Tips And Tricks,How To Enable Copy Paste in Command Prompt(CMD) in Windows


How To Enable Copy Paste in Command Prompt(CMD) in Windows                


 In this Tricks ,I want show how to enable Copy and paste in CMD. By default Windows don't allow to copy and paste the Text in command prompt (CMD) but there is an option to copy the text from command prompt and paste it elsewhere


One of the main advantage of this article will be that you can copy any command  that you find on any where in the  internet/from your document/excel/any other files and paste it in Command Prompt and Execute it in CMD

     How To Enable Copy Paste in CMD

Step 1 : Open CMD like press Win+ R then you get one pop up window then type CMD and Enter

Step 2 : then you get one black window that is the Command Prompt as show in below Picture
command promt
Step 3: Now you Right click on the window and go to properties then you can find four options

Step 4:Go to Options  and  you can find an Edit Option and enable Quick Edit Mode and click OK

Step 5: Every thing is done now you are ready to copy any command from any where and paste it in your command prompt 
Step 6 : Now go to any command and select command and right click on the selected command and copy it.

Step 7 : Next the selected command you can paste like go to CMD and right click and CMD and paste the command and finally execute the command then you can find the expected result .

So this was just a small tip i want to share with my readers so that you dont have to type any
long Commands in Command prompt  which if typed incorrectly can cause errors. I hope this will help some of you.

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