Write SEO Friendly Article For Improve Your Writing Skill

Now a day’s it’s all about presentation. The better you present your WordPress website or blog more you will get the audience and traffic to your blog/WordPress website. The basic need for a successful blog is its quality. The articles your write should be of high quality. The more quality your article will have the more your readers will be happy with you.

Write SEO Friendly Article For Better Reach

Blogger Should Know

First of all, for any blogger, it’s very important that she/he should know how to write in 3-4 languages like Tamil, Telugu, or English, and their local language.

A blogger should have full command of the grammar of every language he/she knows. The stronger your grammar will be the more sensible the article you will be able to write.

How to Improve Your Grammatical Mistakes

For improving your spelling & grammatical mistake first of all you have to start reading Novels, newspapers, magazines, etc. This will surely improve your writing skills and your blog article quality.

Furthermore to improve your writing skills for becoming a professional writer you can always go to the library to refer to good books which can help you get more new and interesting words, which can be used in your articles. Most US people love to explore new words every day so, if your blog got a bunch of new words in every article you will get a whole lot of traffic from the US side.

These are some ways to improve your mistakes you may do in your article writing.

Now I will tell you what are the side effects of having poor writing skills.

Some of the side effects of Bad writing skills are:-

  • Poor presentation of your blog in front of more than 1 million audiences who may read or see your more often.
  • Poor Rank in Google Search, this is because Google needs new and proper information that you can share with a whole lot of new people. Google Always index new and authentic things. 
  • The Major problem that you can face for having bad writing skills on blogger is the non- visibility of your blog or no traffic from people.

See, at first, all-new blogs get a good amount of traffic because people are unaware of what and how you are writing things on your blog. As time passes an image is formed in the visitor's mind if the image is good then you will get a lot of traffic on daily basis, but if you got the wrong impression then you will not get good traffic on your site. To Improve your writing skill by reading more article and another site

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is nothing but writing the article by using some rules. below are the main rules before writing the article. by using these rules you can achieve a better reach to users. recently Google changed a lot of things.

  1. Use only one Title tag and should not increase 60 characters.
  2. The description should 150 characters with one targeted keyword
  3. Minimum of 1000 words in the article
  4. Follow h2 tags titles.
  5. should give a conclusion with the targetted keyword. the link should be the present article link.
  6. One Image with a target keyword
  7. try to use bullets or points
  8. try to give a small index snippet using bullet points.

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