Twenty WordPress Plugins You Must Have

 WordPress is software used to create websites. Almost every blogger is familiar with it and its features. You can create beautiful blogs and websites with it. You can say that is both free and priceless at the same time. It is a blogging tool and Content Management System(CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is used by over 60 million websites. From small personal websites to large business firms and corporations WordPress is a website-creating tool. WordPress is a treasure of extra tools and plugins that are available absolutely free. Now coming to plugins there are over 30,000 WordPress plugins available offering various features and functions which users install according to their specific need. These features and functions include search engine optimization and many other features like social sharing features. Your website needs some extra features to make it user-friendly and fast so in this post I will share all the necessary and must-have WordPress plugins for your website. I will describe the plugins according to their features and functions.

Twenty WordPress Plugins You Must Have

For reducing Spam Comments

Spam comments are the biggest headache of a blogger. Many people use software and take your comment box as their product promoting source, which adds spam comments on your is very difficult to add such comments to spam or trash one by one so. If you want to create a good reputation for your site you must reply to the comments of the people. So in order to save your time you can install and activate these two plugins on your website.

1: Akismet  

This plugin is already installed on your website however you have to activate it by yourself. For this firstly activate it and then sign up for the key(link is given there and then verify it.

2: Grow Map Anti Spam Comment

This is another useful WordPress plugin use by millions of WordPress users to avoid spam comments on your site. This plugin adds a Captcha that only humans can read so no software can enter a spam comment on your site. For Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization has become a necessary tool for every website to generate traffic towards its site. Almost all successful websites have done the SEO of their site. So for the good sake of your website, you must install these plugins.

3: All in One SEO Pack

As its name shows, this WordPress plugin covers all the important areas of Search Engine can set your meta tags, what improvements you should do in order to improve the SEO of your site.

4:Google XML Sitemap

This plugin will generate an XML sitemap I and send it to the most popular search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc. So in this way, your site will be search engine optimized in many ways. This WordPress plugin is used by millions of large website owners.

5: Google XML Sitemap For Videos:

There are numerous websites that include videos in their post in the form of tutorials etc so for the optimization of such posts. so if you are using a website having videos embedded from YouTube,daily-motion, tune. in etc you must install this plugin.

6: WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is another useful plugin for the SEO of your site. you can easily install it and it will provide you with all the necessary tools for search engine optimization.  For Website Security, One of the biggest problems of a WordPress user is to maintain the security of your site. If you don't pay attention to the security of your website can be hacked. So in order to keep your site secure, you must install these plugins.

7: Chap Secure Login

This plugin keeps the login of your site secure and it hides your password during login to make it difficult for hackers to make an attempt to catch your password during login.

8: Login LockDown

This is a simple plugin, if someone tries to log in to your website, after three times it will block that IP address to log in to your site so that person will not be able to log into your site. you can change the duration of the lockdown in your settings.

9: Replace WP-Version

you can dodge hackers by installing this plugin. Many hackers can hack a WordPress Website by finding the WP version and by finding the bugs. so this plugin will change the version of your WordPress.

10: Wordfence Security

This plugin makes your website up to 50times secure and faster. it controls all the factors related to security in your site. You must try this plugin. Speeding UP Your Website. For making your site user-friendly and faster you should install some plugins. These are some plugins that will make your website faster.

11: P3 (plugin performance profiler)

This will make a performance report regarding which plugin is slowing down the performance of your site. so you will be able to remove the complicated plugins from your website.

12: W3 Total Cache

This plugin enables easy Web Performance Optimization(WPO). It will cache everything like databases, images, media, etc so it will improve the loading time of your website by 30 to 50%.

13: WP Smush. it

This amazing plugin will lessen the size of your image by using API within WordPress. you should install this in order to enhance your site speed.

14: Combine JS

This WordPress plugin will combine, compress all java scripts into a single file so browsing speed is greater.

15: Combine CSS

This plugin will combine, minify all CSS(cascading style sheets) into one thus saving browsing time and increase your time. Social Sharing Plugins.

16: Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

When users visit your websites they must know about and like your Facebook page, and for the goodwill of your website, your Facebook page must be good in condition. This plugin will popup a Facebook-like page on every website page your users open so they can easily like your page.

17: Floating Social Bar

This amazing plugin will add a social sharing bar over your website, so users can easily share your posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

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18: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

you want to increase your page views? this plugin will add the links of all related posts at the bottom in the form of a thumbnail so users can get all the related information available on your page.

19: TablePress

If you want to add tables to your posts you can install this plugin.

20: Primary Feedburner

This plugin will redirect your feeds to the visitors who want to subscribe to your upcoming posts via email. you can simply install and activate it. After that go to the widget bar and add it to the sidebar of your website.

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