Saturday, May 28, 2016

Salesforce Introduction

What is Saleforce ?                                                                                                                                          Salesforce help you to manage your customer relationships integrate with others                 systems Build your own applications. is one of the Top most Cloud Computing Technology.                                  is not a software and hardware.It is a Cloud Based Technology.
What is Cloud Computing and Cloud?
  •    Cloud:  Cloud means cluster of services (or) a set of servers that are provided                                  to client is called Cloud.
  •  Cloud Computing: A collection of services that are provide by cloud is called                                                         Cloud Computing
  •  Cloud Computing Services: Generally we have three types of services
  1.   SAAS(Software As A Service)
  2.   PAAS(Platform As A Service)
  3.   IAAS(Infrastructure As A Service)

1)SAAS(Software As A Service):It is a concept of accessing the software over the internet
2) PAAS(Platform As A Service):It is the concept of accessing the Platform such as any      Programming Language on which an application build  provided as a service through internet
3) IAAS(Infrastructure As A Service): It is the concept of Accessing the Infrastructure Such as application server through internet
SFDC is good in these all three services. Salesforce consist of 6 clouds
  1. Sales Cloud
  2. Marketing Cloud
  3. Service/Collaboration
  4. Development(PAAS))
  6. of companies)

  70% CRM depends upon  


  •  Multi-tenant  Architecture
  •  Simple User Interface
  • Reduces Cost
  • Risk is Low
  • Low Maintenance
  • No need to install software and hardware
  • Robust

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