Tips And Tricks,How to Block The Website On Your Home Computer Without Investing In Expensive Software

How to block the website on your home computer  without investing in expensive Software

Todays Tops Tricks  are "how to block the website without software to  provide the safety online for kids at home "

Now a days  young children are spending too much time on website like facebook, twitter or adult sites . we are worries about just wasting the too much time on website so they are not concerned main school subjects and interacting the complete strangers and even sharing the personal information  so many parents are worried about this type of activities  .

So parents thinks how block the website and searching for ways to block the websites
-parental control software like Net Nanny ,Norton Internet Security .This softwares are pretty good but they cost money

But without investing  the software, we can block the website without software with little system knowledge 
i showed the step by step process
Just follow below  steps 
1) Click the start button
    open my computers


      Find the C driver

3) Find the windows

4) Find the system 32

5) Find the driver
find etc

6) find the hosts

7) find the hosts

8) open in notepad and enter what you want block the website

9) finaly check the website what you blocked? 

Thanqq have a nice day

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