Technology News: how to make your own Mobile/cellphone screen guard protector


           Now a days every one using screen guard to protect cellphones, mobile and electronics devices because the devices are very cost and once scratches the screen then it going to un work the screen and the cost of the screen guard is very high and cost is nothing but at that time money is not at you then what will you do for temperarly. Is there any solution yes there is Temporary solution to protect your mobile and cost less

1) First you need the some materials2) Dish Soap3) Water4) Wide Clear Tape(take the wide clear tape you use sealing  boxes don't take small                                                        scotch tape)5)Razor 

Step 1 

Mix the soap and water

 First you need the dish soap and water next mix the two or three drops of dish soap in to cup of water and mix  gently

Step 2 ( Dish Soap)

 Apply the Soap/water solution on to the screen

Put a dab / two of the soap or water solution on to the screen after spread it around the screen, next try your best to get a good rid of the white soap bubbles on the screen. Do not wipe the soap/water solution off. Then the solution makes it easier to get rid of the air bubbles under the tape.

Step 3

Apply the strip of tape on to wet screen

 after placed the the mixed water solution on the screen then put a strip of tape on the screen and then press again the screen like to get rid of the air bubbles.and after some time you cut the out side of the tape then the it wont move when you cut the tape

Step 4 

 Cutting the tape

next cut the out side of the screen.some electronics devices has very small gaps between the screen and body so it will guide your razor. if it does not have a gap then use a ruler to guide the razor. make sure your cutting it slowly and lightly. when your done then pull off the outside scaps slowly.

Step 5

 Be patient

After all done then do not touch  the screen or you will move the tape around.let it dry for an hour and then you can touch the screen all want.