Saturday, November 3, 2018

Asp.Net MVC Tutorials About Model MVC Tutorials about model View Controller

MVC stands for (Model - View - Controller ). Model is nothing but Properties as shown below. which we can use in Views. and we can do validations here by using Data annotations. if we want validations then we need to import the header files. by using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace. and it is responsible for maintaining the business logic and application data. model does not depends on controller and views. the views displays the model data and sends the user action to controller.

namespace alltechgeeks.Models
    public class Student
         public int Id { get; set; }
         public string name{ get; set; }
         public string city { get; set; }

                                               Asp.Net MVC  - Get Started

  1. MVC Tutorials- Get Started 
  2. Architecture
  3. First Application
  4. Folder Structure
  5. Controller
  7. Model
  8. Bundling
  9. View Bag
  10. Temp Data
  11. View Data
  12. Action Methods
  13. Action Selectors
  14. HTML Helpers
  15. Partial Views
  16. Layout View
  17. Filters
  18. Action Filters
  19. Validations
  20. Area
  21. What is Entity Framework and types  
  22. Creating Project in Database First Approach
  23. Creating Project in Code first approach
  24. Creating Project in Model Base First approach

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