Thursday, August 29, 2019

Google Apps Script For Developers

Google Apps Script Developers

Google Apps Script is nothing but Javascript. before start this article you should know the Javascript then you can easily understand the Google app script. The main moto of this article is to avoid the server side programming language to run the google product functionalities. for example if you want Google map, Youtube, API's, Drive and Gmail functionalities etc.

Once you creates the Javascript then you can run in google cloud without your own servers. so the maintenance burden reduces. you can develop your own code in local system. here i preferred the Visual Studio Code 2017 Editor. and i will write the code in ES6. i already developed some CRUD operation in Google App Script please check it. coming days. we will update the tutorials.

Please check Below App Script Projects
  1. Using Google spreadsheets as Database For Blog
  2. Sending Emails from Google Spreadsheet

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