How to Completely Delete Your Internet Presence


It could sound silly, but most of the technology I'm likely to match gives me serious anxiety. Recently I left a Facebook message from a vintage college friend unread for over 3 months because I just couldn't make myself handle yet another account that must be regularly checked, updated, or responded to. Sometimes I do believe I'd be better off if I recently severed all ties with social networking and simply stuck to 1 email and some occasional texting. However, going right on through all my accounts, some which I don't even remember the passwords for, appears like yet another anxiety-producing technology-related task. Blessedly, now there's a simpler method to disappear off the virtual grid. 

In line with the Daily Dot, was developed by Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unneb├Ąck as an easy way to assist you "pick up your existence," which will be something some people sorely need. To utilize the service, just visit the web site and sign in together with your Google account — hopefully you've that certain password. From there your website finds each account associated together with your email, and you then determine which accounts to deactivate and those that to keep. It's that simple. continues to be a work in progress. The Daily Dot also reported that for all the big social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook, you are able to quickly choose the deactivation option. However, smaller newsletters and other services may not need a delete link available, so you should have to proceed through and manually discover a way to deactivate them. Even with your cases, it's at the very least nice to see most of the accounts associated together with your email in a single place. Believe me, when I "unseated myself," I discovered accounts I don't have any memory of ever creating.

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