Thursday, November 26, 2015

Technology News:Google, Govt Of India, May Soon Provide Internet Connectivity Via Large Floating Balloons

google loon

NEW DELHI -- Internet giant Google is working with the government on a pilot project for providing Internet connectivity by using large balloons.

Google, under its 'Project Loon', is using big balloons floating at a height of 20 kilometers above earth surface for transmission of Internet services. It has already tested this technology in New Zealand, California (the US) and Brazil.

google loon

Google contacted authorities to build the actual Loon undertaking in addition to Drone-based Internet transmission. Federal government provides approved testing of Loon undertaking merely recently. A panel within chairmanship of Secretary, DEITY, has been formed to work on it, inches an official source told PTI.

Google may originally spouse with BSNL with regard to testing this technologies through the use of broadband range throughout only 2.6 Ghz wedding ring.

As soon as contacted, a Google spokesperson refused to comment.

the technologies, used for 4G services, provides probable to replace cell phone podiums as it can directly transmit signals in 4G mobiles

As per Google, every balloon offers on the web connectivity to a floor location about 45 kilometre throughout length using a wireless sales and marketing communications technologies called LTE or even 4G.

To use LTE, Challenge Loon associates with telecom corporations to share cellphone range making sure that individuals is able to admittance the net just about everywhere directly using their telephones along with LTE-enabled units.

google loon

Google makes use of screen in addition to blowing wind to energy automated apparatus inside the balloon the whole day.

The source said of which Google may operate as technologies service agency and never as internet service.

"The DEITY panel will be looking at several factors to aid test out similar to figuring out locations, coordination with several agencies. Beneath the Drone undertaking, Google had plans to transmit internet on ground using 8 big solar powered drones but that has not been cleared by government yet," sources added.

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