Thursday, November 21, 2019

Difference between viewdata viewbag tempdata and session in asp net mvc mvc tutorials tempdata

TempData in MVC
  • TemData is used to store the temporary data for the subsequent requests.
  • the main use of Tempdata is used to transfer the data from one Action Method to Another Action Method
  • TempData is derived from TempDataDictionary.
  • The Valu of TempaData must be Type Cast before use
  • TempData internally uses the session to store the data. so it is a short-lived session.

TempData has mainly two method

  1.  Keep
  2.  Peek
TempData.Keep() has mainly 2 overloaded methods

  1.  Void keep is used to all the data should not be deleted on current request completion
  2.   Void keep(string key) is used to persist specific item in TempData with help of name

TempData.Peek() has no overloaded methods

  1. it returns an object which contains an item with the specific key without making the key for deletion

Example :

public class HomeController: Controller
    // GET: company name
    public HomeController()

    public ActionResult Index()
        TempData["name"] = "All Tech Geeks";
        TempData["city"] = "Mumbai";
        return View();
    public ActionResult About()
        string  Name;
        int  City;
            Name = TempData["name"].ToString();
            City = int.Parse(TempData["city"].ToString());
            return View();

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