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Hi Everyone welcome to All Tech Geeks, today I'm gonna list out the top 7 best keywords research tools for SEO to get the first page on google. Below is the topmost research tool for digital marketing or SEO.
          1. Google Keywords planner
          2. SEMRush
          3. Ahrefs Key Explorer 
          4. Moz Keywords Explorer
          5. Keywords Anywhere
          7. LongTailPro

Google Keywords Planner for Digital Marketing

Google's keyword planner is free and the best tool. in my point of view,  as a beginner please go for these tools to learn very well after this you can go for other tools. when you go to the main page for research keywords there you can find mainly 2 types.

  1.     Ad group ideas
  2.     Keyword ideas

Mainly for creating the content or to get organic traffic then we can go for keyword research  dashboard below are the images to find the less competition and high search volume

  • Go to the Home page click on Tools and Setting as shown below images
  • click keyword planner

google keyword planner

  • Type keyword like digital marketing as I typed in a text box like the below image

google keyword planner get result

  • Select or click on Discover keywords

Discover keywords google keyword planner

  • By default, it searches the keyword ideas as shown below images

SEMRush for Digital Marketing

SEMRush is the top premium tool for research the best keywords. we need to login and do research on the required keywords. below are the steps to do research the keywords

  1. Login into SEMRush
  2. Go to the left pane
  3. Click on Keyword analytics
  4. Click on keyword magic tool

SEMRush for keyword research Digital Marketing

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Another top keyword research tool is Ahrefs. this tool is widely used in top digital marketing agencies to do more business with client products or bloggers. if you want easy to rank in google. you need to find the right keywords. my personal suggestion is using this tool for product marketing is good.

  1. Login into Ahrefs.
  2. At top click Keyword Explorer and it opens a new window
  3. Type the required keyword and in the google tab or your required search engine tab you can find google, yahoo, amazon, bing youtube, etc.
  4.  Once you find then it opens the Keyword Ideas page 
Keyword Explore page
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

                                                              Keyword Ideas tool
Ahrefs Keyword ideas for Digital Marketing

Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Moz is another top research tool for all digital solutions like Semrush and Ahrefs. you can directly login and search like the below image.

                                   Moz Keyword Explorer for Digital Marketing

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing

This is actually a Chrome extension. you need to install this extension in chrome. by default when you search in google you can find the keyword volume and competition at the right side of the google page.

you can get it in 2 versions one is free and paid.

Keywords Anywhere for Digital Marketing for  Digital Marketing

This tool recently going popular. by using this research tool you can search keywords for google, youtube, bing, Amazon, Bing, eBay, play store, Instagram, and Twitter. the home page itself we can directly search any word like the below image and you can give the region or country.

Type required keyword in Textbox for  Digital Marketing

                                       Check Volume of the digital marketing keyword report report page for  Digital Marketing

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing

And one more best keyword research tool is LongTailPro. Recently Longtailpro also growing well, this tool same as Semrush and Moz. once you login to Longtail pro then you can find the keyword research tab at the left pane. as well you can find the SERP analytics, link tracker, and Backlink Analysis.

LongTailPro for  Digital Marketing


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