10 best Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is nothing but when a user or visitor comes to your blog/website then how much time he spends on a page of a blog/website. if the user spends more time then the bounce rate is good otherwise the bounce rate is bad.  below are some techniques to attract visitors.

10 best Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Here I am going to give the some techniques to reduce the bounce rate 

  1.  Show links to related content. Showcase what you have to offer to grab people’s attention. If visitors interested in what you have to say they’ll start clicking around and reading.
  2. Make sure your text is easy to read. There’s no reason for people to stay on your site if they can’t easily get information from it.
  3. Use a spell checker. If you make too many spelling or grammar mistakes your visitors won’t want to stay. The is a part of step #2; you want to let your visitors easily read your content.
  4. Simplicity. Don’t overwhelm your visitors by offering different things everywhere. Have some blank space to let your site look simple, clean, and professional. Don;t clutter everything with advertisements; your visitors will stay on your site longer.
  5. Use a unique theme. You want your site to be memorable, and using a unique theme can get people to keep browsing your site or remember it to come back later. Generic themes won’t cut it. A unique theme will let you stay above the crowd of competitors.
  6. Offer a search box. When people haven’t found what they’re looking for they can search for it. If you have what they want a search box will help visitors find it. If not, you can learn what you should ad to your site by analyzing the search trends!
  7. Speed up your site. Start by optimizing your server and your PHP code, then consider using a CDN. Nobody likes slow sites and the faster your site is the more likely people will continue surfing it.
  8. Use creative titles. There’s a huge difference between titles that will grab people’s attention and bland titles. Start using the former and you’ll see more clicks around your site.
  9. Analyze your pages. Do page vs. page comparisons to see which pages are doing better than others. Why do some pages have lower bounce rates than others? If you can find the answer you can optimize all your pages to keep visitors interested.
  10. Create custom 404 pages. If a visitor reaches your site through a link that no longer exists you want to offer them options for navigating around your site. An unhelpful 404 page will get people to directly hit the back button.
  11. Create in-content links. Link to other areas of your site within the content when they’re relevant. Did you click one of the links above? They’re much more attractive than links in the header or sidebar.


If you follow the top 10 techniques then you can achieve your goal. please do follow the above techniques and get benefits by using monitization.

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