How to Write a Good Blogger Meta Description in 2020

Writing the meta description in blogger is very easy because of the blogger only allow to write the 150 characters by default and it is short description of the web page or blog post. this is the important area to implement the the good SEO.there are two main steps are there to write the meta description. below are the main steps to write the meta description in the blog. the main advantage, when we share the blog post and pages on social media then we can find the small description of the blog post or page under title. we can called as snippet on social media. if you write a good description there is high rate to click your blog post or page.
            1. Enabling Meta description
            2. Meta Description for individual blog post or pages

                           "how to write meta description in blogger"

1. Enabling Meta Description

    Step 1: Login in to Blogspot
    Step 2: Go To Blog Settings
    Step 3: Go to Search Preference
    Step 4: Go to Meta Tags
    Step 5: Click on edit Description.
adding a meta description to blogger

2. Meta Description for individual blog post or pages

   After completing the first step then to go to individual blog post. below are the steps to create the meta description.
   Step 1: click on new post 
   Step 2: go got right side  and check for Search description.
   Step 3: click on it and write the meta description up 150 characters.
   Step 4: The meta tag looks like this: <meta name=”description” content=”This is a meta description of a post or page”>
how to add meta description in blogger


Before writing the description please research on Long Tail Key words that helps to get index easily in google. Writing description is easy as i said. but placing the right keywords are very important. Please try to focus on the less competition with high search keywords and the key words should be in title and description are very important. if you write proper title and description in blog then the web page gets on first page of google. once it is in first page of google then your winner on SEO.

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