Friday, September 6, 2019

ASP.NET Core Tutorial

We are going to consecrate below topics

  1. Core
  2. core MVC
  3. Core Identity and Security
  4. Entity Frame work core core is a redesigned 4.x.

  1. is a Cross platform: we can develop the application and we can run the application across. different platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux, we can Host the Application in IIS, Self-host, Docker and Apache etc.
  2. Single Unified Programming Model for Web API and MVC. it means MVC Controller and Web API. Controller Base class and return IActionResult. IActionResult is Interface with 2 several implementations like ViewResult and JsonResult.
  3. Dependency injection
  4. Open Source
  5.  Testability
  6. core provides Modularity at Middleware technology. we have rich set of Middleware components and custom Middleware Components

What is InProcess and OutOfProcess

  1.  By default Visual studio uses IISExpress to host and Run the application
  2.  in production we use IIS


Kestrel Server uses for internal server
IIS, Nginx, Apache are used for External server


  1. if we run through CLI then application runs on Kestrel. execute dotnet.exe
  2. if we run through Visual studio then the application runs on IISExpress.exe

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Google Apps Script For Developers

Google Apps Script Developers

Google Apps Script is nothing but Javascript. before start this article you should know the Javascript then you can easily understand the Google app script. The main moto of this article is to avoid the server side programming language to run the google product functionalities. for example if you want Google map, Youtube, API's, Drive and Gmail functionalities etc.

Once you creates the Javascript then you can run in google cloud without your own servers. so the maintenance burden reduces. you can develop your own code in local system. here i preferred the Visual Studio Code 2017 Editor. and i will write the code in ES6. i already developed some CRUD operation in Google App Script please check it. coming days. we will update the tutorials.

Please check Below App Script Projects
  1. Using Google spreadsheets as Database For Blog
  2. Sending Emails from Google Spreadsheet
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Monday, April 1, 2019

asp net mvc tutorial step by step for beginners with examples mvc tutorials MVC tutorials sponsored by all tech geeks. this tutorial provides all articles in one container. it helps you like the index of the book. what is MVC ?. it is an architectural design pattern and stands for Model View and Controller. this container covers all topics of the MVC. it helps from freshers level to professional level. if you are starting level then you need basic knowledge of C#, Advanced OOPs, Visual Studio, and HTML.
it is an open source web development framework by Microsoft. it is alternate to and not the replacement of

                                               Asp.Net MVC  - Get Started

  1. MVC Tutorials- Get Started 
  2. Architecture
  3. First Application
  4. Folder Structure
  5. Controller
  7. Model
  8. Bundling
  9. View Bag
  10. Temp Data
  11. View Data
  12. Action Methods
  13. Action Selectors
  14. HTML Helpers
  15. Partial Views
  16. Layout View
  17. Filters
  18. Action Filters
  19. Validations
  20. Area
  21. What is Entity Framework and types  
  22. Creating Project in Database First Approach
  23. Creating Project in Code first approach
  24. Creating Project in Model Base First approach

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sending Emails from Google Spreadsheet

google sheets are more popular nowadays. day by day the use of Apps script is increasing.
we can write the javascript to do anything like a NetSuite.Netsuite is a cloud ERP. it has only javascript development. same as google apps script also will use for all Google products (Apps) in the cloud.
google compute is the best IAAS cloud in the IT industry.

The main points in this article are to "send emails from google sheet". its very simple. and single step to do the above task.
Step 1: Login into Gmail.
Step 2: Go to google drive
Step 3: select the new button and select the spreadsheet
Step 4: type Email and name columns in the spreadsheet.
Step 5: go to tools and select the Script editor
Step 6: write the below script use where ever you want it

                                 MailApp.sendMail(to, subject, body) ;

Sending Emails from Google Spreadsheet

in the above image, you can find the function. the function name is myFunction(){}.

         MailApp.sendMail("","Hello test mail","Hello from All Tech Geeks");

But we need to pick email from the spreadsheet and send the mail from the sheet.

function Send Email() {

                  var sheet =SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
                  var r   = sheet.getRange("A1:B2");
                   var  customerdata=range.getValues();
for(j in customerdata)
           var row=customerdata[i];
           var Email =row[0];
           MailApp.sendMail(row[1],"Email id is"+Email+,"this is test email");

how to get data from the browser to the spreadsheet or how to use the google sheet as a database.
if we get the data from the website or anywhere. then we can do anything with that data.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

bind Dropdown list in

 public void bindcus()
        ddlcustomer.Items.Add(new ListItem("--SELECT--","0"));
        ddlcustomer.AppendDataBoundItems = true;
        dao.type = "CUSTOMER";
        DataTable dt= new DataTable();
        dt =;
        if (dt.Rows.Count > 0)
            ddlcustomer.DataSource = dt;
            ddlcustomer.DataTextField = "name";
            ddlcustomer.DataValueField = "code";

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