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What is An Operating System (OS)

What is An Operating System (OS)

An operating system is a program that manages the computer hardware. It also provides a basis for application programs and acts as an intermediary between a user of a computer and the computer hardware.
A computer system can be divided roughly into four components they are
1) The hardware
2) The operating system
3) The application programs 
4) The users

1) The Hardware :- It consisting of  memory,CPU  and I/O devices provides the basic computing resources for the system. The application programs define the ways in which these resources are used to solve users’ computing problems.

2) The operating system: -  The OS controls and co-ordinates the use of Hardware among the various application programs for the various users.
          The OS again divided into two types 
                     a)User view of an Operating System
                       b)System view of an Operating System

3) The application programs:- We can install number of applications . the programs runs on Operating system. without operating system. no one application will not run in computer.

4) The users: Finally the end user can feel by seeing the computer screen because of an application is running at back side on OS. So an end user can communicate directly by User interface of computer. 

OBJECTIVES OF AN Operating System(OS):

Convenience :-An operating system makes a computer more convenient to use.
Efficiency :- An operating system allows the computer system resources to be used in an efficient manner.
Ability to Evolve :- Should permit effective development, testing, and introduction of new system features and functions without interfering with service.

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