computer magic tricks

computer magic tricks

The Top  Registry Computer Magic Tricks to make windows Faster. The Registry is a Database that holds the OS (Oprating System)Configuration and settings. The Number of Registry Tricks is used to speed of the pc. there are so many hacks are there but out of that this is one nice tip. in this article we show the "how to speed up task bar previews".

1) How to Speed Up  Taskbasr Previews (computer magic tricks)

 Step 1: go to RUN for computer magic tricks
Step 2: Type Regedit  to open Registry Editer
Step 3: Search for “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” for  computer magic tricks
Step 4: Go to Software  for computer magic tricks
Step 5: Click On Microsoft
Step 6: And Go to Windows--> Current Version --> Explorer --->Advanced

Next go to on Right pane.

Step 7: On right pane click on NEW --> DWORD(32-bit) Values.
Step 8: Name the Ne DWORD as "ExtendedUIHoverTime".
Step9: Double click on the new name that is ExtendedUIHoverTime.
Step 10 :"ExtendedUIHoverTime" Open it.

Step 11 : and Go to Base. And click on Decimal(it is in Milliseconds). 
Step 12: You can find a Field like (Value Data Field).
Step 13:Enter a value as per your Requirement (my suggestion 399 milliseconds).
Step 14: Click ok button to set the time
Step 15: Final step is please restart your system to appear all settings in your pc.

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