • The Major problem that you can face for having bad writing skills on blogger is the non- visibility of your blog or no traffic from people.

See, at first, all-new blogs get a good amount of traffic because people are unaware of what and how you are writing things on your blog. As time passes an image is formed in the visitor's mind if the image is good then you will get a lot of traffic on daily basis, but if you got the wrong impression then you will not get good traffic on your site. To Improve your writing skill by reading more article and another site

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is nothing but writing the article by using some rules. below are the main rules before writing the article. by using these rules you can achieve a better reach to users. recently Google changed a lot of things.

  1. Use only one Title tag and should not increase 60 characters.
  2. The description should 150 characters with one targeted keyword
  3. Minimum of 1000 words in the article
  4. Follow h2 tags titles.
  5. should give a conclusion with the targetted keyword. the link should be the present article link.
  6. One Image with a target keyword
  7. try to use bullets or points
  8. try to give a small index snippet using bullet points.

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Why to Increase Your Internet Experience

 While white-hat strategies such as that which pertained to official link building and social bookmarking were all the rage once upon a time, a new range of schemas have now overwritten and revolutionized the entire mode of perceiving anything and everything that comprises of an efficacious use of SEO.

Why to Increase Your Internet Experience

As of late, franchisers and web designers alike have now committed themselves to first improving the overall feel of their display platforms to the average internet surfer, rather than solely falling dependent on an organization that caters to the copy/paste tradition of back-links.

Without further ado, here’s the nitty-gritty aspect on how anybody can drastically enhance the experience quotient of many a WWW user (who, by the way, could be potential customers) from a precise SEO perspective – read on to know more! 

Time and tide wait for no man

 This means that a cumbersome and complexly laid out website is bound to repel users away, let alone secure a sale! In order to achieve some basic standards of a great website, always pay attention to the following pointers:

  • An easy-to-navigate user interface: From descriptions to command buttons, present it all in a convenient format. Trial and error are key.
  • An eye for thorough responsive web designing: What with our current era of smartphones and tablets, the majority of the global public accesses the WWW over either of these types of devices, instead of the usual desktop or even the notebook. Therefore, make sure that the entire content of your website fits flexibly over a variety of display dimensions.
  • Regular utilization of website crawling software: Just like how an anti-virus program detects malware on your system, these versatile applications scan your website progressively for the purpose of detecting all possible faults – from duplicated web pages to corrupted links. It’s all what routine maintenance could ever ask for!

Information isn’t exactly power, it’s potential power

When a friend or family member suggests buying something, you may just not feel that convinced. However, if a TV commercial of the same product features your favorite movie star, would you feel anything shorter than tempted to buy it?

                                 Now that’s what I’m talking about over here!

This key tactic of human psychology can be put to some beneficial use over here as well, in fact; apart from uploading exceptional compositions, do so via authors who are registered with high-end writing portfolios or with Google inc. itself. Chances are that you may receive much more social recognition than you bargained for.

It takes two to Tango                                      

Who makes it successful in life, all alone? But of course, Social Media platforms will also now arrive into play for publicizing your site and its content. Rather than share all your business niches and nuances single-handedly over Facebook or Twitter on a proprietary basis, it makes sense to allow a third-party organization that has a consistent rapport in the market to recommend your upcoming franchise or let the writing personnel do it themselves too (perhaps over their own agent websites or personal blogs).

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Blogging Tips To Improve Your Social Signals

 How seriously do you take your social signals?  Do you understand how important they can be as an SEO ranking factor?  Believe it or not, the social signals that your blog receives all help to play a role in how you will be listed on the search engines.

Blogging Tips To Improve Your Social Signals

Whether your news is social or information-based, it is generally shared on social media platforms.  You quite often find out that your friend has had their baby, or there has been an earthquake overseas on Facebook or Twitter before you hear it by word of mouth or on the news.  In fact, the news is brought almost immediately, as events are shared across all social media platforms.

Social SignalsOne of the reasons the news explodes so quickly is because people want to hear what is going on.  We live in a world where we want to know what is happening and not just what is happening in our backyard.  However, we don’t want to wait to hear the news….we want to hear it now!!

But HOW is this news shared?  It takes only one person to upload some newsworthy content to their profile, and then others either re-tweet or share, or like or +1 that piece of news.  These are all social signals.

  • At the end of the day, the more social signals that something receives, the more popular it becomes.  You could in a way say that each time someone likes on Facebook, or tweets the story, it is giving the piece of news a vote.
  • The more votes something receives, the greater the amount of people see it, and so the snowball commences. Google is also ‘someone that likes to watch these social signals to see how popular your piece of news is. The higher the number of social signals that you have pointing towards your site, the more notice that Google and others are going to take of you.

"3 Blogging Tips To Improve Your Social Signals"

Pay attention to your social media profiles

  • The activity on your pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram, will have an influence on the signals that you receive.  This is why it is important to interact with your followers and create a greater level of engagement.
  • Encourage shares, likes, tweets, and +1′s on your content.  These DO matter, and the more you receive the higher your reach is going to be.  Remember that each of these signals is a vote….so how many votes do you want?

Pay attention to Instagram

  • Whilst Instagram is a relatively new platform compared to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc, let’s be honest here.
  • Do you think Instagram is going to pay close attention to what is happening to you on this social media site?  Absolutely they are!!
  • Instagram gives you the opportunity to build nice followers, If you are not yet using Instagram, it is strongly recommended that you start.  This social media platform is going to snowball, so be part of the ride, rather than watching it happen and try to catch up!

Create your own brand

  • If you are confident about who your brand is, then others are more likely to give you some love.  In social media, YOU are your brand!
  • At the end of the day, you want to encourage people to talk about you, your brand, your URL, and your posts.  The more that people talk about it, the more popular you will become.  The social signals that are being given off are all telling Google that you are someone to watch, and Google will want to check you out!
  • At the end of the day, the formula is pretty simple.  Create great content that people will love (Content is King), enable sharing capabilities, and have social media profiles to share your work.  Then engage, engage and engage.  The more you work at connecting with others, the more noticeable you will become.  People will start to share your work and you can watch that snowball get bigger and bigger.
  • If you would like a helping hand to get your social media profiles up and running, I highly recommend the learn how-to blog program.  You will receive extensive training and support by professional bloggers who have already tested out the waters, leaving you with just the experience and knowledge to use on your own blog!

What is left to do now?  Go and share some social signal love to this post of course!!  Leave me a +1, a tweet, a Facebook like, whatever tickles your fancy.  All of the above would also be great, and give you good practice!

Have you noticed social signals playing an important role in your blog?  Please share your experiences with us below.

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4 Important Successful Blogging Tips

 So you would like to know some successful blogging tips.  Well, if you are looking for a magical answer, then you may have come to the wrong place.  Success in blogging is never going to be achieved overnight.  Likewise, not all the content that you publish on your blog is going to be well received or engaged with.  If you are not an overnight success, it doesn’t mean that your blog won’t be successful, it just means that you need to put in some hard work first!

4 Important Successful Blogging Tips

Successful blogging tipsThe important thing to be aware of is knowing where to spend your time and energy.  We only have so many hours in the day, and the number of hours is the same for us all.

We, therefore, need to utilize those hours to our advantage and work on the things that are going to benefit your blog rather than be detrimental.

Likewise, once you have worked so hard to achieve success on your blog, you don’t want to let it slip away.

Today we shall explore 4 successful blogging tips that will help with your blog’s ongoing road to success.

Do you want to know what they are??  Well, keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  "4 Successful Blogging Tips"

Pay attention to SEO, but don’t become obsessed with it!

As bloggers, we all know that SEO is important.  SEO is definitely one of those successful blogging tips that you hear time and time again.  There are many things we need to consider with SEO including;

  • - Blog post format
  • - Analyzing keywords and using them appropriately within the article
  • - Optimizing images and videos
  • - Making good use of titles, headlines, and tags

Every time you write a blog post, these SEO factors should always be at the forefront of your mind.

Don’t however make the mistake of thinking SEO is static because it’s not.  If you think you know it all when it comes to SEO, then you may be in for a real shock!  Constant updates occur that all have a bearing on how SEO works, and if you fail to keep up to date with what is happening, your SEO is going to slide.

It’s a great idea to do lots of reading on SEO principles, but are you reading up-to-date material?  What worked 2 years ago, may not necessarily work now, so implementing tired and dated strategies will not only waste your time but could be incredibly detrimental for you.

Ensure your writing is for your readers!

This is one of the successful blogging tips that you should always keep in the front of your mind.  That’s right….make sure you always write for your readers!!

  • Can you honestly say that your blog posts are written with your audience in mind?
  • Are you providing the material that your readers enjoy and want to hear from you?
  • Are you taking the time to listen to what it is they are asking for?

Your readers are your blog’s bread and butter.  Without them, you don’t have a blog, and it will simply be something that sits in cyberspace for your personal viewing pleasure.  I think we can all agree on that weblog so that other people can read the content.  Otherwise, what would be the point?!

If you make the mistake of overlooking your readers and not paying attention to what it is they want, your blog is on a downhill road to failure.

Constantly keep up to date with what your readers are saying, and engage with them to obtain a true reflection of where they are at.

Take advantage of spikes in shares and engagement

Successful Blogging TipsHave you noticed that some of your posts attract more attention than others?  These are the posts that obtain comments, social media shares, and interest.

Take note of what posts are popular and use them to your advantage.  If you are finding that a certain post is receiving a high amount of comments, then engage with those readers to gain more social media followers or subscribers to your blog.  Don’t just sit back and watch the activity take place, engage in it, and be part of its driving force!

The more eyes that you have on your blog, the better results you are going to see.

Maybe the post was something that you can expand on and create a series out of?  If this is the case, those same readers are likely to return for parts 2 and 3 and so on.

Failing to take notice of what is already working well for your blog, is a big no-no, when it comes to building your blog’s success.

Utilize your social media

As we know, social media can play a huge role in a blog’s success.  However, having social media accounts is simply not enough.  Likewise, having social media accounts that you link drop to, is not enough.

For every social media account, you have, you need to be engaging with it.  Failing to do so, means you are missing out on opportunities to connect with people on a more personal level.

Do you ever think about sharing other blogger’s work in your social media accounts?  If not, then why not?  Are you afraid that your readers are going to run off and follow your competition?

Sharing other bloggers' work can be a fantastic opportunity to engage with new readers and build relationships.  Besides, it you share other’s work, there is a high chance that your work will be shared too.  Try and work it alone in your own social media bubble, and you won’t find social media to be as energizing and useful a tool that it can be.

There is no one rule for achieving blog success, but these successful blogging tips are certainly the basics to prevent you from blogging a losing battle.  You need to find the right fit for your blog and what works for your readers.

Perhaps your blog is not as successful as you would hope, but you have no idea how to pull it out and drive it forward.  If this is the case, they learn how to blog program could be ideal for you.  The program provides you with all the training and resources you need to achieve success and the only thing you need to do is put in the work!

Do you have any successful blogging tips that you would like to share?  Is there something you always do that you find to be beneficial?  Please share your thoughts below.

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5 Blogging Tips To Increase Blog Comments

 As bloggers, we are always striving to increase blog comments on our sites.  Comments are great for so many reasons and it should certainly be one of your aims to have a healthy number of comments under each post.  It can however sometimes seem like pulling teeth to obtain comments.  Today we shall discuss some blogging tips that if implemented will help those comments increase.

5 Blogging Tips To Increase Blog Comments

       " Blogging Tips To Increase Blog Comments"

Ask Your Readers Questions

Increase Blog CommentsIt may sound quite obvious, but how many of you are actually asking questions in your posts?
  • Posing questions can be a great way of creating reader engagement, and once you have a few comments, it will naturally generate more.
  • Some people are reluctant to leave comments when no one else has, so if asking a question helps to get the ball rolling, then go for it!
  • I know when I initially started blogging I was reluctant to specifically ask questions for fear of looking a bit silly, but don’t you think it’s actually quite silly not to ask?  What have you got to lose?!

Sometimes all you need is that prompt to encourage people to comment.  They may not even think of commenting, but after reading your question they may well just think “well yes I do have something to add”, and bingo!  A question or a call to action at the end of your post can be the one trigger required for increasing blog comments.

Create Quality Content

I have said it before, and this certainly won’t be the last time, but you must always create quality content if you wish to receive engagement and increase blog comments.

  • Is your content worthy of interacting with?
  • Does it strike up thoughts or additional questions for readers?

How can you possibly expect readers to leave comments if you have not given them anything to comment on!  You should be giving enough information in your post that can spark ideas, or further questions, or even just a seal of approval.  Either way, your content should be detailed enough to have provided VALUE to the reader.

If you wish to increase blog comments, then you MUST have valuable content that people feel inclined to comment on.

Leave Room For Questions

  • Whilst you want to ensure that you write consistent quality posts, you need to be careful that you don’t write everything there is to write about the subject.  You need to juggle the fine line here!
  • If you end up saying ‘everything’ there is to say, then what could readers possibly comment about other than “great post”, which is basically a spam comment anyway!
  • By leaving ‘gaps’ in your post it allows for conversation to occur about topics you may have missed or not fully expanded upon. Whilst I get it that you don’t want to look like you are not fully informed about a subject, leaving a little space does help boost reader engagement and is a great way to increase blog comments.

Don’t Make It Hard To Comment

How to increase blog comments how many times have you been to blogs that you have to sign in to, or add captchas before you can comment?

  • It can sometimes become so complicated to leave a comment that it is just plain annoying!
  • I know that I have given up trying to comment on blogs before, so I’m sure there have been many other people in the same boat.  Those blogs are missing out on comments purely because of the comment system set up.  That’s just crazy!

There are other ways of monitoring spam comments other than having to have those pesky captcha’s, so just get rid of them!  If readers want to leave a comment, they want to do it quickly.  Unless your readers have a real invested interest in commenting on YOUR specific site, they seriously will not bother if you make it difficult for them.

  • Blog commenting SHOULD BE EASY, and if it isn’t then you need to do some restructure.
  • Think about how you would feel if you were to comment on your own blog.  Would it frustrate you, or would the process be smooth sailing?

If you really want to increase blog comments on your site, then ask yourself “how easy is it to leave a comment here?”.

Return The Comment Favor

One great way to increase blog comments is to return the comment favor.  If someone leaves a valuable comment on your blog, then hop over to theirs and do the same.

  • Returning the comment favor not only shows that you have appreciated their visit, but it also helps to build relationships.  You could end up continually comment hopping with another blogger, and as a result, each of your posts would obtain at least one comment.  That has got to be something to smile about!
  • Another way of returning the favor is to add a plugin like Comment Luv on your posts.  Comment Luv displays the commentator’s recent blog post.  This is a great way for other bloggers to ‘be seen and could make the difference between a blogger deciding to leave a comment or not.
  • Another plugin you might like to consider is something like a Top Commentator Plugin.  This will highlight those top commentator’s on your site and showcase them to other readers.  You can change the settings of the plugin to allow do-follow links after a certain amount of comments.  This could be used as a way to encourage bloggers to leave comments to obtain the do-follow links.
  • At the end of the day blog commenting should be a fun part of your blogging career.  It is fun to not only strike up conversations with bloggers on your own site but also on other sites.  This is all part of building your profile and increasing engagement with others.
  • If you would like to take your blog to the next level but not really sure how to go about it, I would encourage you to join the learn how to blog program.  You will receive a substantial amount of training and support that will not only boost your confidence but also your experience in standing out from the crowd.

Are any of these blogging tips new to you?  Perhaps you have some other strategies that you use to increase blog comments.

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How To Use Twitter For Social Media Marketing

  Does Twitter play a major role in your social media marketing plan for your blog? Many bloggers are reluctant to tackle Twitter because of the limitation of having only 140 characters to get a message out.  Others just don’t know how to use Twitter to maximize their marketing efforts.

How To Use Twitter For Social Media Marketing

How To Use TwitterTwitter has several advantages over Facebook when it comes to social media marketing for your blog.  Twitter does not choose which updates your followers get to see in their Twitter feed.  All of your tweets show up!  This is not the case with a Facebook page where a reach of 2% or less per post is common.

With Twitter, you can also directly contact people and businesses whether they follow you or not.  With a Facebook page, you cannot directly contact your target market without doing paid advertising.

These are big reasons why you should be using Twitter as a part of your social media marketing strategy. Once you have gotten past some basics of how to use Twitter, you are ready to maximize your exposure on Twitter.

"6 Ways to use Twitter to get More Exposure for Your Blog"

Share your most recent posts

  • Obviously, you would want to share your own content every time you post something new on your blog. You can do this manually or you can use a WordPress plugin to automatically share your blog posts for you.
  • Jet Pack by is a plugin that has many useful features built-in. One of those features is Publicize which allows you to automatically share a new blog post on Twitter (and other social media platforms you choose to connect) instantly when your WordPress blog post is published. You can even add your own text to include with your tweet, in addition to the post title and link.

Continue to share your older content

  • You cannot expect people to just stumble across your older posts. You need to also put your older content in front of your followers since they may not have seen a particular post when you originally published it. This is also a great way to expose new followers to your content. Again, you could share your old content manually or you could use a plugin to automatically share your content for you.
  • Tweet Old Post is a plugin that allows you to tweet out your older content automatically. You can choose how often your content is shared and the date range for selecting content. For example, I have mine set up to share any post that is more than 14 days old every 8 hours. Even if I don’t have time to get on Twitter in a given day, I know my content is still being seen.

Connect with your current followers

  • How To Use TwitterWhen someone new starts following you on Twitter, that is the perfect opportunity to send that person a direct message thanking them for following you. At the same time, you could also invite them to check out your blog or connect with you on another social media platform.
  • To encourage interaction be sure to tweet about things your followers would want to engage with. When you post personal updates and questions, your followers may feel more compelled to interact with your posts. This list from iBloom provides over 50 ideas of things to post to get more engagement. The list was designed for Facebook, but most of the ideas can also be used on Twitter to increase engagement.
  • At the same time, you should be engaging with the people and businesses you follow on Twitter. This will encourage them to return the favor and engage with you. Plus their followers may see that you have replied to a particular post and want to learn more about you and follow you themselves.

Share content that your readers would find valuable

  • To really contribute to the Twitter community you also need to share content that is not your own, but that your followers would appreciate. This could also result in those people returning the favor by sharing your content with their readers as well. This can be a great way to network with other bloggers.
  • The 80/20 rule for social media marketing is a general guideline for how much you should promote your own content compared to other types of posts you may publish. The 80/20 rule suggests only 20% of your posts be directly related to promoting your own blog or business while 80% of your posts are used to share others’ content or create fun, engaging posts.

Find and engage with people in your target market

  • The search feature within Twitter allows you to easily find what people are talking about. From the home page, you can see what topics are currently trending. You can also search for your own blog’s own keywords to see what people are saying about those topics. Then use that information to follow and interact with people who could benefit from what you have to offer.

Use lists to organize the people you follow

  • When you find yourself following hundreds of people and businesses on Twitter, it can be overwhelming to scroll through your feed and see the never-ending list of tweets.
  •  You can’t possibly interact with everybody. In order to be more productive with your time on Twitter, you can use lists to choose whose tweets you want to see. Then you can read, comment, and share posts from a specific list rather than from everyone you follow.
  • To add a Twitter profile to a list. On the profile, you want to add, click the gear icon that shows up next to the follow/following button.

    Select “Add or remove from lists” from the drop-down menu that pops up.

If you don’t already have a list where you want to add this profile, select “create a list” in the pop-up window.

Create a name and description for your list and decide if you want the list to be public or private. (I would recommend making it private if you are creating the list simply to make it easier to engage with a select group.)

Select the list you just created so the profile can be added to that list and close the pop-up window.

To access your list go to your own profile page. From the menu bar under your header image, click “more” and then select “lists.” From here you can select the list you want to view. Now you are only seeing the feed for profiles you want to see.

Is Twitter a major component of your own social media marketing? Do you have any additional tips for marketing on Twitter? Please share your thoughts below.

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How to Backup registry | Connect Remote Machine

How to Backup registry | Connect Remote Machine

How to Backup registry 

  • Make sure before modifying the system Registry that you back it up. The Registry contains all information about how your system runs. This backup will help you to restore the Registry in case any problem occurs after modifying.
  • You can backup the whole Registry and\or Registry subkeys.
  • Click Start type regedit in Run box and click Ok.
  • Here you can export the whole Registry or you can locate the required subkeys that contain the information that you want to edit.
  • Go to the File --> menu -->  option then click on Export to create the backup. Save it on any system drive with the .reg extension. You can restore this backup by going to the File-- menu and using the import option.

Connect to home System from Another Location

By Using the Remote Desktop feature, you may connect your home machine from any other remote machine and can access all computer resources (installed programs, data, and any network resources). You can run any computer-executable files on the remote machine as if you were actually sitting in front of your home machine.

Follow the given steps to configure your machine to connect with remote machines: 

  • To use this feature, you will need to be logged into your machine with administrative rights. Make sure both machines are connected to the internet. 
  • First, you have to configure the host machine to allow users to connect to it remotely. On the host machine, right-click on "My machine" and click on the Properties option.
  • Under the Remote tab, select the option "Allow users to connect remotely to this machine" and click the Ok button.
  • Now get the IP address of the host computer (type the "ipconfig /all" on the command prompt of the host computer to find IP address). Start--Run--type "CMD" then hit enter for command prompt.

Now make a connection on remote or client machine, 
  • click on the Start button, go to All Programs --> Accessories, and Communications.
  • then click on Remote Desktop Connection, option. 
  • A Remote Desktop Connection, the dialog box will appear.
  • Click on the Options button for detailed configuration, under the General tab
  • type the IP address of the host machine in the machine box and also type username and password of the host computer then click on Connect button to make a connection to the remote machine. If your username and password are correct then a remote desktop window will appear.

How to use System Restore

You can access System Restore through Help and Support or through your All Programs folder. Through Help and Support:
  • Click Start, and then click Help and Support.
  • Under Pick a Task, click Undo changes to your computer with System Restore.
  • Follow the instructions on the wizard. Through the All Programs menu
  • Click Start. Select All Programs. Select Accessories. Select System Tools.
  • Click System Restore.
  • Follow the instructions on the wizard
  • How to Create a Restore Point
  • Open System Restore.
  • Select Create a restore point, and then click Next.
  • In the Restore point description box, type a name for your restore point. System Restore automatically adds the date and time that this Restore Point is created. To finish creating this restore point, click Create.

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Twenty WordPress Plugins You Must Have

 WordPress is software used to create websites. Almost every blogger is familiar with it and its features. You can create beautiful blogs and websites with it. You can say that is both free and priceless at the same time. It is a blogging tool and Content Management System(CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is used by over 60 million websites. From small personal websites to large business firms and corporations WordPress is a website-creating tool. WordPress is a treasure of extra tools and plugins that are available absolutely free. Now coming to plugins there are over 30,000 WordPress plugins available offering various features and functions which users install according to their specific need. These features and functions include search engine optimization and many other features like social sharing features. Your website needs some extra features to make it user-friendly and fast so in this post I will share all the necessary and must-have WordPress plugins for your website. I will describe the plugins according to their features and functions.

Twenty WordPress Plugins You Must Have

For reducing Spam Comments

Spam comments are the biggest headache of a blogger. Many people use software and take your comment box as their product promoting source, which adds spam comments on your is very difficult to add such comments to spam or trash one by one so. If you want to create a good reputation for your site you must reply to the comments of the people. So in order to save your time you can install and activate these two plugins on your website.

1: Akismet  

This plugin is already installed on your website however you have to activate it by yourself. For this firstly activate it and then sign up for the key(link is given there and then verify it.

2: Grow Map Anti Spam Comment

This is another useful WordPress plugin use by millions of WordPress users to avoid spam comments on your site. This plugin adds a Captcha that only humans can read so no software can enter a spam comment on your site. For Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization has become a necessary tool for every website to generate traffic towards its site. Almost all successful websites have done the SEO of their site. So for the good sake of your website, you must install these plugins.

3: All in One SEO Pack

As its name shows, this WordPress plugin covers all the important areas of Search Engine can set your meta tags, what improvements you should do in order to improve the SEO of your site.

4:Google XML Sitemap

This plugin will generate an XML sitemap I and send it to the most popular search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc. So in this way, your site will be search engine optimized in many ways. This WordPress plugin is used by millions of large website owners.

5: Google XML Sitemap For Videos:

There are numerous websites that include videos in their post in the form of tutorials etc so for the optimization of such posts. so if you are using a website having videos embedded from YouTube,daily-motion, tune. in etc you must install this plugin.

6: WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is another useful plugin for the SEO of your site. you can easily install it and it will provide you with all the necessary tools for search engine optimization.  For Website Security, One of the biggest problems of a WordPress user is to maintain the security of your site. If you don't pay attention to the security of your website can be hacked. So in order to keep your site secure, you must install these plugins.

7: Chap Secure Login

This plugin keeps the login of your site secure and it hides your password during login to make it difficult for hackers to make an attempt to catch your password during login.

8: Login LockDown

This is a simple plugin, if someone tries to log in to your website, after three times it will block that IP address to log in to your site so that person will not be able to log into your site. you can change the duration of the lockdown in your settings.

9: Replace WP-Version

you can dodge hackers by installing this plugin. Many hackers can hack a WordPress Website by finding the WP version and by finding the bugs. so this plugin will change the version of your WordPress.

10: Wordfence Security

This plugin makes your website up to 50times secure and faster. it controls all the factors related to security in your site. You must try this plugin. Speeding UP Your Website. For making your site user-friendly and faster you should install some plugins. These are some plugins that will make your website faster.

11: P3 (plugin performance profiler)

This will make a performance report regarding which plugin is slowing down the performance of your site. so you will be able to remove the complicated plugins from your website.

12: W3 Total Cache

This plugin enables easy Web Performance Optimization(WPO). It will cache everything like databases, images, media, etc so it will improve the loading time of your website by 30 to 50%.

13: WP Smush. it

This amazing plugin will lessen the size of your image by using API within WordPress. you should install this in order to enhance your site speed.

14: Combine JS

This WordPress plugin will combine, compress all java scripts into a single file so browsing speed is greater.

15: Combine CSS

This plugin will combine, minify all CSS(cascading style sheets) into one thus saving browsing time and increase your time. Social Sharing Plugins.

16: Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

When users visit your websites they must know about and like your Facebook page, and for the goodwill of your website, your Facebook page must be good in condition. This plugin will popup a Facebook-like page on every website page your users open so they can easily like your page.

17: Floating Social Bar

This amazing plugin will add a social sharing bar over your website, so users can easily share your posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Website Designing

18: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

you want to increase your page views? this plugin will add the links of all related posts at the bottom in the form of a thumbnail so users can get all the related information available on your page.

19: TablePress

If you want to add tables to your posts you can install this plugin.

20: Primary Feedburner

This plugin will redirect your feeds to the visitors who want to subscribe to your upcoming posts via email. you can simply install and activate it. After that go to the widget bar and add it to the sidebar of your website.

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Top 5 Freelancing Websites of the World

I am going to show top freelancing websites. some websites offer clients for free, and on some websites, you have to pay some amount to bid. so let us start. Almost all websites have the same payment method (through PayPal, credit card, bank account, etc).

                       Top 5 Freelancing Websites of the World

oDesk:  (

oDesk actually stands for officially at work basically, so it means you can find work at home from whatever city you may belong if you are a beginner so you should bid on multiple projects so that you can find your project easily, and try to bid at a low price because the beginning is never easy, moreover you should also upload a portfolio and a description of your skills to find your work easily. This website offers many sorts of work either web development or logo designing and can have jobs like writing content or SEO development etc..

Elance: (

This is one of the greatest freelancing websites having more than 2million freelancers. so there is a vast variety of work over here for freelancers. There are vast categories over here, web and mobile to design and multimedia, from writers translators, from customer care to engineering and architecture, register for them and start working.

Freelancer: (www,

This is such an expanded website having more than 13 million users, having large categories of work for freelancers. you can make a bid and do your work and get a decent amount of payment.

It is very easy to register and do your task, you can register through Facebook and you can bid for free.

Guru: (

This website also has almost the same categories for work, so this website offers a good deal of work for freelancers. simply get yourself registered and describe the category you are specialized in, they will notify you about jobs and you can select anyone you are interested in, moreover, the payment method is also safe here.

Peopleperhour (

This website has almost the same content as the ones before but the difference between this website and other websites is that you get paid on the basis of hours you work, and you must notice that you must have to work in that hour because your hour is calculated by software like Tachometer. An interesting feature of this website is that you can get endorsed by your friends means your friend higher up your rank and you can also endorse your friend. The best thing is that if you invite your social media friends here and if they join PeoplePerHour then you get 10$ as a reward.

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Top 7 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools


best keyword research tool

Hi Everyone welcome to All Tech Geeks, today I'm gonna list out the top 7 best keywords research tools for SEO to get the first page on google. Below is the topmost research tool for digital marketing or SEO.
          1. Google Keywords planner
          2. SEMRush
          3. Ahrefs Key Explorer 
          4. Moz Keywords Explorer
          5. Keywords Anywhere
          7. LongTailPro

Google Keywords Planner for Digital Marketing

Google's keyword planner is free and the best tool. in my point of view,  as a beginner please go for these tools to learn very well after this you can go for other tools. when you go to the main page for research keywords there you can find mainly 2 types.

  1.     Ad group ideas
  2.     Keyword ideas

Mainly for creating the content or to get organic traffic then we can go for keyword research  dashboard below are the images to find the less competition and high search volume

  • Go to the Home page click on Tools and Setting as shown below images
  • click keyword planner

google keyword planner

  • Type keyword like digital marketing as I typed in a text box like the below image

google keyword planner get result

  • Select or click on Discover keywords

Discover keywords google keyword planner

  • By default, it searches the keyword ideas as shown below images

SEMRush for Digital Marketing

SEMRush is the top premium tool for research the best keywords. we need to login and do research on the required keywords. below are the steps to do research the keywords

  1. Login into SEMRush
  2. Go to the left pane
  3. Click on Keyword analytics
  4. Click on keyword magic tool

SEMRush for keyword research Digital Marketing

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Another top keyword research tool is Ahrefs. this tool is widely used in top digital marketing agencies to do more business with client products or bloggers. if you want easy to rank in google. you need to find the right keywords. my personal suggestion is using this tool for product marketing is good.

  1. Login into Ahrefs.
  2. At top click Keyword Explorer and it opens a new window
  3. Type the required keyword and in the google tab or your required search engine tab you can find google, yahoo, amazon, bing youtube, etc.
  4.  Once you find then it opens the Keyword Ideas page 
Keyword Explore page
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

                                                              Keyword Ideas tool
Ahrefs Keyword ideas for Digital Marketing

Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Moz is another top research tool for all digital solutions like Semrush and Ahrefs. you can directly login and search like the below image.

                                   Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing

This is actually a Chrome extension. you need to install this extension in chrome. by default when you search in google you can find the keyword volume and competition at the right side of the google page.

you can get it in 2 versions one is free and paid.

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing for  Digital Marketing

This tool recently going popular. by using this research tool you can search keywords for google, youtube, bing, Amazon, Bing, eBay, play store, Instagram, and Twitter. the home page itself we can directly search any word like the below image and you can give the region or country.

Type required keyword in Textbox for  Digital Marketing

                                       Check Volume of the digital marketing keyword report report page for  Digital Marketing

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing

And one more best keyword research tool is LongTailPro. Recently Longtailpro also growing well, this tool same as Semrush and Moz. once you login to Longtail pro then you can find the keyword research tab at the left pane. as well you can find the SERP analytics, link tracker, and Backlink Analysis.

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing


Thanks for reading this article if you like this content please do share the "7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020". and the bonus is Google Trends. if your website content at NEWS related, my personal suggestion is please do follow the Google Trends.

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