7 Killer and Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Planning

effective digital marketing strategies

In this article, we are going to discuss how to prepare a digital marketing plan or strategy. The planning cycle in Digital Marketing should be short. Plans have to be more like a guideline. You must have a plan and you should be willing to adjust to the plan based on feedback from the entire market. Below are the plan and strategy life cycle list.

            1. Objectives
            2. Buyer Personas
            3. Content
            4. Ways to Publish
            5. Set Time to complete the target
            6. fix the total Budget
            7. Measurements

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

Below is the images shows to create a Digital marketing strategy and planning.

                   7 Steps To A Powerful Digital marketing Strategy

How to Identify The objectives for Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing objectives

                 There are mainly 2 types of objectives, branding, and performance

  • The objective of branding campaigns is to increase awareness amongst a huge percentage of the target population's respected areas.
  • The objective of performance campaigns is to drive conversions and provide an ROI investment. While you're determining objectives you can simultaneously identify the good metrics that will be relevant to your objectives. 
  • Metrics for branding campaigns will be frequency, Impressions, reach,  you can also hire a research person to measure the top of mind recall or conduct attitude studies. 
  • Metrics for performance campaigns would be (CTR)click-through rate, number of conversions, conversion rate, cost per lead, cost per conversion

Identifying the Buyer persona for a digital marketing planning

So Many companies will be targeting different sets of consumers who can be categorized into multiple personas. It's rare for the company to have only a minimum number of the buyer persona. Hence, make at least 4-5 buyer personas. 

In every Persona, Please mind trying to answer the '3W's. The 3W is why, who, and what? Below are the top 'W3' Questions before Planning the Digital marketing strategy and planning.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the location of the target audience?
  • What are the goals of your target audience?
  • What is the target audience's gender?
  • What is the Audience age? 
  • What is the educational background?
  • What is the job title of the target audience? 
  • What is the responsibility of the target audience?
  • What is the target audience seniority?
  • Which companies do they work for?
  •  Why will the target audience buy our product?


Now you may wonder what is the source of this data? 

We have different sources available in the market below that are the top sources 

Google Analytics SEMSush and Moz. (Top Keyword Research tools are used to identify the targetted audience. It has audience reports which give demographics, data about location, device, the operating system, gender, etc. 

My favorite source is Linkedin's demographic tags for the job portal. Another important source of audience information can be Data Management Platforms. These are Data Management Platforms that are used to identify the audience pulse in one step by showing in graphs like we can check total visitors to the article from which country, how much time they stayed in that article etc.

Identifying the Content Strategy for Preparing the Plan

You must analyze the content strategy by using the below List.
      • What work done in the past?
      • What type of content presented to the target audience?
      • Do they prefer any easy informative content like videos or infographics, or images? 
      • Do they like games, ebooks or, or educational or case studies content.
 You must analyze which area has done well in the past and find the nature of their content.

Channel Strategy for Digital marketing planning

What will be the relative importance of paid media, owned media, and earned media in Digital Marketing?  

In Paid Media 

  • This Channel you need to invest money for ads. you can run the ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and google.

In Owned Media 

  •  In Owned Media means we will focus on Blogs, Websites, and Youtube channels, etc. I mean, Will it be a website or your blog or microsite. which social media handles and pages will you get traffic from? Which forums, blogs, question-answer sites will you do online PR on?

Identifying  The Timelines For a Digital Marketing Planning

Why Timelines?

  • Because To execute the plan in the proper. the plan should not depend on the mood of the team who are working in the team of members.

  • Activities are important to execute the plan so you must prepare a calendar to indicates the activities. prepare a timeline to execute the content in the channels.

Fix the Budget for For a Digital Marketing Planning

In this plan, you should fix the budget for different areas. So, how much budget will you allocate to paid media channels, and how much to own media(earned media) like a blog and website? 

  • Paid media requires more budget nowadays paid as most channels need to be paid ads to amplify reach. You should use the paid media when the objectives are Customer Acquisition. Paid media is good for creating awareness. Paid media is a good Short Term Strategy when you want immediate results.

  • Earned media is for businesses that already have a huge number of customers. Hence, their objective is to retain them and build emotional loyalty towards the brand. Hence earned media is more of a customer retention strategy. The quality of the traffic that you get from owned media is much higher. They typically have a higher ticket size, they will order frequently and they will spend more time on the site


If you launch a product then paid media is good to create Buzz, to create awareness, so paid media is good for companies in the introduction stage of the life cycle

after analyzing all this paid media budget and own media budget then we can identify the total budget for Digital Marketing. (maximum paid media means to display the ads on Facebook, Instagram, and youtube).

Preparing the Measurement for Digital Marketing Planning

  • which we have already discussed at the beginning of the first point that it has to be aligned with the objectives. Now, this approach of a digital marketing plan is top-down, it's more strategic, more holistic, and integrative. 


The above 7  Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Planning are important in the digital marketing life cycle. if you like this article please share and give me the ideas in digital marketing to publish the content. 

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