Why my all the blogs published on Blogger are not showing in the search results?

Why all posts are not visible in the search engine and not showing in google. below are the top reason. and fix the below errors to show up in Google. 

search result not showing in google page

below is the point to show up the article in the search result. and when you start the blog you face so many bad things. once you post the article it won't appear in the google search result. actually, this is the point every blogger face for the first time or initial blogger career. actually, the process looks like the below steps to appear the content in the search results.

  1.  create a blog on the best niche topic
  2. Add the Custom Domain 
  3. Add Custom Robots.txt
  4. Go to Google Search Console add Property
  5. add each and every blog post in the search console
  6. Share the content in Social Media
  7. try to get a related back link for that article page.

In The above, all steps come in one section even though if you face the issue like not showing the content in search result just check below 20 points and work on that area if not get proper matter in the content then try to googled and get full information.

  • If you are Not Indexed then does it won't rank.
  • Maybe your blog/website is too new.
  • Check Your Robots Directives in 3 areas.  1. root directory has the robots.txt if exists it should be empty 2.<head> tags of your website, checking for meta robots tags. 3. Check in your server’s .htaccess file
  • goto Search Console and check for Crawled Error. go to Crawl -->Crawl error --> check error in the dashboard if there is an error please fix the errors
  • If your site has full of duplicate content. it won't show up on google. please rewrite in a unique way and check plagiarism check before posting into a blog.
  • Please try to keep your focused content. try to avoid spammy keywords and redirects. same content on all pages, content with cloaked redirects.
  • Sometimes we have to go for Manual Action Penalty. please go to Search Console and check for penalty error and fix it. usually, it happens when you violate the rules.
  • one more funny thing is you may not be published the post yet. this situation faces everyone when new to the blog.
  • Maybe Google hasn't seen your post yet. if it is a new blog you need to add the property to the google search console. 
  • Maybe your blog or the page has a lot of data and images with high pixels. so it causes the load issue. you need to optimize the images and videos.
  • Sometimes it happens SPA. Google won't support the Single Page Application to index in google. if you post 10 articles it is treated as a simple post. so your blog must be multi-page.
  • sometimes your content is less than 200 words or low quality and keyword spam
  • keyword is the heart of article to index on google search page easily. if you use irrelevant keywords it causes the loss the rank and it may not appear in the first 100 pages.
  • just post relevant articles as per domain related. focus on only one area. if you choose a tech-related article then keep on posting on the tech-related articles, not on others. once you post irrelevant articles that is the first step to down the page rank and domain rank after some time your blog article won't appear in the first 10 pages of google.
  • one more funny thing is maybe your site is too new and it won't add the property on the search console. when you add the property in the search console then only it will appear in google that too not immediately. 
  • High Competitive is one more reason. if your niche has high competition then it is very difficult to appear or show up in google's first 10 pages. so while choosing your niche becare it should not be a high competitor.
  • The meta description is one of the important parts while publishing the article. title and meta description plays major roles if your niche is less competition. even your niche is high competition also.
  • small sites make effective results and also bad results. be careful on small sites and try to keep on posting the article to boost the website on google.
  • and already I have discussed the title but I didn't discuss the attractive title. once the user sees the title. then the user should attention to that title.
  • User Generated spam nothing but comments. be care on comment only approve relevant comment to the article


Above are the top 20 important points to show up the article on google. please keep an eye on the above points. these points are more than enough to showing the article or website in search results..l

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