How To By A Computer tips And Tricks

Hi in this computer tricks .We are discussing about  "How To By A Computer ".
Before you buy a computer first you have to get good knowledge on some hardware of computer and some applications of Computer. Hardware is very important before you buy a computer because hardware always uses the current(POWER) and batteries so if power is more than normal power then it may burn and processor may slow if processor slow your work goes slow. So you want good computer with good processor ,good software and good hardware configuration then below things should keep when you buy a computer. These things are
1) Buying Software
2) Good Batteries
3) Desktop Computer
4) Buying tips on computer cases
5) CPU
7) CD-R/RW
8) DVD
9) Flat Panel
10) Games
11) Hard Drive
12) Memory
13) Laptop
14) Modem
15) Monitor
16) Motherboard
17) Network Card
18) Printer
19) Processor
20) Server
21) Sound Card
22) Speaker
23) USB
24) Utilities
25) Video Card
26) Contacts
28) CH000953
29) CH000983
30) CH0001228
31) CH0001238
 the above 31 things are very important before you buy computer .

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