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Access Blocked Websites, View Restricted Sites - How to

Access Blocked Websites, View Restricted Sites [How to]

how to Access the Blocked Websites, View Restricted Sites from your computer, its very simple to open the blocked websites. In this  article we show" how to open blocked websites" to open  blocked websites First  you have to set the proxy.

what is proxy Server ?

A proxy server is a computer or a software sunning on a computer that acts as an intermediary between endpoint device such as a computer or another server from  which a client is requesting  a service

Types of Proxies

there are two types of proxies 
1) Web Proxy :- it provides a speed and easy way to change the IP adress while surfing the internet.
2) Proxy Server :- It works on IP adress and Port Numbers

1) Use VPN (Virtual Proxy Network)

VPN is used to connect your system to secure connection to another network through internet.
Virtual Proxy Network enables you to access the all the sites from your home network.
put you IP address in land Far Away. You can open blocked websites in your country.
Virtual Proxy Network act like a pipeline that converts the data into garbage value that's difficult to recognize by anyone in the world. there are so many free VPN Services available in internet . You can use and Enjoy.
here are the great VPN Packages for you to try

  2) How To Find Proxy Websites And Proxy Servers

In schools or Colleges  you may face that you will not open the websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit. But how to open above blocked websites . There are so many proxy websites in internet. if facebook not open then search like Facebook proxy server. If Twitter is not open then search like Twitter Proxy Server. reddit proxy server,Instagram proxy server,Tumbler Proxy Server,Linkedin Proxy Server. You will get bunch of proxy servers.
here are some some top proxy servers are.

3) How to Setup The Proxy Server Using Their IP Adress

If you want to visit the blocked websites  using web proxy  then you do not need any setup. if you use proxy server then it can only accessed by using its IP Adress and port number but you must configure the your browser. below are the instructions given to setup this type of proxy in browser.

Chrome or IE(Internet Explorer) Users to Open Blocked Websites

Google chrome and Internet Explorer are contain the same setting to use the proxy server. here i used the Internet Explorer to setup the Proxy Server.

 Step 1; Go to Internet Explorer(IE)
 Step 2; go to TOOLS --> Internet Options
 Step 3: go to Connection Tab and Click it.
 Step 4: Select your Network Connection and click on Setting.
Step 5: Check on use this Proxy server for this Connection
Step 6: In the Address Field , Add the IP Adress of your Proxy Server
Step 7: In the Port Field Enter the Port Number.
Step 8; Click OK and Click OK button.

Mozilla FireFox Users for Proxy Server to Open Blocked Websites

Step 1: Go to Mozilla Firefox.
Step 2: click on Tools  --> go to Options.
Step 3: go to Advanced Tab --> click on Network Tab.
Step 4: click on Setting --> go to Manual Proxy Configuration .
Step 5: Now enter the IP Address and Port number in appropriate fields

4) Bypass Via Extensions to open the Blocked Websites

Blocked websites are most of the problem in institutes and colleges. they blocked the websites like facebook or youtubethen you should try to these extensions

Finally you have successfully configured your Mozilla and IE or Chrome Browsers to use the proxy server. now you are able to Access Blocked Websites, View Restricted Sites in your computer.

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