Computer Shortcuts Function Keys From F1 To F12 Keys

Function Keys
   In this Article, I am sharing the Uses of Function Keys In the Keyboard. Commonly We have the Variety of different  uses with Function Keys. But we will get so many uses by Combining the ALT and CTRL. We have 12 Function Keys in a Keyboard  













Tip : Some computer enables FN key for accessing the special functions from F1 - F12. but you can  turn off the FN  key by accessing the keyboard setting in control panel.

Uses of F1

  • F1 Key can load the help file of the program
  • Combination of Win+F1 can open the "Help and Support >> Microsoft Windows"
  • Open the TASK PANE
  • Enter CMOS Set up

Uses of F2

  • Quickly Rename the highlighted Icon,Files and Folders in all over versions of  Windows
  • CMOS Setup
  • Alt + Ctrl + F2 Opens the Document Window in Microsoft Word
  • Ctrl + F2 opens the  Print Preview Window  in Microsoft Word 

Uses of F3

  • Shift + F3 uses for changing the text in Microsoft Word from Upper to Lower Case
  • F3 will Repeat the last Command in MS-DOS or in Windows Command Line
  • Often opens a Search feature for many programs including Microsoft Windows when at the       Microsoft Desktop
  • Windows Key + F3 will opens the Advanced Find window in Microsoft Outlook
  • In Apple Computer Running on MAC OS X then F3 uses foe open the Mission Control

Uses of F4

  •  F4 Function Key  Uses for Open Find Window in Version Windows 95 and Windows XP
  •  F4 Function Key Using for Open the Address Bar in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer
  •  F4 Function Key Using for Repeat the Last Action Performed in Windows Word 2000+    onwords
  •   ALT Key + F4 wiil closes the Program that currently running in Microsoft Windows
  •   CTRL + F4 will closes the the window within the current active window

Uses of F5 

  • The Main use of F5 is to Refresh or Reload the Web Pages or Documents
  • In power Point we are using for  Starts a Slideshow
  • F5 mainly using for to Open The Find,Go To Window in Microsoft Word And Replace 

Uses of F6

  • CTRL + SHIFT + F6 Will opens to another open Microsoft Open Document
  • F6 Key is Using For Reduce laptop Volume Speaker
  • F6 Key is Using for Move the cursor to the address bar in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 

Uses of F7

  • F7 Function Key mainly uses for Spell Check and Grammar Check in Microsoft Word Document
  • SHIFT + F7  Runs a Thesaurus check  on word highlighted 
  • F7 Key is Using for Increasing the Laptop Volume 
  • F7 Key also using for Caret Browsing in Mozilla Firefox

Uses of F8

  • F8 Function Key Commonly used to access Window Safe Mode
  • It is used to enter the Windows Startup Menu
  • F8 Function key is used by some computers to access the Window recovery system. But it may required Windows Installation CD.
  • F8 Function also used to display the Thumbnail image for all work space in MAC OS (Operating System) 

Uses of F9

  •     F9 Function Key is Using for Refreshing the Document in Microsoft word
  •     F9 Function Key is Using for Send and Receive the E-Mails in Microsoft Outlook
  •     F9 Function Key is Using for Reduce Laptop Screen Brightness
  •     F9 Function Key is Using to Open the Measurements tool bar in Quark 5.0 
  •     F9 Function Key is Using for Displays the Thumbnail for each window in single workspace     in MAC OS 10.3  or Later Vesrions
  •     F9 Function Key is Using for Opens the Mission Control on An Apple Computer Runs on       Mac OS X

Uses of F10

  • F10 Function Key is Using for Increase Laptop Screen Brightness 
  • F10 Function Key is Using for CMOS Set Up On same Computer
  • F10 Function Key is Using for Access the Hidden Recovery Partition on Compaq,Sony and   HP Computers
  • SHIFT + F10 using for open Right Click on highlighted icons Internet links and files
  •  F10 Function Key is Using for Activating the Menu Bar in Microsoft Windows

Uses of F11

  • F11 Function Key is Using for Access the Hidden Recovery Partition on Lenovo, Gateway, Emachines
  • CTRL + F11 as computer is starting  to access the Hidden Recovery Partition on Dell Computers
  • Full Screen Mode in all modern Browsers 
  • In MAC OS 10.4 or Later Version ,Hides all open windows and shows the Desktop 

Uses of F12

  • F12 Function Key is using for Open the save as window in Microsoft word
  • F12 Function Key is using for Preview a page in Microsoft Expression Web
  • CTRL + F12 is used for open a document in Microsoft Word
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F12 is using for print a document in Microsoft word
  • SHIFT + F12 is used for save the the Microsoft Document same as CTRL + S
  • It is used to Open the Firebug or browser debug tool

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