Best 10 Ways to Earn Money Online

We have so many ways to earn money online, below are some lists to earn money. we can earn money from 10,000/- to 50,000/- ($100 to $1000) even more per month with the following methods.

            1. Basic requirement to earn money online
            2. Computer or Laptop
            3. Internet Connection
            4. Email Account
            5. Personal Bank A/c
            6. Paypal/Payza A/c 
Best 10 Ways to Earn Money Online

Paid to Click Sites (PTC)

It’s very simple online work. We need to join some legit PTC Sites. Almost all PTC sites are free to join. Just Signup with basic information like name, DOB, email etc. and confirm your registration. 

We just need to see Ads 10-30 seconds to earn some money. Spend only 15-45  minutes on each PTC site.  below is some top PTC web site to earn money online.

        • Clixsense 
        • Neobux
        • InboxDollars
        • Scarlet Clicks
        • GPTPlanet

Start Career as Youtuber

If you like creating videos then it’s the best method for you. You need to create a youtube channel before uploading to youtube. Signup a youtube with your Gmail account and upload some interesting videos or very useful videos like interesting facts, education-related videos. If your Video becomes viral then you can earn more money on regular basis. below are some ideas to create youtube channel

        • Funny Pranks
        • Educational Videos
        • Interesting Facts
        • History Facts
        • Science Facts
        • Food Review
        • Village food

Start Blogging as a Career

It’s the best way to earn money regularly but needs more effort to create a blog and if you want a blogger then the content is important. content is the king. once the blog gets the p[opulr then direct more visitors to your blog. Millions of bloggers making lots of money with their blog traffic. below are some CMS(Content Management System). blogger platforms. you can go sign up and start a Blogger career.

        • LinkedIn 
        • Blogger 
        • WordPress 
        • Medium
        • Joomla
        • Tumblr 
        • Weebly 
        • Ghost 

Affiliate Marketing

Millions of people earning lots of money from Affiliate Marketing but need some hard work and patience. 

With the right promotional strategies, anyone can earn decent money. Try to use Bloggers, Social sites, Product related Forums, Youtube Videos, Ad Network sites, Traffic Exchange sites, or Any free ad posting MLM Sites. Promote your product/Service effectively to increase sales.

Apps to make Money

If you have a smartphone or laptop or computer with a net connection you can earn money by installing some apps. There are 100s of apps paying money to their members.

Captcha Entry Jobs

This is one of the easy ways to earn money online. You need only read the captcha and type correctly. if you have typing speed with good internet speed you can earn decent money. You can get paid up to $2 for 1000 captchas. Minimum cashout is very low ie $2 to $10. You can test this method if you have spare time.

Google Adsense & other Ad Networks

After creating the website you can apply for Google Adsense or other Ad Network as a publisher. Adsense approval is a little difficult but other Ad networks like Adhitz, Bidvertizer approving sites easily & fast. It’s the best way of earning a regular income. More Traffic means more income.

Freelancer or Virtual Assistant

In this method, you work with an individual or company on a temporary basis for providing them your services. If you have any skills you can work as a freelancer. Skills like Web Designing, Logo designing, Writing, Data Entry, Marketing, Creating Apps, SEO, Creating Videos etc. Companies like Elance,, WorkNHire, Up work, People Per Hour & Fiverr are providing this type of works. ​

Micro Working

It’s a simple way to make money but not more than $200 to $250 PM. You can earn by doing small tasks like identifying or finding objects, visiting or rating sites, finding contact details, writing small articles, etc. eg. mTurk, Clickworker, Microworker, SEOClerk, Gigwalk, etc.

Traffic Exchange Sites

This is also simple work. See advertiser's ads for credits or money and use earned credits to advertise your website, referrals link of your program, or affiliate product to promote. It helps to get direct referrals in your downline, increase your product sales and get free visitors to your website.


There are a lot of ways to earn money online like earn money with selling photos, Forex Trading, Domain Trading, Earning Bitcoins, Link Shorteners, Selling stuff on OLX or Quikr, Completing Surveys, Selling online products & Services, etc but you need to focus on 1 or 2 methods as per your skill, available time and interest. join only reliable sites, See reviews of sites. All methods are free to join so need not invest any money.

You can earn money without a website also. I started this website after 1 year of working online. Just use Social Media, Free Ad Posting Services to promote your online business. Create a free website on or

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