Saturday, November 22, 2014

Technology News:Nvidia Announcement & Launches a New Mobile

we can see a time in our short -term future when we will need to carry only one connected means it is the Batter battery,lower cost,less aggravation and improved convenience will feature of coming this device will do every thing better.

Nvidia announced a free Netflix -like  streaming gaming service for its Shield products. it is a precursor to an event that is similar to what cable did to TVs years ago  and that it will change not how we use these devices,but also what we use them for. in the same way ,that may be the higher step to something we to call "the client" computing,and eventually,it will expand vastly what we can do with products we currently use more for consuption than creation

Nvidia Announced about Grid online Service,which will use a Netflix-like model to supply PC-level games for free to all buyers of its Shield tablets. it means every one can play the variety of PC games in their tablets Streamed from Amazon's Web service  they are running at PC performance levels in the cloud and rendered on your Tablets,which in turn can be connected to monitors or TV's for large screen experience with same bandwidth needed for a good HD stream ,you will get an experience that will rival and often exceed what you would get out of a game system or PC

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