Apple Introduces The IPhone 12


Apple’s Company big event today announced the HomePod Mini, but the real focus was on the Apple iPhone, specifically, the iPhone-12.

The Main Feature is 5G and the price around 799$. and also the other main features are Corning Glass Display and Magnetic Adapter.

They Released 4 models. below is the list
      1. iPhone 12 (799$)
      2. iPhone 12 Mini (699$)
      3. iPhone 2 Pro (999$)
      4. iPhone 12 Pro Max (1099$)
and there is a common Connection for all models is 5G, LTE.

iPhone Weight:

  • 5.78 ounces, 4.76 ounces, 6.66 ounces,   8.03 ounces

iPhone Lidar:

  • No, No, Yes, Yes

iPhone Chip

  •  A14 Bionic, A14 Bionic, A14 Bionic, A14 Bionic

For More Details Visit TechCrunch


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