Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tricks To Increase Cache Memory To Speed Up Your PC

How to Increase Cache Memory To Speed Computer

When your PC Running Then you want to speed up your System. I Suggest One Computer Trick . First You Install  windows 7/8 in your Computer because its support all software and easy to use.If you don’t want to change your computer Operating System. By this Computer trick you can speed up your  System.
You Try  this Computer trick to increase cache memory to speed up computer and get better
experience. This trick work on all OS, I tried  this trick on every type of PC's &  Then after  we share PC trick.

How To Increase Cache Memory To Improve Your  PC Performance :

1. First Go To "Windows Start Button" And Click It
2. Now search for "All Programs"
3. Again search for "Accessories".
4. Here You Can find the" Command Promote"
5. Now Right click on Command Promote As"Run As Administrator"
6. One Pop Up window showing and Click ON "Yes Button"
7. Now You Get Black Window Screen  then You type this command in CMD  Like
8."fsutil.exe behavior set memoryusage 2"
fsutil.exe behavior set memoryusage 2

 9. Command Prompt show to  you Reboot your pc for changes.
10. Now reboot your PC and All changes  apply as you wish.

Finally You rebooting your memory usage and  increase by "one" and you can see this by type this command in CMD :"fsutil.exe behavior query memoryusage"

fsutil.exe behavior query memoryusage

If you need to set this again default type this command:
"fsutil.exe behavior set memoryusage 1"

Now all is done and you can see your System running faster. Please try this small trick in your own rick. Our blog and me not responsible for any problem. But we fix my System problem from this small trick very well. Now my PC speedup, we can  run lots of new Software's like Games,Browsing, etc as much as  smoothly. Finally ,This is nice and good tip to "How can you increase cache memory to speed up your System". I hope this Article is  helpful for you. If you like This  article please share With your friends on Facebook and Google Plus .This Article may help to your friends. tricks and tips.If you have any quarry related this article comment below and We resolve it very soon.

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