Technology News: Information of the Photography Filter

what is photography and videography filter?

       we always hear about filter when we use a camera.Actually filter is a Camera Accessory consisting of an optical filter.It is inserted in to optical path. The shape of the filter is a square or oblong shape,it is more commonly a glass or plastic disk with a metal/plastic ring frame and which can be screwed in front of lens.

what is the use of photography  filter?

               we can change the images color types like origionaly to polarize etc. and we can changes the different colors from origionaly color. Actually filter modify the the images recorded. Sometimes they are used to make only subtle changes to images and color balance of images. many filter absord part of the light available,necessitating longer exposure. there are no universal standard naming system for filter

where we use the the optical filter?

  optical filters are used in various areas of science,including in particular astronomy,photography,in film industry etc.

 types of filters?


   Actually it is not a filter,doesn't do anything to changes the light or colour but it provide some essential benifits/ By using claear filter lens will help protect scratches,dust and fingerprints.

2.UV or Ultra-Violet filter

 the second one is UV filter the UV light is invisible to human eye.these filter can be left on at all times as it is completely cleas and will not change the density and clor light.type in UV filter are 1)UV filter 2)UV Haze Filter 3) UV/Ir filter

3)Neutral Density(ND) filter

4)Colour Conversion or Correction Filter

5)Colour Compensating



8)Graduated Filters

9)Star Effects

10)Stepping Rings

11)Polarizing filter

12)Black and White Photography Filter

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