Convert Instagram followers to YouTube subscribers

Convert Instagram followers to YouTube subscribers

 Hi everyone welcomes to All Tech Geeks  I'm gonna show you how to convert all your Instagram followers to your YouTube channel subscribers.

In most cases if you go to anyone's Instagram profile and you see there's a website link if you click it what it does, it actually opens up a page inside the Instagram app so what it does. it simply loading the youtube inside the Instagram not properly routing the Instagram to the youtube app. And a result you may lose that follower as a subscriber.

Because in most cases people don't keep their login information on a webpage and don't show interest in login again to just hit the subscribe button. most peoples like to simply hit the subscribe button. if they already have the YouTube ever they're already logged in so they can simply click on the subscribe.

      "And you're good to go how do we do that simply in two steps"

The first step is to open the YouTube app

  • Go to your youtube profile basically channel 
  • And then select share and click on the Copy link option 
  • let's go and open up a web page in Chrome so I'm just gonna type in URL genius 
  • the first result that comes in most cases is gonna be the website so open that URL lin
  • when you open this page you will see a bunch of icons for all the social media including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Amazon, and  you doesn't have to worry about that just simply paste the link that you copied into the box
  • once you paste then you will automatically give you an option to compose
  • when you click the compose option you will see that it's gonna ask you to sign up you don't have to worry about anything because this is a free service so I highly recommend you sign up 
  • and it not only that but it also gives you a lot more options once you go to the dashboard you may have to repeat the same step but once you see the compose option click that and that's gonna generate a new link 
  • now you can simply take this link and paste it in your Instagram profile but in my case, I prefer to see the analytics of how this particular link is performing so forth I'm gonna go to bitly paste the link that we copied 
  • and that will help me create a smaller URL which I will take it and paste it on Instagram and now let's see what happens when you click that bitly link it's not gonna open the page inside the Instagram but it will open the YouTube app 
  • and that's how we will be able to convert our followers into subscribers remember most of the people they do not like to login just to click the subscribe button and if they are already logged in they would prefer to just simply hit that subscribe button so that's all for today 
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Conclusion :

Guys, I hope this simple trick helps you gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel if you like this article please share and it may help your friends

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