On-Page SEO Techniques For Better Ranking in Google


on page seo techniques

On-Page SEO is the most important to get good organic traffic in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu. if you are good at this area then you saved a lot of money.

                                            So let's Get Started ...

This article about on-Page SEO, I am going to tell you some secrets about driving more traffic to the website or blog. Gaining visibility on the web is not easy these days, but I will help you to promote your website, Blog, or business quickly, easily, and without spending money. 

You may already know that in terms of on-page SEO. it's really important to optimize your website content to get more organic traffic. 

On-Page SEO Internal linking


                             Is it Really matter, Yeah, it matters a lot? 

internal linking on-page seo structure

But it's not the only precaution you should take. Make sure you take enough care of the internal links on your website. If your pages are accessible from the main page and lead to other ones, even your visitors will be more likely to stay longer and explore what your site has to offer them.

 On-Page SEO title tag, meta tags, and permalinks

On-Page SEO title URL Meta description

Take care of what the user sees before visiting your site on Google. They may see the Title, Meta Description, and Clean URL.So it will help users to understand that your site or blog post is what they need.

The URL is nothing but the permalink must be readable and relevant without stop words and meaningless characters. Use only target Keywords to get good keywords then you need to use the Best keyword Research tools.

Brainstorming Keywords for Better On-Page SEO

    Brainstorming Keywords for On-Page SEO

For proper keywords, write a list of keywords on "how a person thinks before searching on Google". insert that keyword, it might help to get on the first page of Google when a person searching for the information or service that your website offers. 

 Brainstorming keywords example for your product or service.

 if you are a dentist from Delhi. Your list might include
          • dentist 
          • family dentist 
          • veneers
          • clove dental
          • dental clinic in Delhi

Tools For Keyword Research for On-Page SEO

The tools you will need to Research for keywords are Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Ahrefs, SEMRush, MOZ, and so many tools available in the market. recently Ubersuggest is my favorite keyword research tool. 

Google Keyword planner for On-Page SEOGoogle trends Keyword for On-Page SEO

Latent semantic indexing keywords for On-Page SEO

Use more latent semantic indexing keywords. Simply put, they are just the keywords that are related to yours. Use the Google search engine, Google Keyword planner, or LSI Keywords Generator to find them. 

Latent semantic indexing keywords for On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Plagiarism Checking

Check whether the content on your website is original, enticing, readable, scannable, written in a conversational tone, grammatically correct. keep the content without duplicate in other websites after you post. check whether the post is unique or not. try to keep a minimum of 85 % uniqueness.

 Remove old and duplicate content so the information on your blog post is relevant and up-to-date.

Post regularly for better ranking for Better On-Page SEO

Create a content plan, post consistently, and regularly. Experiment with blog posts,long-form and short-form articles, visual galleries and photos, informational lists, interactive tools, comprehensive category lenders, multi-pages guides, and videos. You can also repurpose and reuse your most popular content.

Post regularly for better ranking for Better On-Page SEO

Mobile-Friendly for On-Page SEO

The website should be mobile friendly and fast. if users can not access your blog with their mobile devices, you're gonna lose a huge portion of potential visitors. Go mobile, and people will stay on your blog longer and definitely get back to you.

Mobile-Friendly for On-Page SEO


Thanks for checking this article out! If you like it, don't forget to share it. you can get good articles in the coming days on On-Page SEO Techniques. On-Page SEO is the collection of google factors. Title, Meta Description, Permalink is the most important factors. and placing the keywords are the other most important for On-Page SEO. 

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