Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Google Apps Script Web App Example using Spread Sheet

Web App Google Apps Script

Google apps script
is a flexible JavaScript based language. it is a scripting language for google products like Doc, Sheets and Slides.and you can create add-on on top of any google products. you can create web apps, iframes and integrate in any applications.and you can use the spread sheet as Database to store the data.

The target of this articles is to create the best Web App with google apps script. this application has the horizontal menus. and log in log out
below are the horizontal menu list
          1.  Home
          2. Add Records
          3. Delete Records
          4. Update Records
          5. All Records
          6. Reports
          7. Others
          8. Contact
Home has the list of records. Add Record is used to add new records. Delete Records are used to delete the records and update Records are used to update the records.

Below are the technologies used for the "Google Apps Script Web App".
  •   User interface : Materialized CSS, HTML, Javascript and google script
  •   Back end : Spread Sheet

The final Project like a web app. we can create a iframe and integrate any where. after completing this web app. i will concentrate on the Google Data Studio for the reporting the data. the main purpose of reporting is to know the what happening in the data. at the end of this course ,you can learn the building new tools without any programming languages like Java, Python, C# and etc.

Why google Apps script?

  • It is a cloud based scripting language.
  • It is use to extending the new functionalities of google products.
  • Develop the new functionality in web browser and executed on google servers.
  • Triggers :- you can create any triggers and run automatically any methods.

About this Application

This application teaches, how to do crud operations with script. how to insert the records using googles script, how to delete the records, how to update the records and list out the all the records.
And you can learn the reporting tool GDS [google data studio].

Creating the with below steps

                 Step 1. Insert operation using apps script


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