Friday, August 28, 2020

What is the difference between and core?


What is the difference between and core?

In this article, I am going to discuss Core and and differences between them. what is the major difference we can find and uses? from 2010 so many new technologies came out and become very popular in the market and they got a good market share.  some top technologies are PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Node JS. among them Nodejs rapidly increased the market share.

the reason behind that

  1. Node Js is open source
  2. High performance (on that time core entered into the market)
  3. A single thread with high scalable
  4. etc
in this article, we are going to discuss only the difference between and core, not Node js. the incoming article, you can get the difference between core and node js

          So let's Get Started about What is the difference between and core?!                   


Main Features of Core                            

  • core is open-source and cross-platform.
  • core is using the dot net core framework and entity framework.
  • and it is a runtime application like
  • you can build the web, windows, IoT and cloud applications.
  • full support of the Nuget Package manager in core.
  • Targets the multiple OS Operating Systems.
  • We can say it easily, core completely redesigned version for development from Microsoft.
  • The good news is build-in support for DI (Dependency Injection).
  • you can host in any server like IIS, Apache, etc
  • you can host in any OS like Linux, Windows, etc
  • Note 1: if you choose the .net core then you need to host only in IIS server so iis server support only Windows
  • Note 2: if you choose .net core framework + core then you can host in any server and any OS's
  • Compare Node JS with core the core is more powerfully and High performance.
  • .net core allows build in that allows us to run in any OS (Operating System)
  • does not support the webforms
  • good container support like a docker container

Main Features of

  • support only .net framework and .net framework implemented for windows only.
  • It's not cross-platform.
  • framework is not open source
  • We can host only in IIS server.
  • We can use only the Windows Operating System.
  • it needs a proper environment to work in.
  • performance is less than core
  •  it supports the webforms    
  • Contained support is not much better tha core     .

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