Introduction To Java Programming Language?

Java Programming Language.

What is java?

Java is more than a programming language we can call it as a Technology.

JAVA Mainly the combination of below 3 things

      1. Object-oriented programming language
      2. Platform
      3. Technology

Java is just a portable, simple, small, object-oriented, interpreted, secure, byte coded, architectural-neutral(platform-independent), garbage collected, multithreaded programming language with a strongly typed exception handling mechanism for writing distributed, dynamically extensible programs.

What is a programming language?

 The programming language is a language designed to communicate instructions to hardware, particularly the PC (Machine level). 

Any Language can be used to create the number of programs that control the nature or behavior of a machine and/or to express algorithms precisely.

A programming language is usually split into two components as shown below

  1. Syntax (form) 
  2. Semantics (meaning). 

Some languages are defined by a specification word document (for example, the C programming language is specified by an ISO Standard).

 What is java Technology?

Technology is the practical application of knowledge. So that something can be done in a completely new approach or new way. So it is the way of solving problems through the application of knowledge from multiple disciplines.

Java technology is an object-oriented and platform-independent multithreaded programming environment to develop the high-end application

An object-oriented programming environment means that support the following concept.

      • Class
      • Object
      • Encapsulation
      • Inheritance
      • Polymorphism
      • Abstraction
      • Message passing
      • Dynamic Binding

Why java is so popular?

In a real-time environment, projects are mainly divided into three types. They are

      1. Desktop projects
      2. Enterprise web projects
      3. Device projects

Java is so popular because by using java, we can develop any kind (above three types) of project.

      • For Desktop projects, java platform standard edition (J2SE) is used.
      • For Enterprise web projects java platform enterprise edition (J2EE) is used.
      • To develop Device projects java platform micro edition (J2ME) is used.

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