Friday, July 1, 2016

What Is A Blog?

What is a Blog
You Blog Look Like

A Blog is A originally  Website created from the words. a blog is the posting of one's thoughts,ideas and more all in one place on the website. You have probably seen them all over the world but what makes them so great well blogs are easy to use with a few clicks. You can share thoughts,Experience things,Your opinions, news and anything You want.Your Website theme is what controls, how your blog looks. You can choose a theme and personalize it with your own Style or Own color  and or background color and images.

To find the look that fits you. Its easy to change themes as well you'll be sure that there's look and feel up there that fits with your personlality and makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for most blog themes  are made up of four main sections the

1) Header Horizontal Menu And Logo
2) Sidebar (Widgets  And Social Plugins)
3) Footer (About)
4) Body (Content)

What is The Header ?:

 The header is comprised of your Website Title and Logo. If you have one main Navigation menu. The menu is the way that your guests should be easily able to navigate the content of your website menus. And Menus are a natural part of our web and should link readers to the various content of your website and Various pages found on your website.

What Are The Sidebars ?:

Sidebars usually have them this area generally includes some Widgets like below shown and things you want to highlight such as
Favorite links,
The Popular Content on your website
 Recent Activity
Subscription Options
Populat Posts
Ranking Pages
Social Media Tools
So many Widgets

What is the Footer?

The Rest at the bottom of your Page, This is typically used to display content that doen't often change but that you would like your readers to have easy access to including links to read more about you or linked to a content page.

 What is The Content Body?

Lastly and most important area of your website is the body. The main content area usually this is the primary reason people have come to your website. It's where your thoughts and ideas come to life as you share them with in the post or page the content lies within post.
What is The Page and Post?

What is the Page?

Pages are different from posts. They are normally static displaying standard Content such as in about me contact page

 What is the Post?

Post on the other hand are all the good stuff, where you publish your thoughts in a standard blog format post get shown on the main page. Usually in an order that places the most recent and relevant information at the very top of the list.these are things like your daily updates or news about your niche topics .When a new story is posted . it appears at the top of your blog for the world to see . This used to be done in journals post are an online versions of a journal entry made public for other see.Best of all posts are giving the option for a comment section as well so others can add their thoughts to yours.

Sharing is  Caring of your Website!!!

 Sharing a conversation with you or just provide feedback about your website this brings a community element. the website making popular medium of expression and information sharing the websitess make it easy to share images, videos and other types of media files giving you complete freedom of creative expression and now popularity mobile phones have every one in the world. Your "Small World" can be viewed any time and anywhere in the palm of your hand.
Blogs are for everyone and people of all ages share on website everyday for school,work and play but no matter what you want to do blogging is a great way to connect the other people and get your ideas out there.So what are you waiting for get in on the found and start blogging

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