How to get on First Page of Google without paying

how to get on first page of google without paying

Getting the web page in first page of google without paying is very easy concept by following the below techniques. Why we need to go for this tips. Because of spending more money on Facebook ads, google ads. And more expensive and business may hurt your entire revenue. Have you ever think?  Why your competitor always in first page of google. Then you are in right place to crack your target. 

While writing the article, you have to focus on many areas like "Key word density", Page Title, Description, Total Words. The reason behind focusing on "On Page SEO" is to get more visitors on your web page without back links.

Back Links are important or not?

Getting back link is time based and you need to invest more time on back links to get on first page of google. The advantage of back link is to get good google rank. back link is other factor to get rank and more visitors. but in this article only focus on On Page SEO. 

On Page SEO is enough to get more Visitors?

On Page SEO is one of the factor to get more visitors. On Page SEO is like nerves of article. so every concept has it own way.  

                         "10 Tips to Get Your Website to the Top of Google without Paying"

Below are the top most important things going to explain step by step.

1. Optimize Your Page Title Tags

      •  Title tag specifies the Page title of web page or simply one row of SERP [Search Engine Result Page]. Title tag is very important to enter into the blog. just invest more time on Page title tag and create a SEO friendly Page title tag to get first page of google. basically it is a page information to the world. Make sure Page title tag should be small because the search engine will cut off the title with ellipsis like [...]. 

title tags seo

      •   Basically the Page title tag looks like below image when you inspect in the browser. It has the [<title>Page title tag of blog or web page</title>] Page title tag. and we can place our custom Page title in that care on length with 50 - 60 characters only. and try to focus for Page title tags that are around 52 characters only. if you wish to include your brand name in every Page title tag then put it at the end. like above image. include the main keywords in the Page title tag.

how to write seo title

2. Write The Good Meta Description

      • Meta Description is a snippet and not play a great role but it will helps to CTR [Click-through rate. so CTR might indirectly improve your rankings in SERP. Unfortunately, we don't know, what google displays in the result at meta description area. some times it take the copy of your article. some other times it takes your meta description. but better to maintain the short and sweet description. as of my personal experience and lot of research. i have found that maintain the 120 -149 characters length in meta description. place your right key in the description.make sure it should match with content of article. don't duplicate the meta description.

how to write meta description

3. Keep Eye on Permalink

      • Permalink is very important area for both visitors and search engine to get first page of google without paying. you can find the different structures of permalinks as shown below links.My favorite permalink structure is Category. you can change category structure in Wordpress or any costume website build on java or while creating permalink please avoid the stop words(what, this that, is was, where). just keep your targeted keywords in the link. it should be readable for visitors easily. try to use 3 - 4 targeted words in the link. always use lower case letters. don't use underlines. try to avoid numbers in link.

4. Target The Long Tail Key Words

      • Long Tail key words are the best way to easy ranking the website on first page of google. it is the phrase consisting the 3 or more words in the sentence. one of the the better way to connect the targeted audience is LTK. while searching the long tail keywords be care with less competition high search in keyword planner. and there lot of ways to find the long tail keywords. google keyword planner is one of the best way to find the LTK. Why you need to choose long tail keywords? below is  the graph how the competition looks like.
      • The graph shows the high conversion rate. so the advantage of using the long tail keywords is high conversion rate and easy ranking the article and and single phrase keywords.

Target The Long Tail Key Words

5. Maintain 2500 Words in the articles

      • Try to maintain the more than 2000 words in a article then there is a high chances to get index easily and more visible to the serp

6. Avoid Stop Words

      • Try to avoid the stop words like what, this that, where,why, so , then, but,whom, with, would etc.

7. Good Keyword Density

      • Keyword density is one more factor in SEO. maintain the keyword density 1.5 - 2.3 percentage of article. 

8. Placing the Key Words

      • Placing keywords also very important. but writing the article in natural way is recommended. if want to wish to place the keywords in right place then fine and go through on that. try to keep targeted keywords in first line of first paragraph.

9. Compress Images with Alt tags

      • Image is very important to a article to understand the article in easy manner. without image if you create the article then its very difficult to index, and bounce time also reduce. always be care with image in article. with image article is like without makeup. but the problem is image size make more load time. load time is very important factor in SEO. so the image always in less size.
      • And optimize the image title and alt tag. image title and alt tags are very important for search engines.

10. Maintain the good web site Speed 

      • Speed is another SEO factor. try to avoid less speed and page load time. page load time is very important factor in SEO. so please use good server with high RAM size. and try to use less image size.

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