Thursday, January 2, 2020

Action methods In MVC

Action Methods are like any other methods of a class and  typically have a one-to-one mapping with user interactions. when a user enters a URL into the Browser in client side then MVC App uses routing rules which are defined in the Global.aspx in server side to parse the URL and to exactly checks the path of the controller. and handles the requests in controller with appropriate Action methods. and all the methods of  controller class are called Action Methods. the Action Methods have some restrictions as below:
    • Action Methods must be Public.
    • ActionResult is the super class of all the return type action methods in MVC
    • it can not have open generic types.
    • it can not be overloaded
    • it can not be constructor, setter, getter
    • it can not be a static method.
    • action method can not be extension method
    • every controller has at least one default Index() method and returns the View page. MVC  ActionResult :

 various types of action results are available in MVC as show below.
    1. ViewResult                       --> It returns the View 
    2. RedirectResult                  --> it returns to specific URL
    3. RedirectToRoutResult        --> it redirects to action controller
    4. PartialViewResult              --> receives as a response for view engine
    5. JsonResult                        --> it returns the JSON Result
    6. JavaScriptResult               --> it returns the Json Result 
    7. FilePathResult                  --> it returns the file content 
    8. ContentResult                   --> it returns the string
    9. EmptyResult                     -->it returns the nothing

Example of Action Method :

public class  ATGController : Controller  
          public ActionResult AllTechGeeks()
                 ViewData["atg"] = "All Tech Geeks";
                 return View();

The Following Image explains briefly about Action Methods.

Action methods In MVC

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