Friday, September 6, 2019

ASP.NET Core Tutorial

We are going to consecrate below topics

  1. Core
  2. core MVC
  3. Core Identity and Security
  4. Entity Frame work core core is a redesigned 4.x.

  1. is a Cross platform: we can develop the application and we can run the application across. different platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux, we can Host the Application in IIS, Self-host, Docker and Apache etc.
  2. Single Unified Programming Model for Web API and MVC. it means MVC Controller and Web API. Controller Base class and return IActionResult. IActionResult is Interface with 2 several implementations like ViewResult and JsonResult.
  3. Dependency injection
  4. Open Source
  5.  Testability
  6. core provides Modularity at Middleware technology. we have rich set of Middleware components and custom Middleware Components

What is InProcess and OutOfProcess

  1.  By default Visual studio uses IISExpress to host and Run the application
  2.  in production we use IIS


Kestrel Server uses for internal server
IIS, Nginx, Apache are used for External server


  1. if we run through CLI then application runs on Kestrel. execute dotnet.exe
  2. if we run through Visual studio then the application runs on IISExpress.exe

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