Top 17 Whatsapp Tricks you never know

Whatsapp is the top famous mobile messaging application in these days. But do you know some of the top secret tricks of Whatsapp .it may take you the next level. in this article we highlighting the most famous Whatsapp tricks.

Before going to Whatsapp tricks First Install whatsapp from google play
after Install whatsapp then go to whats login. or Download whatsapp messenger for mobile.

1) Run Multiple WhatsApp On Android

Some times you need multiple Whatsapp Accounts on the same Mobile such as when you have a dual SIM mobile phone. Because you need to use for one Mobile Number for Friends as well you Family members. So don't worry there are so many methods to use different Whatsapp Accounts in same Device. But all requires root access.
  •  Download OGWhatsapp
  • Create backup of Your whatsapp Messanger in your device
  • Now Clear the entire Whatsapp data from Whatsapp settings/Uninstall Whatss msgr
  • After uninstall ,Now Rename Whatssapp folder name in your SD card to OGWhatsapp.
  • Now go to OGWhatsapp  verify your old whatsapp mobile number wheres in official version verify your new whatsapp mobile number
  • Finally you have done successfully   

2)Whatsapp Locker

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