Monday, November 24, 2014

Technology News:The giant iPhone's popularity in Asia is surprising given in Japanese

According to report published by AppLovin,a mobile ad network .The iPhone6 Plus loves Asian consumers .AppLovin looked as Data from more than 25 ad requests it process every day & found that tha global split between iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus users is about 80/20 right now but in some Asian countries more popular on iPhone 6 plus .

1)AppLovin found that 35% of chinese consumers were picking tha 6 pluss instead of 6,nearly twice the global rate 20%.
2) japan and Vietnam,adoption rates for the 6Plus were even highr at 36%.
3)The Philippines showed the most interest in Apple's new phablet with a 37% adoption rate.
4)South Korea was the only asia country with adoption rate below 35% .
AppLovin found that only 29% of onsumer on Samsung's home turf preferred the iPhone 6 Pluss.
5)The giant iPhone's popularity in Asia is surprising given that Japanese consumer were opting for the iPhone 6 over the 6 plus when both  phone came out inn September.

On the other hand,the success of Samsung's Galaxy Note says asian consumer have been waiting for an Apple phablet for some time now

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