Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Create A Blog ?

Before you create a blog you should have the  Blogger Account or Your Gmail Account. If you logged in your gmail account then you can find the Menu Icon at right side top of the gmail account. You click that menu icon then you find the e-blogger icon like shown below.
google menu
Above image don't show the e-blogger icon then you can find more option and click it.
in the below image you can fine Blogger Icon click it and it redirect to blogger account .
when you click this icon it ask you like "accept your account to blogger" then you click ok button.
Google menu for Blogger

when you click then you can find "New Blog" option . you click it

Blogger Dash Board

 When you click ,you get an option like " Blogs List >> Create A New Blog"
Create a New Blog
Finally you get above pop up window .Here You type your blog Title and Address
and you choose a template like shown below.
create a new blog
finally you click on the button "Create blog

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