Top 5 Freelancing Websites of the World

I am going to show top freelancing websites. some websites offer clients for free, and on some websites, you have to pay some amount to bid. so let us start. Almost all websites have the same payment method (through PayPal, credit card, bank account, etc).

                       Top 5 Freelancing Websites of the World

oDesk:  (

oDesk actually stands for officially at work basically, so it means you can find work at home from whatever city you may belong if you are a beginner so you should bid on multiple projects so that you can find your project easily, and try to bid at a low price because the beginning is never easy, moreover you should also upload a portfolio and a description of your skills to find your work easily. This website offers many sorts of work either web development or logo designing and can have jobs like writing content or SEO development etc..

Elance: (

This is one of the greatest freelancing websites having more than 2million freelancers. so there is a vast variety of work over here for freelancers. There are vast categories over here, web and mobile to design and multimedia, from writers translators, from customer care to engineering and architecture, register for them and start working.

Freelancer: (www,

This is such an expanded website having more than 13 million users, having large categories of work for freelancers. you can make a bid and do your work and get a decent amount of payment.

It is very easy to register and do your task, you can register through Facebook and you can bid for free.

Guru: (

This website also has almost the same categories for work, so this website offers a good deal of work for freelancers. simply get yourself registered and describe the category you are specialized in, they will notify you about jobs and you can select anyone you are interested in, moreover, the payment method is also safe here.

Peopleperhour (

This website has almost the same content as the ones before but the difference between this website and other websites is that you get paid on the basis of hours you work, and you must notice that you must have to work in that hour because your hour is calculated by software like Tachometer. An interesting feature of this website is that you can get endorsed by your friends means your friend higher up your rank and you can also endorse your friend. The best thing is that if you invite your social media friends here and if they join PeoplePerHour then you get 10$ as a reward.

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