Monday, October 8, 2018

ASP.NET MVC tutorials mvc tutorials mvc tutorials cover all topics from basic to advanced and provides a complete picture of MVC framework. Before starting this tutorial you need to be familiar with C# and advanced OOPs. After completing this tutorial, you will get a clear understanding of web application. In this tutorial every topic is divided into some parts like Description , Uses ,  Example Code,  Main Points and  interview questions.
It is an Open Source Web Development from Microsoft Technologies . MVC stands for Model, View, Controller.  It is a  Architectural Pattern.


  •    SEO friendly Url's
  •    TDD (Test Driven Development)
  •    Provide clean SoC (Soperation Of Concern)
  •    No View State
  •    No Post Back Events.
  •    Main Advantages RAD (Rapid Application Development).
  •   Loosely Coupled.
  •   Light Weight
  •   Easy Integration with Javascipt 


Knowledge on C#, Visual Studio Editor, .Net Framework, SQL Server, Html, CSS are required .

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