Difference between viewdata, viewbag, tempdata and session

in this Asp.netMVCc tutorials explains View bag is used to shares the small amount of data from the controller to view. the View bag is a Dynamic type which means no need to typecasting and downcasting. the lifespan of View bag is the last current HTTP request.

Example :

namespace Alltechgeeks.Controllers
        public class TestController : Controller
            IList<Test> testList = new List<Test>()
                                new Test(){id=1, name="Murali"},
                                new Test(){id=2, name="Sathwiq"},
                                new Test(){id=3, name="Siri"},
                                 new Test(){id=4, name="Krishna"}
            public ActionResult Index()
                Viewbag.totaltest = testList.Count();
                return View();


Go to Index.cshtml page consume the viewbag.totaltest in view

    Total Test : @Viewbag.totaltest


we can assign any number of values and properties to Viewbag.

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