How to Backup registry | Connect Remote Machine

How to Backup registry | Connect Remote Machine

How to Backup registry 

  • Make sure before modifying the system Registry that you back it up. The Registry contains all information about how your system runs. This backup will help you to restore the Registry in case any problem occurs after modifying.
  • You can backup the whole Registry and\or Registry subkeys.
  • Click Start type regedit in Run box and click Ok.
  • Here you can export the whole Registry or you can locate the required subkeys that contain the information that you want to edit.
  • Go to the File --> menu -->  option then click on Export to create the backup. Save it on any system drive with the .reg extension. You can restore this backup by going to the File-- menu and using the import option.

Connect to home System from Another Location

By Using the Remote Desktop feature, you may connect your home machine from any other remote machine and can access all computer resources (installed programs, data, and any network resources). You can run any computer-executable files on the remote machine as if you were actually sitting in front of your home machine.

Follow the given steps to configure your machine to connect with remote machines: 

  • To use this feature, you will need to be logged into your machine with administrative rights. Make sure both machines are connected to the internet. 
  • First, you have to configure the host machine to allow users to connect to it remotely. On the host machine, right-click on "My machine" and click on the Properties option.
  • Under the Remote tab, select the option "Allow users to connect remotely to this machine" and click the Ok button.
  • Now get the IP address of the host computer (type the "ipconfig /all" on the command prompt of the host computer to find IP address). Start--Run--type "CMD" then hit enter for command prompt.

Now make a connection on remote or client machine, 
  • click on the Start button, go to All Programs --> Accessories, and Communications.
  • then click on Remote Desktop Connection, option. 
  • A Remote Desktop Connection, the dialog box will appear.
  • Click on the Options button for detailed configuration, under the General tab
  • type the IP address of the host machine in the machine box and also type username and password of the host computer then click on Connect button to make a connection to the remote machine. If your username and password are correct then a remote desktop window will appear.

How to use System Restore

You can access System Restore through Help and Support or through your All Programs folder. Through Help and Support:
  • Click Start, and then click Help and Support.
  • Under Pick a Task, click Undo changes to your computer with System Restore.
  • Follow the instructions on the wizard. Through the All Programs menu
  • Click Start. Select All Programs. Select Accessories. Select System Tools.
  • Click System Restore.
  • Follow the instructions on the wizard
  • How to Create a Restore Point
  • Open System Restore.
  • Select Create a restore point, and then click Next.
  • In the Restore point description box, type a name for your restore point. System Restore automatically adds the date and time that this Restore Point is created. To finish creating this restore point, click Create.

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Twenty WordPress Plugins You Must Have

 WordPress is software used to create websites. Almost every blogger is familiar with it and its features. You can create beautiful blogs and websites with it. You can say that is both free and priceless at the same time. It is a blogging tool and Content Management System(CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is used by over 60 million websites. From small personal websites to large business firms and corporations WordPress is a website-creating tool. WordPress is a treasure of extra tools and plugins that are available absolutely free. Now coming to plugins there are over 30,000 WordPress plugins available offering various features and functions which users install according to their specific need. These features and functions include search engine optimization and many other features like social sharing features. Your website needs some extra features to make it user-friendly and fast so in this post I will share all the necessary and must-have WordPress plugins for your website. I will describe the plugins according to their features and functions.

Twenty WordPress Plugins You Must Have

For reducing Spam Comments

Spam comments are the biggest headache of a blogger. Many people use software and take your comment box as their product promoting source, which adds spam comments on your is very difficult to add such comments to spam or trash one by one so. If you want to create a good reputation for your site you must reply to the comments of the people. So in order to save your time you can install and activate these two plugins on your website.

1: Akismet  

This plugin is already installed on your website however you have to activate it by yourself. For this firstly activate it and then sign up for the key(link is given there and then verify it.

2: Grow Map Anti Spam Comment

This is another useful WordPress plugin use by millions of WordPress users to avoid spam comments on your site. This plugin adds a Captcha that only humans can read so no software can enter a spam comment on your site. For Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization has become a necessary tool for every website to generate traffic towards its site. Almost all successful websites have done the SEO of their site. So for the good sake of your website, you must install these plugins.

3: All in One SEO Pack

As its name shows, this WordPress plugin covers all the important areas of Search Engine can set your meta tags, what improvements you should do in order to improve the SEO of your site.

4:Google XML Sitemap

This plugin will generate an XML sitemap I and send it to the most popular search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc. So in this way, your site will be search engine optimized in many ways. This WordPress plugin is used by millions of large website owners.

5: Google XML Sitemap For Videos:

There are numerous websites that include videos in their post in the form of tutorials etc so for the optimization of such posts. so if you are using a website having videos embedded from YouTube,daily-motion, tune. in etc you must install this plugin.

6: WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is another useful plugin for the SEO of your site. you can easily install it and it will provide you with all the necessary tools for search engine optimization.  For Website Security, One of the biggest problems of a WordPress user is to maintain the security of your site. If you don't pay attention to the security of your website can be hacked. So in order to keep your site secure, you must install these plugins.

7: Chap Secure Login

This plugin keeps the login of your site secure and it hides your password during login to make it difficult for hackers to make an attempt to catch your password during login.

8: Login LockDown

This is a simple plugin, if someone tries to log in to your website, after three times it will block that IP address to log in to your site so that person will not be able to log into your site. you can change the duration of the lockdown in your settings.

9: Replace WP-Version

you can dodge hackers by installing this plugin. Many hackers can hack a WordPress Website by finding the WP version and by finding the bugs. so this plugin will change the version of your WordPress.

10: Wordfence Security

This plugin makes your website up to 50times secure and faster. it controls all the factors related to security in your site. You must try this plugin. Speeding UP Your Website. For making your site user-friendly and faster you should install some plugins. These are some plugins that will make your website faster.

11: P3 (plugin performance profiler)

This will make a performance report regarding which plugin is slowing down the performance of your site. so you will be able to remove the complicated plugins from your website.

12: W3 Total Cache

This plugin enables easy Web Performance Optimization(WPO). It will cache everything like databases, images, media, etc so it will improve the loading time of your website by 30 to 50%.

13: WP Smush. it

This amazing plugin will lessen the size of your image by using API within WordPress. you should install this in order to enhance your site speed.

14: Combine JS

This WordPress plugin will combine, compress all java scripts into a single file so browsing speed is greater.

15: Combine CSS

This plugin will combine, minify all CSS(cascading style sheets) into one thus saving browsing time and increase your time. Social Sharing Plugins.

16: Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

When users visit your websites they must know about and like your Facebook page, and for the goodwill of your website, your Facebook page must be good in condition. This plugin will popup a Facebook-like page on every website page your users open so they can easily like your page.

17: Floating Social Bar

This amazing plugin will add a social sharing bar over your website, so users can easily share your posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Website Designing

18: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

you want to increase your page views? this plugin will add the links of all related posts at the bottom in the form of a thumbnail so users can get all the related information available on your page.

19: TablePress

If you want to add tables to your posts you can install this plugin.

20: Primary Feedburner

This plugin will redirect your feeds to the visitors who want to subscribe to your upcoming posts via email. you can simply install and activate it. After that go to the widget bar and add it to the sidebar of your website.

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Top 5 Freelancing Websites of the World

I am going to show top freelancing websites. some websites offer clients for free, and on some websites, you have to pay some amount to bid. so let us start. Almost all websites have the same payment method (through PayPal, credit card, bank account, etc).

                       Top 5 Freelancing Websites of the World

oDesk:  (

oDesk actually stands for officially at work basically, so it means you can find work at home from whatever city you may belong if you are a beginner so you should bid on multiple projects so that you can find your project easily, and try to bid at a low price because the beginning is never easy, moreover you should also upload a portfolio and a description of your skills to find your work easily. This website offers many sorts of work either web development or logo designing and can have jobs like writing content or SEO development etc..

Elance: (

This is one of the greatest freelancing websites having more than 2million freelancers. so there is a vast variety of work over here for freelancers. There are vast categories over here, web and mobile to design and multimedia, from writers translators, from customer care to engineering and architecture, register for them and start working.

Freelancer: (www,

This is such an expanded website having more than 13 million users, having large categories of work for freelancers. you can make a bid and do your work and get a decent amount of payment.

It is very easy to register and do your task, you can register through Facebook and you can bid for free.

Guru: (

This website also has almost the same categories for work, so this website offers a good deal of work for freelancers. simply get yourself registered and describe the category you are specialized in, they will notify you about jobs and you can select anyone you are interested in, moreover, the payment method is also safe here.

Peopleperhour (

This website has almost the same content as the ones before but the difference between this website and other websites is that you get paid on the basis of hours you work, and you must notice that you must have to work in that hour because your hour is calculated by software like Tachometer. An interesting feature of this website is that you can get endorsed by your friends means your friend higher up your rank and you can also endorse your friend. The best thing is that if you invite your social media friends here and if they join PeoplePerHour then you get 10$ as a reward.

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7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2021


best keyword research tool

Hi Everyone welcome to All Tech Geeks, today I'm gonna list out the top 7 best keywords research tools for SEO to get the first page on google. Below is the topmost research tool for digital marketing or SEO.
          1. Google Keywords planner
          2. SEMRush
          3. Ahrefs Key Explorer 
          4. Moz Keywords Explorer
          5. Keywords Anywhere
          7. LongTailPro

Google Keywords Planner for Digital Marketing

Google's keyword planner is free and the best tool. in my point of view,  as a beginner please go for these tools to learn very well after this you can go for other tools. when you go to the main page for research keywords there you can find mainly 2 types.

  1.     Ad group ideas
  2.     Keyword ideas

Mainly for creating the content or to get organic traffic then we can go for keyword research  dashboard below are the images to find the less competition and high search volume

  • Go to the Home page click on Tools and Setting as shown below images
  • click keyword planner

google keyword planner

  • Type keyword like digital marketing as I typed in a text box like the below image

google keyword planner get result

  • Select or click on Discover keywords

Discover keywords google keyword planner

  • By default, it searches the keyword ideas as shown below images

SEMRush for Digital Marketing

SEMRush is the top premium tool for research the best keywords. we need to login and do research on the required keywords. below are the steps to do research the keywords

  1. Login into SEMRush
  2. Go to the left pane
  3. Click on Keyword analytics
  4. Click on keyword magic tool

SEMRush for keyword research Digital Marketing

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Another top keyword research tool is Ahrefs. this tool is widely used in top digital marketing agencies to do more business with client products or bloggers. if you want easy to rank in google. you need to find the right keywords. my personal suggestion is using this tool for product marketing is good.

  1. Login into Ahrefs.
  2. At top click Keyword Explorer and it opens a new window
  3. Type the required keyword and in the google tab or your required search engine tab you can find google, yahoo, amazon, bing youtube, etc.
  4.  Once you find then it opens the Keyword Ideas page 
Keyword Explore page
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

                                                              Keyword Ideas tool
Ahrefs Keyword ideas for Digital Marketing

Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Moz is another top research tool for all digital solutions like Semrush and Ahrefs. you can directly login and search like the below image.

                                   Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing

This is actually a Chrome extension. you need to install this extension in chrome. by default when you search in google you can find the keyword volume and competition at the right side of the google page.

you can get it in 2 versions one is free and paid.

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing for  Digital Marketing

This tool recently going popular. by using this research tool you can search keywords for google, youtube, bing, Amazon, Bing, eBay, play store, Instagram, and Twitter. the home page itself we can directly search any word like the below image and you can give the region or country.

Type required keyword in Textbox for  Digital Marketing

                                       Check Volume of the digital marketing keyword report report page for  Digital Marketing

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing

And one more best keyword research tool is LongTailPro. Recently Longtailpro also growing well, this tool same as Semrush and Moz. once you login to Longtail pro then you can find the keyword research tab at the left pane. as well you can find the SERP analytics, link tracker, and Backlink Analysis.

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing


Thanks for reading this article if you like this content please do share the "7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020". and the bonus is Google Trends. if your website content at NEWS related, my personal suggestion is please do follow the Google Trends.

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Monetize Blog to Earn Money Online

There are lots of Advertising Companies that can we use to monetize our website or blog to earn money online examples like CPC, CPI, CPM, or CPA.

Monetize Blog to Earn Money Online

Following is the list of  WebSites for the below categories & Choose the best Ad Network to increase your online revenue. 

      • CPA (Cost Per Action)
      • PPC (Pay Per Click)
      • CPC(Cost Per Click)
      • CPM ( Cost Per Impression)

CPC (Cost Per Click) Networks pays as per clicks and the Pay rate depends on Advertiser in that ad network. 

CPA (Cost Per Action/ Acquisition) Ad Network Pays for a valid action towards their goal set by them to improve sales like Signup as a free member, filling of short-form or try a free sample of a product

Cost Per Impression (CPI) / Cost Per Mille(CPM ) means the Ad network pays their advertisers for every 1000 page views and rates maybe $1 or $15 per 1000 page views depends on various factors.

Cost Per Sale (CPS ) Network Pays you a commission as per sales of product or services.

Best Advertising Networks to Monetize Website / Blog to Earn huge money from online.

Best CPC/PPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising Networks

    1. Google Absence
    2. Media.Net (Yahoo, Bing Network)
    3. Chitika
    4. Adhitz
    5. Adbuff
    6. Infolinks
    7.  Bidvertiser
    8. Vibrant Media
    9. Kontera (Amobee)
    10. Clicksor

Best CPM (Cost Per Mille) Advertising Networks

    1. Casale Media
    2. Techorati Media
    3. (AOL.Com)
    4. Burst Media
    5. Exponential (Tribal Fusion)
    6. Yes Advertising
    7. Adsoptimal 
    8. Amazon CPM Ads
    9.  Propeller Ads
    10. Conversant Media

Best Affiliate Networks to Monetize Blog

Best CPA (Cost Per Action/ Acquisition) Affiliate Networks

    1. MaxBounty
    2. Neverblue
    3.  Commission Junction (CJ)
    4. Peerfly
    5. 8CPAWAY
    6. Revenue hits
    7. LinkShare
    8. Matomy
    9. 5ShareASale
    10. W4

Best CPS (Cost Per Sale) Affiliate Networks

    1. ShareASale
    2. Affiliate Window
    3. Amazon Associates
    4. Click Bank
    5. eBay Enterprise
    6. Commission Junction(CJ)
    7. Link Connecter
    8. TradeDoubler
    9. AvantLink
    10. Rakuten Linkshare

Indians can earn money with Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal Affiliate Program also.

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Securing a Home Wireless Network

 Is your wireless network secure? Are you concerned about your neighbors stealing your internet? It may be shocking to hear that neighbors in your wireless network can take much more than your internet. If you have an unprotected wireless network, you may be sharing sensitive information such as photos and documents with anyone who connects to your network. Of course, you could share your internet with your neighbors if you wanted to, but securing your wireless network is an easy task if you choose to do it.

Securing a Home Wireless Network

Securing The Wireless Network

The first thing you need to do is access your wireless router’s configuration page. You can do this by typing your router’s IP address in your web browser’s address bar. (To find your router’s IP address go to Command Prompt and type ipconfig. The router’s IP will appear as the Gateway. Most IPs for home routers are 192.168.X.X) After you access the configuration page, you will probably have to log in. If your router has a password that you haven’t set, you can find the default password for your router’s model number in your user manual or online. Once you have logged in, look for a Security or Wireless section. Each router is different so it’s difficult to say exactly where your setting will be. You should come up to a page to choose your security options.

You will probably see options for encryption like WEP and WPA. If you have older computers or devices on your wireless network, you might have to use WEP. However, you should choose the highest level of encryption supported by your devices. For example, if you only have computers with XP, Vista, and Windows 7, you would probably choose WPA2 with a custom key. This is nice for two reasons: you will be able to remember your custom key instead of having a long, complicated randomly generated hex, and it is much more difficult for a hacker to crack. Depending on network load, a simple WEP can be hacked in a matter of minutes, where a WPA2 would take years to hack (depending on the technique). A simple tip you can implement to prevent attacks with random word guesses would be to use a mix of characters and numbers in WPA2 encryption which won’t found in a dictionary.


DD-WRT is free 3rd party firmware for some wireless routers. It adds functionality to cheap routers that you can only find in high-end commercial routers. DD-WRT also adds support for RADIUS. Using DD-WRT you can overclock your router and increase transmit power. You can change your router to use any channel from 1-15 and you can have extra virtual SSID’s for your network. You can have your own DNS configured in the router. You can put your router in hotspot mode so it displays ads and earns you money. You can redirect anyone to any page you want. DD-WRT has real-time graphs where you can see how much bandwidth is being used and how many clients are connected.

DD-WRT is open source for developers who would like to help.

Resolving an IP conflict

The first step to resolve this OS to make sure your computer is automatically getting an IP address and not a set one. This could cause limited connectivity.

Windows Vista

Go to the Networking and Sharing Center. On the left side click manage network adapters.
Windows XP
Go to Start, point to “Connect To” and click show all connections.
Windows 7
Go to the Networking and Sharing Center. On the left side click Change Adapter Settings.

Right-click your ethernet adapter and click properties. Click Internet Protocol (IPv4) and click properties. Make sure it obtains your IP and DNS automatically. If you did not see your adapter in the above steps, you need to download a driver for it. Your computer does not currently recognize your adapter.

Next Step
You need to enable DHCP on your router.
You need to connect to your router and log in to the settings page. Go to or or depending on your router’s brand. The default password is admin/pass, admin/admin, administrator/password, etc. Go to DHCP and enable it.

Getting to your router configuration page

You can use the router configuration page to change wireless modes, SSIDs, DHCP settings, QoS, firewalls, port forwarding, etc.

To get to your Router config page you need to type one of the following in your browser address bar. These are the most common router’s IP’s.

If your router asks you for a username or password, you can use some of the default ones (the correct one depends on the model of your router)


Or any combination of the above.

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10 best Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is nothing but when a user or visitor comes to your blog/website then how much time he spends on a page of a blog/website. if the user spends more time then the bounce rate is good otherwise the bounce rate is bad.  below are some techniques to attract visitors.

10 best Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Here I am going to give the some techniques to reduce the bounce rate 

  1.  Show links to related content. Showcase what you have to offer to grab people’s attention. If visitors interested in what you have to say they’ll start clicking around and reading.
  2. Make sure your text is easy to read. There’s no reason for people to stay on your site if they can’t easily get information from it.
  3. Use a spell checker. If you make too many spelling or grammar mistakes your visitors won’t want to stay. The is a part of step #2; you want to let your visitors easily read your content.
  4. Simplicity. Don’t overwhelm your visitors by offering different things everywhere. Have some blank space to let your site look simple, clean, and professional. Don;t clutter everything with advertisements; your visitors will stay on your site longer.
  5. Use a unique theme. You want your site to be memorable, and using a unique theme can get people to keep browsing your site or remember it to come back later. Generic themes won’t cut it. A unique theme will let you stay above the crowd of competitors.
  6. Offer a search box. When people haven’t found what they’re looking for they can search for it. If you have what they want a search box will help visitors find it. If not, you can learn what you should ad to your site by analyzing the search trends!
  7. Speed up your site. Start by optimizing your server and your PHP code, then consider using a CDN. Nobody likes slow sites and the faster your site is the more likely people will continue surfing it.
  8. Use creative titles. There’s a huge difference between titles that will grab people’s attention and bland titles. Start using the former and you’ll see more clicks around your site.
  9. Analyze your pages. Do page vs. page comparisons to see which pages are doing better than others. Why do some pages have lower bounce rates than others? If you can find the answer you can optimize all your pages to keep visitors interested.
  10. Create custom 404 pages. If a visitor reaches your site through a link that no longer exists you want to offer them options for navigating around your site. An unhelpful 404 page will get people to directly hit the back button.
  11. Create in-content links. Link to other areas of your site within the content when they’re relevant. Did you click one of the links above? They’re much more attractive than links in the header or sidebar.


If you follow the top 10 techniques then you can achieve your goal. please do follow the above techniques and get benefits by using monitization.

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Optimize Your Site for High Traffic

 Imagine having your webpage go viral on one of the most popular social news websites. You could get thousands of views and you could get conversions and followers and subscribers – but your website goes down. You miss out on so much traffic because your site won’t respond. This is what happens to many people, but it doesn’t have to happen to you.

Optimize Your Site for High Traffic

The time to protect yourself is now. You can optimize your website to handle all those visitors instead of having your site lock-up.

The reason sites lock-up is because the server isn’t optimized to handle so many requests at such a high rate. When a site gets on the front page of a social media website, it gets a burst of clicks.  This is where server efficiency comes into play. Follow the instructions below to optimize your site for such bursts.

MaxClients and KeepAliveTimeout

  • Let’s start from the root. If your website is hosted on a VPS or dedicated hosting, you can optimize your Apache server (if of course, you use Apache) because you have root access. 
  • The two settings you’ll look at are the MaxClients and KeepAlive. First, you need to navigate to your server’s root directory (you can probably do this through your website’s web-based file manager). 
  • Navigate to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and open the file. Find the line which starts with ServerLimit. 
  • Right below it you’ll see MaxClients. This is how many clients Apache will allow at one time; the rest will be queued up. 
  • Your server is probably powerful enough to handle more (you can find other guides to help you tweak this number) so go ahead and raise the value if your server can handle it. 
  • Make sure both the ServerLimit and MaxClients are identical and make sure you don’t raise the value too high (or your server may lock up).
  • The other setting we’ll be looking at in the httpd.conf is your KeepAliveTimeout. This specifies how many seconds Apache will wait for another request before closing the KeepAlive connection; 
  • Apache’s default is 15 seconds. If your KeepAliveTimeout is 15 and your MaxClients is 25, you see the obvious problem. At maximum, you will only be able to serve 25 visitors every 15 seconds. 
  • Since the KeepAliveTimeout controls the seconds since the last request, it’s safe to change it to 1 or 2. 
  • Your visitors won’t notice a difference in loading time but your server will be able to serve more requests. Save the file and restart your Apache server to apply the changes.

Cache MySQL Queries

  • MySQL has a great query cache that can help your site, especially if you have large tables.
  •  This caches queries and will serve a cached version of a query only if the query is the exact same (don’t worry about that if you didn’t understand it).
  •  It is enabled by default but the cache’s memory limit is usually too low. You can change this in /etc/my.cnf - find query_cache_size and set it to a higher value (a good example would be 16 or 20). 
  • Save the file and restart your Apache server to apply the changes.

Reduce PHP and Database Queries

  • If you run a CMS system like WordPress or Joomla, take a look at your theme’s code and see where you could remove some PHP. Replacing PHP with static HTML will make your pages faster because the code doesn’t have to be executed. Removing the PHP also reduces CPU load. Here is an example of bad PHP usage in WordPress:
  • <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a>
  • You could save two queries by changing the PHP into static text. After all, why should a database call be made to get the blog’s URL or name? If you ever do change any of these, you can simple come back to the code and change the static text.
  • <a href="">TechGeeks Blog</a>
  • Both lines look the exact same to search engines and users. The only difference is that the unoptimized version queries the database twice and increases server load (and page load time).

Optimize MySQL Databases

  • When a script deletes a row in a MySQL database, space where the data used to be is called overhead.
  •  You should optimize your databases every once in a while; optimization removes all the overhead.
  •  Less overhead means that some database operations will be faster (such as a SELECT * query). You can optimize tables through phpMyAdmin; some plugins for popular CMS platforms can also optimize your tables.

Client-Side Caching

  • How often do you change your website’s CSS, images, or javascript? Most of these never change, but if they don’t get cached they have to be loaded on every single page of your website.
  • If your visitors decide to check out other pages of your site, you can greatly decrease the server load they generate by caching some objects on the client-side. The easiest way to do this is site-wide through your .htaccess. 
  • We won’t go into the details, but look into it; it will help you survive your Reddit front page appearance.

Server-Side Caching

  • This is easy if you use any popular CMS. We use WordPress, and we use WP-Super-Cache for our server-side caching. 
  • The plugin generates static HTML versions of our pages so no PHP execution has to be done for each visitor. 
  • This server-side caching is so powerful that just this alone could let you survive on the front page of major social media sites.


  • Gzip is one of the easiest compression technologies you can enable on Apache. 
  • You can do it on a server level, through your .htaccess, or on a page level with a simple line of code.
  •  Even though gzip will increase CPU usage, it will probably reduce your page size by around 70%, and a faster loading page is important.
  • We also recommend that you compress your images using Yahoo’s SmushIt tool. 
  • The tool does remove meta-data and unneeded pixels from images, decreasing image size without sacrificing quality. 
  • If your images are hosted on your server, it’s essential to have them as small as possible to cope with traffic spikes.

Offload Scripts

  • Google has a public Ajax Library which you can use to call some large scripts (like jQuery).
  • The scripts will be served from Google’s CDN; this has three advantages. You offload the scripts so your visitors won’t have to download them from your site.
  • you allow browsers to continue downloading from your site while the scripts are being downloaded (javascript typically blocks parallel downloads from the same domain), and you have a high chance that your visitors will have already downloaded and cached these scrips (since they are from Google), so they might not have to download them at all.


Combine all these techniques and you can be sure that your website will be able to handle a traffic spike. You’ll also have a faster loading website, which can decrease your visitor bounce rates and increase visitor satisfaction. We also have a post about optimizing PHP on Apache which can help you decrease server load and speed up your pages. 

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Top Three SEO Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is the treasure of plugins offering more than 28,000 plugins. For the proper functioning of your website have to do search engine optimization of your website. Almost all the powerful websites have done the search engine optimization of your website.

Top Three SEO Plugins For WordPress

Here are some qualities a good SEO plugin must have

  • it should allow adding an SEO title.
  • it should allow you to add Meta keywords.
  • it should allow you to add a meta description.
  • it should create an XML sitemap(it should generate a sitemap of your website and send it to the most popular search engines)

so in order to make your website search engine optimized you need to install these efficient SEO plugins.

All in One SEO Pack

This is the most famous Search Engine Optimization plugin that you should install. In reality, this is an all-in-one SEO pack having all the necessary features for search engine optimization. this SEO plugin is available for free as well as Pro version is also available.

This SEO plugin is very efficient as it generates titles and meta tags by itself. Moreover, if you want to change some settings then you can go to the All In One SEO tab in the admin panel.

Special Features

  • XML Sitemap support
  • Google Analytics support
  • SEO support on Custom Post Types
  • Optimize your titles for Google and other search engines
  • Meta Tags are generated automatically
  • Avoids the duplicate content found on WordPress blogs and websites.

SEO by Yoast

This is considered equivalent to All In One SEO Pack, all top bloggers mostly recommend this or SEO by Yoast. It takes your website to a higher ranking in search engines. After activating this plugin you can have a fully optimized WordPress site.

The best thing about it is that it forces you to write focused keywords in your title, meta description, etc. In the page analysis tab, instructions are given and you can increase your traffic by following these instructions.

Special Features:

  •  generates XML Sitemaps
  • measures the density of keywords in your blog
  • you can have a snippet view(how your posts look) before publishing
  •  Gives page Analysis
  • Meta & Link Element
  • Social Integration
  • and many more.

SEO Ultimate

This ultimate Search Engine Optimization Plugin provides control over title tags, noindex,404 errors, and googles rich snippets, meta tags, etc. using a deep link juggernaut you can dynamically create links across your website. so these plugins cover many important features required for search engine optimization.

Special features:

  • Title tag writer
  • Meta description editor
  • Deep-link juggernaut
  • Rich snippet creator
  • Author highlighter
  • SEO ultimate widgets.


Thanks for reading our Article. Hopefully, our articles help you a lot. these are the top SEO plugins as of experience. if you find another plugin please send mail and I will write an article on that plugin.

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How to Setup Free SSLFor Wordpress with Cloudfare

SSLFor Wordpress


Hello Readers! Today I am sharing the most wanted tutorial. Everyone who knows about HTTPS or SSL requires this tutorial. The person who won’t be able to purchase or unable to pay will now get their WordPress secured with SSL. SSL stands for Secure socket layer which provides a Protected outlet part where it makes a Secured web link between your web server and a web browser and SSL is also commonly known as HTTPS. Many Blog writers are not using SSL because it’s an expensive thing. But there is a CDN (Content Distribution Network) that provides a 100 % free SSL but most of us don’t know how to stimulate it on our Sites and Weblogs that operate WordPress CMS. So today i gonna share a tutorial about how to install a free ssl certificate on your WordPress blog. Look out below guide to get free SSL.

Steps To Setup Free SSL For WordPress With Cloudflare

  1. Before activating it in your blog, you have to first create a free account on
  2. Now after creating an account on --> login into your account.
  3. Navigate to the “Websites” section at the top  --> Now at that place enter your “WordPress Blog Url“.
  4. Now click on the “+ Add Website” button. And wait till Cloudflare did do work for you.
  5. It will take few minutes to analyze your website’s DNS / Domain Records and then you have to click on “Continue Setup“.
  6. Now scroll at the below of that page and click on the button that says “I’ve added all missing records, Continue“.
  7. Select “Free Plan” and then move on to the next steps.
  8. Now “Modify and make changes in your name server“, it will take approx 1hr – 24hr to apply changes in DNS. So wait for 1hr – 24hrs.

Note:- Also make sure you check your email through which you had registered your Cloudflare account. They will send you a confirmation message that “your site is now added“.

Now click on the “Settings icon” at the right side of your domain name in your Cloudflare account to apply free SSL for WordPress. Look out below image.

  1. Now then you have to Search for SSL inside the settings page, Once you’re on the SSL already.
  2. Click on the Dropdown area and select Flexible SSL. A confirmation pop message will appear on the top left corner of the Cloudflare site.
  3. After doing that, Click again the settings Icon on the right of your domain name. Then Click “Page Rules“.
  4. Now Add your domain with HTTP:// e.g. then Turn On Always Use HTTPS. Then click on “Add Rule“.
  5. Now it’s time to set up SSL for WordPress. So just log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard >> Install plugin “Cloudflare Flexible SSL“.
  6. Yeah, now you finished it. You can now see the HTTPS secure URL on your website address instead of old and unsecured HTTP after waiting for 1hr to 24hrs.

Note:- If you won't see any changes in your site URL, then make sure to comment below. I will help you to solve your problem.

What Free SSL Cert. Will Provide You

After installing this free SSL for WordPress, you will get a chance to increase your search engine optimization, also your blog will be secured, and much more. Find all advantages of SSL on Now friends it’s time to share this trick with your social friends, also share as much possible as you can. Happy blogging friends and enjoy

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Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a simple way to earn money online without investing. if you have a good traffic blog or good website with decent traffic you can start to earn money by affiliate marketing by promoting products & services of companies like Flipkart, Jabaaon, Myntra, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. 

There is a huge market in this field because of the high growth in online shopping in India due to this corona Pandemic situation and also Govt of India promotes digital transactions to encourage a Cashless economy. based on all scenarios near the future Online Affiliate Marketing going to increase in India.

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

  • In Affiliate marketing, We recommend people buy the right product by providing them by giving some information about the product in return we can earn 1% to 33% or even more (Google Adsense) commission from a company. You need to only choose products related to your blog or website topic.
  • If you don’t have a blog or website then also you can earn money by promoting affiliate products on various social media & communities or by creating a free website on Tumbler, Quickr, Quora, Google, or on

In the Product related topic websites like Top 10 AC,  Top 10 Laptops or Shoes, related to Clothes, Watches, etc We need to write detailed information & reviews about the particular product to convert in the sale. There are online shopping websites.

  • For Job-related Website:,,,
  • For Domain Name/ Hosting service: Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy,
  • Other Affiliate Program: vCommission, DGM India, IndiaMart,,
  • For Product related Website: Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, Infibeam, Yepme,
  • In travel-related topic websites like Tours & Travels, Hotels, Historical Places etc.
  • For Travel related Website: MakeMyTrip,,,,
  • In Matrimony related topic website like astrology, horoscope, dating, etc
  • For Matrimony-related Website:,, Bharat Matrimony,,,


There are hundreds of websites offering affiliate programs directly or indirectly to increase their sales, income, and popularity. Join only those program which is right for your interest, knowledge, and blog.

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Best 10 Ways to Earn Money Online

We have so many ways to earn money online, below are some lists to earn money. we can earn money from 10,000/- to 50,000/- ($100 to $1000) even more per month with the following methods.

            1. Basic requirement to earn money online
            2. Computer or Laptop
            3. Internet Connection
            4. Email Account
            5. Personal Bank A/c
            6. Paypal/Payza A/c 
Best 10 Ways to Earn Money Online

Paid to Click Sites (PTC)

It’s very simple online work. We need to join some legit PTC Sites. Almost all PTC sites are free to join. Just Signup with basic information like name, DOB, email etc. and confirm your registration. 

We just need to see Ads 10-30 seconds to earn some money. Spend only 15-45  minutes on each PTC site.  below is some top PTC web site to earn money online.

        • Clixsense 
        • Neobux
        • InboxDollars
        • Scarlet Clicks
        • GPTPlanet

Start Career as Youtuber

If you like creating videos then it’s the best method for you. You need to create a youtube channel before uploading to youtube. Signup a youtube with your Gmail account and upload some interesting videos or very useful videos like interesting facts, education-related videos. If your Video becomes viral then you can earn more money on regular basis. below are some ideas to create youtube channel

        • Funny Pranks
        • Educational Videos
        • Interesting Facts
        • History Facts
        • Science Facts
        • Food Review
        • Village food

Start Blogging as a Career

It’s the best way to earn money regularly but needs more effort to create a blog and if you want a blogger then the content is important. content is the king. once the blog gets the p[opulr then direct more visitors to your blog. Millions of bloggers making lots of money with their blog traffic. below are some CMS(Content Management System). blogger platforms. you can go sign up and start a Blogger career.

        • LinkedIn 
        • Blogger 
        • WordPress 
        • Medium
        • Joomla
        • Tumblr 
        • Weebly 
        • Ghost 

Affiliate Marketing

Millions of people earning lots of money from Affiliate Marketing but need some hard work and patience. 

With the right promotional strategies, anyone can earn decent money. Try to use Bloggers, Social sites, Product related Forums, Youtube Videos, Ad Network sites, Traffic Exchange sites, or Any free ad posting MLM Sites. Promote your product/Service effectively to increase sales.

Apps to make Money

If you have a smartphone or laptop or computer with a net connection you can earn money by installing some apps. There are 100s of apps paying money to their members.

Captcha Entry Jobs

This is one of the easy ways to earn money online. You need only read the captcha and type correctly. if you have typing speed with good internet speed you can earn decent money. You can get paid up to $2 for 1000 captchas. Minimum cashout is very low ie $2 to $10. You can test this method if you have spare time.

Google Adsense & other Ad Networks

After creating the website you can apply for Google Adsense or other Ad Network as a publisher. Adsense approval is a little difficult but other Ad networks like Adhitz, Bidvertizer approving sites easily & fast. It’s the best way of earning a regular income. More Traffic means more income.

Freelancer or Virtual Assistant

In this method, you work with an individual or company on a temporary basis for providing them your services. If you have any skills you can work as a freelancer. Skills like Web Designing, Logo designing, Writing, Data Entry, Marketing, Creating Apps, SEO, Creating Videos etc. Companies like Elance,, WorkNHire, Up work, People Per Hour & Fiverr are providing this type of works. ​

Micro Working

It’s a simple way to make money but not more than $200 to $250 PM. You can earn by doing small tasks like identifying or finding objects, visiting or rating sites, finding contact details, writing small articles, etc. eg. mTurk, Clickworker, Microworker, SEOClerk, Gigwalk, etc.

Traffic Exchange Sites

This is also simple work. See advertiser's ads for credits or money and use earned credits to advertise your website, referrals link of your program, or affiliate product to promote. It helps to get direct referrals in your downline, increase your product sales and get free visitors to your website.


There are a lot of ways to earn money online like earn money with selling photos, Forex Trading, Domain Trading, Earning Bitcoins, Link Shorteners, Selling stuff on OLX or Quikr, Completing Surveys, Selling online products & Services, etc but you need to focus on 1 or 2 methods as per your skill, available time and interest. join only reliable sites, See reviews of sites. All methods are free to join so need not invest any money.

You can earn money without a website also. I started this website after 1 year of working online. Just use Social Media, Free Ad Posting Services to promote your online business. Create a free website on or

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How to Drive Traffic to your Blog/Website by Using Social Media

Social Media Networking websites shows an important role in Generating huge Traffic to your Website or Blog and increase sales of services and products.

Social Media – Drive Traffic to your Blog/Website

Below are the top Social media Websites and Communities List which can help you to rank your blog or website. Just place your link in your social media profile or post with good information. based on your keyword placement and description Alexa gives the rank up or down. below is the Best top 20 Social Website list to drive traffic for your blog or website.

            1. Facebook.
            2. Twitter
            3. Linkedin
            4. Reddit
            5. Pinterest
            6. Youtube
            7. Hubpage
            8. Instagram
            9. Quora
            10. Stumbleupon

  1. Facebook: Facebook is the largest social website its Alexa rank is No.7 with around 4 billion users database. Join groups related to your topic, make Friends and Share your Blog Posts with them. Create an attractive FB Fan page about your product or blog and update information daily.
  2. Twitter: no need to say about this website because everyone knows by birth ha ha ha ha!!!. Twitter's Alexa rank is No.43.It is the second most popular social network. Just try to increase the follower's list to generate more traffic.
  3.  Instagram: Alexa ranks No.26. Instagram is the best photo-sharing social media networking website like Tumblr, Flicker, or VK. You can promote your blog/website on Instagram. by Signing up & add your blog link in Instagram profile. once after creating the Instagram Profile and start Posting relevant photos & videos. Start following relevant topic peoples
  4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn Alexa rank is No.53 with millions of professional users, if your blog-related technology or tutorials then choose this platform for better traffic to your blog or web site. by using this LinkedIn network website you can get quality traffic. that increases the product reach to professionals.
  5. Pinterest: Alexa ranks No.28. Pinterest is a Bookmarking, photo-sharing website. It’s a “Catalog of Ideas” to share with people. Pinterest allows people to create a page for promoting their business online.
  6. Reddit: this another best website to share your blog link or content with a back link for free Alexa rank No.17.In Reddit, you can submit content or direct link to your website. Reddit is social news platform and allows users to submit content and vote for other users' content.
  7. Yahoo Answers: Alexa rank No.4.Yahoo Answers is a popular Q&A site on the internet. There are almost all category Q&A available on Yahoo. Answer related to the question of your niche with reference to your website. It will send you traffic.
  8. YouTube: Youtube is the best video sharing platform and the Alexa ranks No.2.YouTube is the best and largest video-sharing platform. Make comment on the related video with the backlink to your blog. Millions of users using youtube to share videos and their websites.
  9. SlideShare: Alexa rank No.123. You can share your article-related slides, and also you can present the information in short form, and also you can make documents or PDFs and share to others, Infographics is the recent trends and you need to concentrate on these areas also, make videos and share it.
  10. HubPages: Alexa rank No.534. If you write and submit a good article in Hubpages it can generate traffic for you. Best hub page articles rank high in Google. You can share your advice, related reviews, Ideas, Tips with other authors.
  11. StumbleUpon: Alexa rank No.157.StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking platform with millions of users. Share your web pages on this site to drive traffic.
  12. MySpace: This website somewhat different than others the goal of this website is to connect the customers and the Alexa rank No.20000. Create a MySpace page and start posting and connecting with customers. You can add an external link to your post.
  13. Inbound: This is another professional network website like LinkedIn and Alexa ranks No. 100000 and a good community of professional people who like to read & share interesting content.
  14. Scoop: Scoop is the best platform to gather information and Alexa ranks No.700. Create and grow your online business by publishing curated content. Curated means gathering information about a particular topic, discuss on content, and connect with people on a similar topic.
  15. Delicious: This is one of the top Social bookmarking websites and Alexa ranks No.1500. Delicious is a social bookmarking website for share, store and discovers web bookmarks or links of blog or websites
  16. Squidoo: it is one of the best community websites to share your blog links and Alexa ranks No is 700. Squidoo allows you to create content related to your topic and submits it with your blog backlinks. Squidoo is a community website.
  17. Wikipedia: it is difficult to get the backlink from this website and with proper information, we can get the backlink. Alexa ranks No is10. Wikipedia is an online information/ list (encyclopedia) that allows anyone to edit articles. Post your personal identifier information. Choose a username, create your own page to share information about yourself, communicate with other editors with a talk page, Exchange emails, etc.
  18. Flickr:  this network site also likes Instagram we can share photos. Alexa rank No.100. Flickr is a photo-sharing website. Upload interesting photos & videos so that people can connect with your profile and may click on your website link.
  19. Quora: This is one of the most famous questions and answers websites. the Alexa rank No.300. the concept of Quora is like Yahoo Answers (Q&A Network). the main goal of Quora is You need to help people solve their problems.


You can join other Websites also to generate traffic. Like Technorati, Blog Engage, Alltop, Triberr,,, BizSugar, JustRetweet, Viral Content Buzz, Slashdot, Yahoo Voices, Growth Hackers, LinkedIn Publishing Platform, etc.

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Earn Money With Amazon

 Selling used books or save on purchasing used books.

Earn Money With Amazon

About last year, John found himself looking for a book he wanted to buy. As an enthusiastic reader, he found it very helpful to go to this site as well as to tap into the vast quantity of used books that came to him in the perfect situation. After making several purchases, a light went off in his mind. He understood, after looking around at the stacks of books he’d gathered he may sell these books and at least get a few of his money back for them. John learned increasingly more about its business and truly turned it into a healthful second income for him.

Why not? He loved to read and he loved to get things back in the type of money also! is an internet site that millions of people venture to every day to make purchases. Lots of the sectors leading retailers have their websites linked to Amazon as it draws a lot of viewers. What’s also good is that Amazon has these on the searches that people do for associated products. This implies that people can choose to pay the full cost or they could go with used merchandise. For those that have libraries of books that you’ve read, or planned to read about a decade ago, there may be an industry for them.

Just if you’ve dusty books which are in decent shape you might find that Amazon is the perfect place for you to discover a style of getting rid of them and earn some cash for it. You’ll first need to list with Amazon as a vendor. Next, take a seat with a stack of books that you want to sell. All you should do so is list the title and writer on the website and Amazon does all the rest for you. They offer all the information on the book to the viewers. Like eBay, Amazon may charge you a part of the quantity that you sell the book for. To make it profitable, it’s essential for the person to research how well the books of this kind or by this author are available. You don’t want to really go so high as to maintain the book from being sold, but you do not want to really go so low as to weaken your profitability.

Like Books, you can sale or buy other things like Smartphone, Computer, Laptops or any stuff to earn money.

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Should You Use a Content Delivery Network- CDN?

 You’re a webmaster who wants to do everything possible to get visits to your website. You’re constantly looking for new ways to drive visitors to your site, and you’re reading this article to see if it can help you improve your site. Let’s get to the point: Should you use a content delivery network?

Content Delivery Network - CDN

What is a Content Delivery Network?

Maybe you’re wondering what a content delivery network is. It’s basically a network of servers worldwide that distribute your content. Think of it as having a web host in Europe and in the United States. When somebody accesses our website, an IP check is performed and the content is served to them from their nearest server location.  The good news is that it doesn’t need to be so difficult for you. Content delivery network providers will handle all of this for you. Many CDN providers have multiple servers in Asia, Europe, the United States, and other locations. The content is automatically served from the appropriate locations.

Why use a CDN?

Now that you know what a CDN is, you’re probably wondering why you should use one. Why should you pay extra so your users can load some pages a little faster? Firstly, you can rank higher in Google if our site loads faster. ( You will also increase your sales if your site loads faster. Many people won’t wait for your site to load, and if your site is slow they will be less likely to click around. Having a site that loads a little faster will also increase the number of returning visitors you get. Using a CDN will also help you handle serer load spikes. Let’s say you have a big story that becomes popular on Digg and Twitter. You wouldn’t want your server to stall in those situations. CDN providers are highly scalable for your visitor spikes.

The choice is yours as to whether or not you want to use a content delivery network for your site. When checking the different CDN providers, don’t immediately jump to the most expensive. Amazon CloudFront is probably the cheapest you can get. If you’re looking for quality at a low price, I highly recommend Voxel CDN because it’s cheap but also has the features of a more expensive provider. There really isn’t a size small enough to use their size as an excuse, because you can start out paying only a few cents a month. Most software on your site (like WordPress) has plugins available which makes using the CDN a breeze.

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